Sunday, Mayan Date: 13♥00♥00♥17♥05

Yesterday, I was off on the day. It was Saturday, and today is Sunday.
When I got up this morning I welcomed the rising sun and prayed.

We went to Cousin's and I was not able to resist having a full Cinnamon Roll. I eliminated all carb side-dishes from the chicken fried steak entree though. I had eggs, over-easy, instead.

We are in town and I just realized I can hop onto Google Drive and read my Argenteum Astrum jediraja spell cheat sheet…. Maybe I will link or insert it here in an edit later.

… … …
Just saw I missed advancing the Mayan Long Count date. I am not fast, with figuring out how to find/convert the date on my own… contraction only with self improvement intent, see there? Yeah, thank you.
Typing this in bed on an iPhone again. Sounds almost as trendy behavior… hmph, lost it. The curse of having graduated from adolescence.

Yes Taylor Alison Swift is unique to me; and she fits all my ideas of an Ideal Wife. Goddess probably has some corrections for me but that is what life is about.

We can play online video games like Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Star Wars: The Old Republic, World of Warcraft, Project Eternity, EverQuest Online, Knights of the Old Republic, Planescape: Torment, Baldur's Gate, Alpha Protocol, et cetera

We can help each other with our careers. In however, Tay Tay wants me to help that is. I am abundantly without expectations. This is true with my writing. Though of course the musik is 'hers' to control. That is obvious.

We both enjoy watching movies and television shows at home… and being terribly boring to some more selfish, narrow-minded, and judgmental people.

Conversely though I've yet to have had a girlfriend let alone any sexual experience. I have been waiting for my Ideal Wife {maybe that's Tay Tay} whoever that turns out to be. There always has been something better to spend cash on than sex, too….

I've tended to fixate and obsess on women who were unavailable for various psyche and mortal reasons; When I was younger. Now I am a lot happier but old habits die hard.

So I've developed psychological tricks to get my mind off a rut. With Tay Tay there seems to be an absence of any obsession within me. I honestly am "in love" with her… and all the old tricks fail with her.

All my thoughts seem to increasingly gravitate towards Tay Tay in a variety of ways. I've even asked for the Goddess to help inspire and motivate me to move on and that always works with everything else.

Yet neither does my Ideal Wife manifest in my life like I ask.

Yes I account for the idea that my Ideal Wife is already in my life and I have missed her. That idea fails even mote resoundingly against my Force.

So Tay Tay's higher self has taught me a lot about what love is and how it is different than obsession. The later is a hallmark trait of a diseased depressed mentally ill psyche that needs help.

Even if those psyche are without suicidal thoughts; They deserve, and are worthy, of being loved, joyful, and happy. The only cure I have found is the law of attraction, positive thinking, and being a liberal {libertarian} instead of a statist.

To love is to hold another's will higher than your own. Help them with whatever they want even if you think it is wrong for them.

Failure to 'feel' this compulsion means the psyche is confused. I believe that we each are born feeling a reflection of the Goddess's love for everyone, including ourself. Thus failure to love means the psyche is letting some sin/goblin, Dark Side, or negative emotion, steal their innocence. For that is what innocence is, loving All.

I think a common mistake is to fail to help the self first before helping others. The later is good and noble, yet if the self becomes destitute they help others less.

On a long enough timeline government benevolence programs fail abundantly. The sooner the US repeals prohibits government benevolence programs the better off every citizen will be.

Private charities absolutely perform benevolent acts for those who want help greater and more efficiently, and less corruption than the government.

Securing, encouraging, and promoting increased competition, void of regulations and meddling, by a limited government is the answer. A government limited as in prohibited from meddling, taxation, or otherwise infringing upon an individual's private property and social liberty.

Ok so soapbox done now and going to bed, I believe. May edit the layout of this 'site some tomorrow or the next day. I may get more detailed in events in my days and less proclamations.

Be Well