Letter to Tea Party people

2 things to help with PR battle.  Young people are 'new' and so is the 60% who are busy living their life versus reading the newspaper.  The common layperson sees "liberal" as 'libertarian' or 'liberty'.   Speak their language if you want "the general public" to understand instead of those in District of Columbia.  They already see themselves as "libertarians" and if we want to 'correct' them;  First step is to start speaking in a way they understand, instead of repeating the Statists' "misspellings and incorrect grammar".

  • Use the correct dictionary definition of "liberal" which is libertarian.  Democrats are 'statist', 'socialists', or 'communists' but on the opposite end of the spectrum to 'liberals'.
  • "Democratic Party" fails to exist.  There is only the "Democrat Party";  Which of course also fails but in an another topic.

A user's misspelling words and incorrect grammar on a message board, twitter, or some other social media technology is fine, and perfectly understandable.  For an 'organization' to do so, detracts from the 'message' as people automatically think less of the organization.  These common grammar error makes our organization look foolish, illiterate, uneducated, and ignorant.

I think misrepresenting the word 'liberal' is intentional as far as the Carnegie Foundation, Tides Foundation, George Soros, and their ilk are concerned.  They love being called a sheep instead of a wolf; or angels instead of the demons.  It confuses the low information voter.

Also, I think the mistake with the word "Democratic" is intentional for similar reasons.  Though maybe its more of a sign of how far our education system has fallen.

Apparently people often fail to realize how much power words have, especially when they are spoken with "mistakes".