I rejoice at how the politicians in Congress continue to be ignorant of what is happening. Oil Companies make 8.5% profit on gas sold; While the government makes 15%. If they want to start cutting into obscene profits I suggest they look in their own wallet first. Actually, I feel that America is demanding that they look into their own wallet first. Love is what I have, for congress because they are driving more and more Americans to the Libertarian Party and Bob Barr. They are why Bob Barr is the 44th President of the United States. Of course, they will not see this until the paint on the wall has dried. They will continue to not see everyone changing their vote from John McCain or Obama. They will continue to ignore this because this is the first time that it has happened. They will continue to ignore it because they fail to see how their own actions are what is driving Americans to nominate a third party.

Americans see their recent blurb about how the government tax on gas will only go up; And, they realize that the only true solution is the Barr solution. Americans hear Obama talk about how he is happy about high gas prices; And, we realize that he is happy because he has yet to actually work for a living. Obama is happy about high gas prices because he is one of the top 1% rich people who can afford it. We listen to McCain preach about global warming even as more and more scientists are coming out against the Marxist religion. McCain supports Cap'N'Trade; And, he admitted to having no idea how the economy works. The politicians in Congress are to busy trading meaningless, and childish, insults to see the Federal Reserve Bank destroying our economy.

The Federal Reserve Bank is destroying our economy by continuing to destroy the Federal Reserve Dollar. I would say the American dollar but then I would be lieing. The Federal Reserve Bank stole the dollar from America almost a century ago. The Federal Reserve Bank has already succeeded in destroying the Mexican nation-state; And, we are next on the chopping block. They are doing this in an effort to create a "North American Union" like how they created the "European Union". They are doing this because then they get to completely ignore the constitution as the United States ceases to exist. I am sure some of this sounds crazy to some; Yet, I know even they will see the truth as they begin to reject the opinion that the Drive-By Mass Media has been spoon feeding them. For instance, what major news network has talked about the collapse of the Mexican federal government? I have yet to see one. What major news network has talked about the 6000 dead on the Mexican/US boarder? Of course, I am sure some would not see 6000 dead, in half the time we have been in Iraq, as a major news issue. What major news network has made it clear that the reason American are paying more at the pump than Mexicans are at theirs is because the Federal Reserve Bank has destroyed the dollar; Thus, the dollar continues to be able to buy less gas. I be that is just crazy talk though.

I have faith in my fellow Americans though and I feel they see everything our elected officials are doing to destroy our country. This is why I see our current elected officials getting replaced in mass this November. I just find it humorous how the Rockefeller Republicrats and Truman Democrats continue to drive more and more Americans away. They seem to be in their own little sandbox; And, oblivious that the parents are coming to take them home, because they have been naughty.



It seems a lot of people have maybe forgotten what America is. America is full of people who want to be the best and to have the best. Today it's Mexicans who are tired of their fraked up country. Yesterday it was Asians who decided to leave their retarded Marxist government. The day before yesterday, it was Irish who decided that blowing each other up was a waste of time. The time before that, it was White people who decided to say "God Frak the Queen"; Because, they wanted to make the colonies slaves to their central bank... and then we 'created' one to enslave ourselves... so ok, two steps forward and one step back.

Today we have a bunch of Sand Niggas who have been jealous of Europe for the past three millenia. It all started when King Leonidas decided to tell the Iranian Persian Emperor where he could stick it. Of course, he died in the process of making them pay a thousand of their soldiers for every Spartan they murdered. Now we have an Iranian who thinks he is an Emperor and pissed off that we tell him where he can stick it... like we always have.

Europe always leaves it to America to save their fraking asses. Especially the French who have made it a past time to pick fights they do not want to finish. Of course, America came from Europe so some of our ancestors decided to bring their De De De brothers. Those De De De brothers are the ones who created they fraking Federal Reserve. Harry Truman is a prime example of our ancestor's De De De brothers. He started all this socialist Marxist crap of robbing the rich to give to the poor.

I thank each and every immigrant because they know what America is. The United States is fifty states who decided to work together to do big things. The United States is fifty states who realize that they need to fix their own shit before they need to try shoving morality, ethics, and equality down some neighbor's throat. So yeah some De De De in America decided to let some crazy Sand Niggas in, so they can try to frak with us. Of course, a couple other De De De decided to go over to the Middle East and inspire the Sand Niggas there to pick a fight they know they will loose. However, the crazy Sand Niggas have been at war with the Western Culture for three, or so, millenia and... we didn't start that but we sure as hell will finish it by turning Iran into a fraking glass parking lot. Anyone who is mad at what I just said can go the frak over to China, Cuba, or some other communist state. I truly mean it. Get the frak out of my country you crazies. Please understand that I love Earth and all the different countries that there are. I also love how every country can do it's own thing. So please go the frak over there where people already think like you and let America be fraking America. I might learn French if the French ever figure out how to win a fraking war. I say might as I already am learning Japanese and the whole Asian culture thing excites me. Like how China is drilling our oil for us... so they can just sell our oil back to us. Brilliant! I wish our politicians would think neat thoughts like that we CAN drill our way out of this energy mess.