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#Steven #Greer admitting to having the Rockefeller's clan elder {or whatever he wants to be called}, as a close friend, who told him to disclose #EBEs, castrates his own credibility; When he attempts to discredit #Corey #Goode and #David #Wilcock as being deceived and wrong.

The witnesses and documents are interesting but every word out of Mr. Greer's mouth is likely to be a lie, think do I. Even the presentation is designed to try to convince the viewer of something that is false. That is simply how their 'magic' works.

Mr. Goode and Mr. Wilcock have both already said a while ago, that now that #disclosure has begun {usawatchdog.com/why-are-world-leaders-visiting-antarctica-steve-quayle/}; The Kabals will attempt to subvert actual "full disclosure" by trying, and failing, to drown out the whistleblowers with their pet lackies and paid outlets. The Kabals are afraid that everyone will see their 'version' of the past is lies mixed with truth from actual "#full disclosure". That is to protect themselves and their power.

The kabals were already very successful with that strategy of drowning them out with hogwash against the disclosure of the secret #Super #Soldier programs, #abductions, #Crop #Circles, and/or the term #UFO itself. They fail to realize that the internet utterly destroys any and all of their attempts to control the narrative with the #bLame #Stream #Media. #LSM

#Rockefeller dynasty has always been apart of the #ProjectHighJump/#Majestic12/#MilitaryIndustrialComplex as much as the #Bush #dynasty or any of the others. Just like #Ford and #General #Motors reimbursing Germany for manufacturing plants the #Germans built during the second phase of the #World #War; The the different clans/families and factions of the Kabal have always been service-to-self oriented.

In addition, Steven's comments illuminate that he is largely ignorant of what Mr. Wilcock and Mr. Goode has said. Maybe it was just what his faction told him to say.

The idea that all E.B.E.s are both good and evil, and have their own agendas to pursue has always been said by him; Instead of them all being bad and to prepare for war.

Furthermore, Mr. Goode has explained what has stopped war from breaking out and currently what are the apparent agendas for each faction.