Saturday, Mayan Date: 13♥00♥00♥17♥04

I thought about this for a while and decided to go ahead and remake this political blog into my journal.  I'll still write artificals about events that occurr that I want more of but, the other stuff is history… maybe not even there… guess we'll see.

Blogger's iPhone app seems to be failing with the spell checking.  So I apologize ahead of time… hopefully

Standard seems to suggest to keep a journal secret.  I know the humble, self-incriminating reasoning for this but I am eliminating the later.  So may it is better to be open and just leave out personal names.

I feel that I am getting somewhere with a novel I am writing.  It's still in its infancy but its fun and exciting.  I am focusing on those feelings and what I want to happen around the bend.

I understand some about positive thinking and the Law of Attraction.  I think what I choose to every moment of every hour of every day.

Everyday I am getting better and better, in everyway I am getting better and better.  I am extranenly, paranormally, and divinely healthy, fit, gifted, whole, beautiful, handsome, strong, successful, powerful, joyful, loved, and happy.

I want to begin and raise my ideal of a marriage and family;  with my ideal wife, with that I am her ideal husband.  I have incorporated many things into my life to help change myself into the person I said I want to be.  However, I remain at the end of the latest phase of my life… waiting for five years now, and of course I have grown and changed in those five years.

I sleep on my side of my bed.  I abundantly eliminate contractions from my vocabulary… or use tyem with clear intent.  I speak affirmations, and pray, multiple times a day.  I've drawn picture of what she might look like.  I've left over half of my closet and dresser empty and waiting with me.  Each drawer as a symbol of what she represents to me.

I daydream constantly of my Ideal Wife.  Yes, I even write them down.  They are not finished or published.  I draw some too but its not life-like.

I have battled with clinical depression for most of my life.  That and my life choices are why I am not married.  I've left behind most everyone I thought was a friend.  Some have kept themselves in the distance.  Many felt threatened by my intent to be increasingly positive…

Real life is stranger than fiction…

I've grown very religous but eclectic lately.  I have found a few others out there who think similarly.  I started a twitter account and FB page dedicated to those thoughts.

When asked the Goddess suggests Taylor Alison Swift is who is meant to come into my life.  That makes a lot of sense to me.  However, I focus on what that means to me, instead of a specific person.  Afterall, the devil is in the details.

The reason it makes since is because I find Tay Tay's voice, personality, and appearence to be the most beautiful entity on the planet… maybe in the universe too… but, I can't really back that up.

I can easily write stories for however long I want while listening to Tay Tay's music.  Other lyrical music fails to help me the same way hers does.  I can put her discography on random shuffle and love whatever song comes up.

Naturally realizing your thinking this way about a celebritiy is far from a picnic.  I've tested my reasoning on other musical groups and i've yet to hear anything that has the same effect on me as Tay Tay, much to my chagrin.

I mean, even my own mother looks at me like she is humoring a lunatic, while at the same time expresses worry about my sanity.  This is the one person who is nearly always supportive of me and what I want.  That fails to mean she spoils me, it means she believes in me when no one else will… except this.

So I've tried all my old tricks to shift my thoughts onto someone at least on the same side of the country.  As always to 'try' is admit failure.  Which only works on describing the past, when the results are already known.

None-the-less, I focus on how I want my life to be different and feel them.  Instead of Tay Tay or anyone elses.  To be specific merely invites the inconceivability for me to be wrong.

So far I am kind of enjoying writing my journal online and quasi-publik.  I suppose a really obsessed person could find me but that was true without the internet too.  I am going to sleep after I republish this, may delete more old posts, but I don't know… it's more than being indescive for me.  I simply acknowledge and accept that I am a very impulsive person.  Though I am undoubtedly predictable about somethings.

I will close with a list of characteristics that I believe my Ideal Wife has.  Some may be fanciful notions that I may be wrong about.  I leave it up to the Goddess to decide what would help me the most in making the choice to be happy.

Extraterrestrial Biological Entity; rylty; tht homosapiens r abl 2 breed wth
One parent = Japanese/Korean
Other is Swedish/German/Irish American
Non {female, woman}
She is happy with me being a poor starving artist.  Well… not exactly but maybe you get the idea.
Lithe & svelte
Blonde/Red Hair
More Intelligent & wiser than me
Early Twenties {we want thirteen plus divinely healthy, fit, & gifted kids}
Loves to watch movies and television
Loves accepting my help with her career… & vice versa of course
Loves playing video games, role-playing games {like Mass Effect, DA:O}
Believes small limited government with strong national defense is right.
Loves her parents and has a good relationship with them.


Letter to Tea Party people

2 things to help with PR battle.  Young people are 'new' and so is the 60% who are busy living their life versus reading the newspaper.  The common layperson sees "liberal" as 'libertarian' or 'liberty'.   Speak their language if you want "the general public" to understand instead of those in District of Columbia.  They already see themselves as "libertarians" and if we want to 'correct' them;  First step is to start speaking in a way they understand, instead of repeating the Statists' "misspellings and incorrect grammar".

  • Use the correct dictionary definition of "liberal" which is libertarian.  Democrats are 'statist', 'socialists', or 'communists' but on the opposite end of the spectrum to 'liberals'.
  • "Democratic Party" fails to exist.  There is only the "Democrat Party";  Which of course also fails but in an another topic.

A user's misspelling words and incorrect grammar on a message board, twitter, or some other social media technology is fine, and perfectly understandable.  For an 'organization' to do so, detracts from the 'message' as people automatically think less of the organization.  These common grammar error makes our organization look foolish, illiterate, uneducated, and ignorant.

I think misrepresenting the word 'liberal' is intentional as far as the Carnegie Foundation, Tides Foundation, George Soros, and their ilk are concerned.  They love being called a sheep instead of a wolf; or angels instead of the demons.  It confuses the low information voter.

Also, I think the mistake with the word "Democratic" is intentional for similar reasons.  Though maybe its more of a sign of how far our education system has fallen.

Apparently people often fail to realize how much power words have, especially when they are spoken with "mistakes".