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Argenteum Astrum was asked a few months ago if there were any books they could purchase or download that have been written by us or someone else.  Well here is that list and the

Below are hyperlinks to pdf documents hosted on a cloud drive and shared.  Each link is to a pdf book that contains different information important to the viewer.  The Library is free but please keep in mind that people spend a lot of Force in the creation of these documents.  Please consider showing gratitude by purchasing any book created in the last fifty years.  This excludes Aleister Crowley's works as his mortal coil underwent disanimus a while ago.

Complete Arcanum @ Google Drive


Aleister Crowley  Libre 777
Aleister Crowley ≈ Kronx Om Pax
Aleister Crowley ≈ Tannhauser
Libre IIICVIIX ≈ A’ash vel Capricorni Pneumatici
Libre ≈ The Voice of Silence
Libre XVIIVIII ≈ A Description of the Cards of the Tarot
Liber VIIIXIV ≈ Liber Chanokh {Enoch}
Liber XCVI ≈ Gaias ~ A Handbook of Geomancy
Libre CXI ≈ Aleph ~ The Book of Wisdom & Folly
Liber ≈ Little Essays Towards Truth
Kwang.Tze ≈ Tao.Teh.King
Libre CLXV ≈ A Master of th Temple
Libre CCVII ≈ §yllabus: Official Instructions of A.·.A.·. & Curricula of the Grades
Aleister Crowley ≈ The Goetia of the Lemegeton of Solomon th King
Aleister Crowley ≈ 13ook of Law
Libre ≈ Porta Lucis
Libre  LXV ≈ Cordis Cincti Serpente
Liber XC ≈ Tzaddi: Hamus Hermeticus
Aleister Crowley ≈ The.Book.of.Lies
Libre VI ≈ O vel Manus et Sagittae
Libre IX ≈ E vel Exercitiorum
Libre XXI ≈ Khing Kang King
Libre ≈ Librae
Libre ≈ Isafrel
Libre XXX ≈ Aerum vel Saeculi: Vision & th Voice