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Well Met +TaylorSwiftVEVO! Happy Birthday & Merry Winter Solstice 2017; & Will You Marry Me?

Will you, +Taylor Swift marry me? That could seem outrageous to some, though very thought out reasons for my feelings are held by me. Your Mer'Ka'Ba {Body, Mind, & Soul} is the most beautiful that has {and likely will} ever been seen or heard by me.

Mesmerizing is the way you choose to move and of course the shape of it, the timbre of your voice, and the character in your artistry. Frankly, our world is absent any specific individual that can compel the feeling of irresistible, indomitable, and eternal romantic love from me, as you.

Of course, your 'public' persona is part of your career. Much of that is looked past by me. That is to say that I mostly avoid consuming tabloids and other news articles about you.

For instance, my mother and I were at the grocery store last weekend. A tabloid paper had your name splashed on the page. Subconsciously gravitating towards your name, your songs on the radio, interviews, and images of you, are the senses of mine. It said that you had gained thirty-seven pounds and accused you of being fat. I've experienced being fat and that fails it be it.

Regardless of what it is called and the change to your body. Your being the most beautiful Mer'Ka'Ba in all of existence has failed to change for me.

Previous letters have explained how input from the Divine is gained by me. That does seem ludicrous to some, as they have said so to me. Yet, always there is the check for a response from you via email, phone, et cetera. Refusing to act upon solely on a voice in the head of mine, is the persistent choice of mine.

That is why who you are to me, is known to me. In addition, it is why there is a bi-daily prayer for you to respond {favorably or not} to me. If you told me to not email you again or contact you, that would be honored by me. Naturally a favorable response is what is of want by me.

Christmas as a holiday is loved by me. However, the original intent was Winter Solstice, think do I. Therefore, the holiday is on the original dates 20-22, as celebrated by me. Yet, that is far from excluding friends and family from celebrating whenever they choose.

Eternally, indomitably, and abundantly I am in love with the real you
 Ms. Taylor Alison Swift. That is the you without the makeup and photos with special lighting and expert photographers.

How you use your fame to support other artists from being trampled on by Apple and other companies, how extranet {internet} savvy are you, your love for Britain and Japan is shared by me, how you adore and admire your mother and father, how you prefer to spend time with your parents, family, and friends; And is loved by me.

On FaceBook there is a page that was created by me. As you respond please describe your response to the metaphysical ideas I have been penning down. The effort is to encourage others to look inside their heart for answers to their questions; Instead of creating another religion that looks to priests, buildings, and Popes for answers.

Grateful for the time and
Force that has been shared by you, am I. That the Goddess to eternally alights a way to happiness in your self-determined path.

Sincerely, Your Beloved,

Brent Michael Ryan

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