Breathing is the a way to gain, and maintain, control over yourself and the Force. Thy imagination is the primary tool in manifesting what you want. I think that everyone uses the Force every moment of their life; And, maybe they have yet to realize the control they have over their own life. I feel that the point of Life itself, may be to find a way to be happy as you live that Life.

First you breathe in through your mouth and then you breathe out through your nose. I often try to softly hum the sound 'ohm' to myself as I breathe out through my nose. I think the easiest way for me to do this is to touch the tip of my tongue, to the roof of my mouth, right behind my top front teeth. I felt that this took me a few moments to get the hang of this at first; But, the point is to 'find' your way. I think that whether you succeed or fail is irrelevant; And, to the action itself may be of paramount.

As I breathe I envision what I want in my life. I pretend, in my mind, and draw the feelings of love and joy as I 'live' through my inner virtual world. I think that our feelings are the most important part of it because it helps us get clear with what will truly help us be happy. Angels want to help us with whatever we say we want, so it helps us if we get clear. As I hum the word 'ohm' I envision my virtual world is manifesting in waves from explosions starting from my soul. I ask the angels to help me manifest this. As I breathe in a new moment of air I 'feel' myself drawing my virtual world in. I feel that the act of drawing in is the final step in that cycle.

I feel that we manifest everything in our life by default. I think that most of the time people might be lost and blind; Yet, whether you realize your power or not is irrelevant to that you are responsible for everything in your life. Yes, bad people are responsible for their own actions as well; Yet, you are responsible for allowing it to enter your life. I think that most of the time it is our 'fears'; And, some maybe 'obsess' over these fears. However, all is good, and so who is responsible for anything is irrelevant to accepting your power. I feel that this might be counter intuitive and people fear accepting 'responsibility' because of some erroneous thought process. I find that accepting responsibility for even things I do not 'want' is empowering, instead.

I think that I am the master of my own reality; And, some may think I am silly but I am ok with that. I type this to try to help others realize their own power, and maybe this will help them do what 'they' want. As Edgar Cayce once said: "Only those who help others do what they want, are ever truly 'happy'."