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The movie seems lost on how technology still exists in a ravaged dystopian world, think do I.  It also seems confused on the appearance of certain events.  A massive cloud of killer dust eating up land is just nutty.  That is jumping the shark kind of nutty.

All of the issues explained below, is ultimately the reasoning for the rating of one out of three stars by me.  The most liberal {libertarian} of viewers would get enjoyment out of the movie.  There are just too many humiliating and embarrassing elements in the movie for even me to take seriously.  Generally speaking, nitpicking a series or movie is avoided by me.  Maybe if it was made as a humorous comedy it would have been better, suggest do I.

It is commendable the script has pretty much everyone confused on what exactly happened. The true danger in the movie is the unknown and they do a great job of presenting that fear.  Yet even if the psycho at the end was right, known science surest the effects would be completely different.

For instance, an earthquake of great enough magnitude would sink Seattle into the sand of which it is built. the nuclear the ground erupting would have irradiated the entire Columbia Basin.  The source would be Hanford and many other nuclear power plants.  Yet, Nuclear Power Plants 'meltdown' instead of explode, that of which is a concept recent writers of recent shows on the big and silver screen, seem to be ignorant to me.

However, the movie does convey the idea, that is agreeable to me;  That there would be multiple sources for all the crazy, and seeing that acceptance of the unknown was awesome to me.  Such as the protagonist seeing Aurora Borealis.

The movie was enjoyable for me, though most of the actual attacks by crazies was skipped by me.  The reasoning was because it was almost painful to watch the protagonist act as if he was a Darwin Award nominee.

In every battle, it starts off where protagonist did something monumentally stupid that endangered himself and anyone with him.  Such as stopping to help someone that was clearly an ambush, as they blocked the road…  or taking his eyes off the road while driving without lights.  A sapient of moderate intelligence would have avoided that unsafe act in that dangerous situation.

The, not one but two, two times the protagonist crashed the car is another example.  Then the movie downplays the miracle, where the stereotypical Native American mechanic is able to 'quickly fix' the damage.  The father should have at least one or two others dying from the injuries with him.

Then the jealous suitor guy at the end is too much for me.  The show devolves to just a story about the two of them, when it was completely  irrelevant to the story and went against the mindset of rebuilding society after the crazy.

What would have helped would be having a another young woman save Sam, maybe her gynecologist as that would be a useful skillset.  Instead of having the male neighbor, with delusions of grandeur, helping her.  Thus they are faced with the reality that women only really need one man.  Stories of the Amazon women in ancient Greece suggested they had traditions that utilized that reality and still maintain at least their own sovereignty.

The point is that this concept would have been a better ending, feel do I.  As the description in the show was pretty effectively sending all known sapient on Tera, back to the bronze age.  Thus a group of women banding together and having several children, using prenatal vitamins and other methods to insure the women's health and wellbeing, leaves the audience with a great deal more hope for the future of the characters.  As they would be ensuring chauvinism would be left in the past.