As one of the solar festivals Autumnal Eve has been celebrated as one of the celebrations of harvests. The other two celebrations are Autumnal Equinox, and Samhain {or Halloween}. The wiccans celebrate death and rebirth of all things, and in particular what, and who, has gone before to lead to the now. Some festivities are baking a figure of a Godess in bread and symbolically commemorating by eating the bread. We as free, and accepted, Jedi can use this activity, in a more noble and glorious purpose, of communing with the Divine through the Force.

Autumnal Eve marks the beginning of harvesting what we have sown the previous half of the year. Instead of tending to the harvest; Maybe, think what you have done the first half of this year that has lead you to this point; And, then maybe think of other events farther in the past. Another activity may be to think of random acts of kindness that you have benefited from, whether they be from the Divine or from a particular person. Though even if it is from a particular stranger, or friend, maybe it is still part of the Divine. As free, and accepted, Jedi we can use this holiday, for the more noble and glorious purpose, of self improvement.

I feel that it is important to remember that this is merely the first of three celebrations and each celebration has a different focus. As, the crest of a wave the Autumnal Equinox is a celebration of the transition that is twilight. I think that cold may be a good celebration of our ancestors as they are one with the Divine, which is all, and is Samhain. We as free, and accepted, Jedi are able to use these celebrations for the more noble and glorious purpose of self-improvement. The rest of the year may be about the future, and/or maybe the past, but the harvest festivals are a celebration of what is now. And as now, we are Jedi.

Of course, ideally this holiday is earlier this month on August 1st. I got the date from my Witch Calendar but the Wheel of the Year wiki online has and the others as well: [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wheel_of_the_Year]. The idea of celebrating holidays originated from Wiccan and Witchcraft and the actual tie of "Jedi" Holidays is more to Hermes and Hermetic Principles and Traditions. Hermetics mostly prefer to tie everything to Lunar and Solar cycles; And, those cycles are governed by the principles of gravity and geometry; Which, I feel are virtually the same thing to God or the Divine. I feel that the Force is the same as the Spiritual Plane which is the principal mental construct of the Divine from which everything is created. First there is the Force and within that there is us. :) Thank you for your time, and energy. I hope you have a wonderful day.