1 3 ♥ 0 0 ♥ 0 4 ♥ 1 1 ♥ 0 0 ♥ Dias Lord; Are You A Successful Career Lady Who Wonders Where Is Your Potential Husband?

It is likely, that you have already become aware of good potential husbands.  All those who voted for the current Democrat Party or statist career politicians such as Senator John McCain, Representative Nancy Pollosi, Representative John Buener, Senator Susan Collins, Senator Patty Murray, Senator Maria Cantrell, Senator Mitch McConnell, et cetera have themselves for the reason.

Statists  always have some sort of mental illness.  At some point, typically do to unresolved trauma, their capacity to understand logic or reason fails.  In a society that increasingly promotes and  encourages people to feel victimized, and thus be a victim;  That mindset fails to attract quality relationships.  This is about recognizing your own power, instead of blaming the victim.

All have the capacity to play a victim, regardless of income, career, and/or material/spiritual wealth;  And it is horribly unattractive.  Find help to mentally and spiritually healthy.  That alone will immeasurably increase your attractiveness.

The Femma-Nazi grouping has successfully brainwashed women whether they know it or not.  Megyn Kelly and Katty Perry great examples of this.  The reason is because they fail to really soul search on what they want in a mate.

If you are already have a career that pays over six figures, or are independently wealthy;  Why insist on your mate doing the same.?.  Having a career that pays that much fails to equal good morals and a quality character.  There's are many ways of finding people who are more concerned with your character than your wealth.

Find a hobby that you enjoy, and/or find groups on meetup.com that center on one or more hobbies that you share.  In ages part women and men depended on finding quality men at church.  If you fail to go to church often, then maybe make time for a group activity that you do care about.  If you are too busy to find a spiritual path you do agree with, then that in itself is a problem.

Dating friends of friends, can be hit or miss, because your friends fails to really know what you want in a mate, or they are unlikely to agree.  It is also a good way to fail at finding another different than what you already know.

The point however, is that dating men who earn six figures or are independently wealthy, is only great if you are looking for someone who is likely to have a problem with you earning more than him.  Instead of sexism, this is simply the competitive drive that got him that far.  In today's wage-driven society, that is exactly how they got to the point of earning that much.  The last thing a person wants is to find their mate 'beating' you, and without anything you could do about it.

Men who recognize that logic and reasoning as failing, also tend to reject the wage-driven desire.  The desire to be competitive can be grouped with that as collateral damage.

The bLame Stream Media, likes to use the words "living in mother's basement" but why exactly is that a bad thing?  We should look to family for help first before thinking of letting the "state" pay for said individual to live on their own.

Yes, that description could apply to me, though there fails to be many basements in the northwest.  The lack of extreme weather makes them an unnecessary cost, verses just adding another level to the house.  However, that Californians may choose to think a little snow on the road in winter is "extreme weather" is already known.

Ironically, I consider myself extremely successful at writing stories, translating that into money is more of a challenge.  Being disabled with Rheumatoid Arthritis and a general A.A. degree makes it not easy to find a job that fails to let me sit in a chair.  That they exist I am sure, but my familychoose on their own to helps me