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Abundantly absurd #FakeNews is the linked article about PotUS Donald Trump published by the New York Times on November 20th, 2016.  White Nationalists is horrendously wrong in both descriptions.  The Libertarian minded movement of the Tea Party is multi-racial and wants less government, instead of a desire for more by nationalists'.

However, as the case with the election for the position of 45th PotUS, the L.S.M. is campaigning for the libertarian cause better than any other faction, thus for their doubling down on their error celebrate do I.  This includes even most of the anchors on +Fox News.  Their child +Fox Business is strikingly better but we should be shy of 'trusting' any one source for news.

They have been hemorrhaging an audience ever since the mid nineties, and their performance in 2016 will most likely accelerate that trend.  Before it becomes absolutely worthless, they had better sell the paper to a libertarian minded owner such as the Koch Brothers.