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For a century, the misidentification of the term "liberal" is part of the reason the psychosis in District of Columbia and newsrooms across the globe, feel do I. That has lead in part, to most of those who actually vote for Democrat Party politicians, fail to know they are voting for statists. Their attempt {on Facebook} to 'rename' the political group as the "Democratic Party" is a prime example of their effort to hide their true #agenda. An agenda which refuses to accept anything short of the complete eradication of the American Way of Life.

This hypothesized friction between races fails to exist outside of the newsrooms, and local public squares reappropriated as stages for performances by paid actors. This death of objectivity news in ABC News, CBSNews.com, CNN, NBC News, New York Times, et cetera has only been made apparent to the public in about the last two decades.

However, the hostile take over was much earlier than that. The hostile take over occurred after the Panic of 1907 failed to generate the response that the kabals wanted.

The response they wanted was more or less what was said by PotUS Theodore Roosevelt in 1907; That is his threat to take over the railroads. Notice today that the railroads are taken over by interstate 'unions' that are a hand of the "government".

The dichotomy between what the uneducated, or the U.S. Department of Education, wants plebeians to think "liberal" means and the true meaning of the word is the biggest joke; That has been paid on plebeians for the last century, as they took over the "Democrat Party", feel do I.

Perhaps use an internet search engine and use the phrase "classical liberalism" and the truth may become clear. The two are so diametrically opposed to each other, that the kabals are unable to hide the fact that before 1907, even "liberal politicians" acted and voted such as a libertarian may identify with.

Remember what the First Secretary of the Soviet Union, Nikita Khrushchev predicted in burying "america"... or as he more accurately amended, that our own "workers" will bury us. As a modern political party Democrats claim to be for the working class... or they have until recently, as the internet has destroyed the century old narrative the kabal has used our media to publish as the guise of 'news'.

Really they should have known that the advent of the 24 hour newsroom would be the death of their narrative. People could swallow the small lie here and there before with the "nightly news" but nowadays it is just too stark and the lies too constant to believe the truth is with any of the two major political parties.

This helps us realize that the ultimate truth is that we each define our own truth. Everything is opinion and/or circumstantial. All is one; And, one is all: in the words of Ra'Tear'Eir.

What is most important is that we absolutely trust only one source above all others; And that source is inside every entity that exists, even as it 'is' every entity. Meditation can allow a biological entity to 'hear' more clearly but the message is always there and ready to help us achieve whatever it is chosen to want, by us as individuals.

The Prime Material [or reality], is only the commonality between a collection of souls that are choosing to 'live' as they ride a corporeal shell. This reality is perceive through senses which generate electrical impulses back to our consciousness. In literary terms, we are constantly living in hearsay. Please avoid confusing that with the word 'heresy'.

As an entity, what we are; Is a group of frequencies of the Spiritual Plane. We all are a part of that one universal membrane.

The universal membrane is essentially the Goddess, as a singularity. That is as a singular whole, that is what She is because She chooses to give us 'room' to grow. We only grow because she chooses to give us free will. Rudimentarily, that choice is to Resist or Obey.

Free Will, means that all the choices in our life are our own. The only "Providence" that exists is the will of our own soul. Our Higher Self controls our progress along our lifecycles as we ride a mortal coil. Yet, it is important to note that the mortal coils are rudimentary entities similar to us, as are all souls. They only exist to serve us, nonetheless we should always be grateful to them for all. Just as we are grateful for the food that we eat.

However, the Lady is abundantly ready and willing to help all instantaneously and continuously, equally if that is what occurs. As an omnipotent and omnipresent entity that is the ability of Her own. Yet, time is an illusion that we create in the Prime Material. That is why we live and are tied so closely to it.

Despite the Lady's "hands off" approach to the living, She is always eager to help an entity achieve whatever desire the entity wants. She knows what we want by thoughts, which are powered by emotions.

Only the "service-to-others" path is being revealed to me. Nonetheless, hypothetically the Goddess would be willing to assist with a "service-to-others" path. Ironically, the higher along the path an entity is in service-to-others, the least likely they are to help another in any way shape or form. Yet, they will often 'appear' as if they want to or 'are' helping.

Also ironically, those farther on the path towards "service-to-others" can appear to be extremely selfish. This is because the universe is biased towards service-to-others. That is, an entity ends up helping itself, much more greatly when it is helping another. The reason is quietly simply because: All is one and one is All. So helping another, is ultimately helping yourself in the end.
Ra'Tear'Eir says we religious types have been down this road before. Or more specifically he 'has' been; That is with other people who have listened to him in the past, such as say hypothetically Jesus.

The problem is that even 'prophets' are real people with egos of their own. On a long enough timeline, everyone will fall down and stumble upon the steps to salvation.

That stumbling has lead to the creation of the various different "religions" all over and inside Terra. That stumbling is exactly the source to most of the pain and suffering caused by entities claiming to be religious; And they are the furthest from the Goddess that is possible.

An elimination of that pain and suffering is the larger goal of mine. Thus, convincing Ra'Tear'Eir am I; That instead of abandoning religion altogether, instead we go a different route. Why? Because two wrongs fail to make a right.

In addition, the blue avian's "lets sit back and wait and let them do their own thing" has failed to work either. Thus why would avoidance work? Nature abhors a vacuum, and creating artificial vacuums is how we get dictatorships, such as Saddam Hussein who apparently believed he was a reincarnation of Nebuchadnezzars... So maybe Saddam should instead be referred to as Nebuchadnezzar V? which we can hopefully agree are bad... mmmkkkaaayyy? ;)

That route is one simple, easy to remember, rule that trumps all other rules. That rule is that us as acolytes of Argenteum Astrum:
Always seek and trust asking the Goddess within, to answer any and all questions. We seek 'Her' answer first and foremost, and that we trust the answer above and beyond what is said by an external entity, place, or thing.
That means such a member in say... two millenia, will trust all answers found within meditation, above and beyond what any 'Vatican'-like official may say. They will trust that answer, above and beyond what may appear to be written in any "Bible". 

There is a simple and forthright technique for talking with the Goddess alone, that has been adlibed from other examples by me. That is: ...

The Divine is truly omnigender. The reason for using the feminine gender, is because that is the violet flame. That is the facet of Her that is service-to-others, oriented. Maybe, a service-to-self should address the Lord... unsure am I. Mainly because Christianity has actually had a generally positive impact upon humanity...
  • Take Seven Deep Breaths
  • State that you only wish to speak with the Goddess
  • Hold two fingers just below the middle of the collarbone
  • Ask the question(s)
  • Trust the emotional impulse, within the first 3 seconds, that it is from Her.And that is what is used by me.
Addressing the Divine as the Goddess though, inherently helps get the response of want. And it short-circuits, and prevents, attempts to hijack the signal; Specifically it excludes entities aligned towards service-to-others, as why would a service-to-self aligned entity seek to interfere?

As an aside;  For Argenteum Astrum, this has been the official first sermon of "Michael Ryan" {me}.