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Video by TruthStream Media

08:40 ~ What country they think they live in, wonder do I. Our country has always been a republic instead of a democracy. Why people insist it is a democracy is puzzling.

They are two fundamentally different styles of government. If it was a democracy, it would have shifted over into a much worse version of now. Individuals can be intelligent, though the public in mass is as retarded and dumb as a box of rocks.

That is why the founders created the Electoral College, and let a states' legislature decide how Senators would be selected. The sooner we shift back towards our origins the better off we will be, think do I.

Yet this is a good trend; Because people should always apply critical thinking towards 'all' claiming to be reporting or commenting on media that it says is "news". From what has been shared with me, people in the first half of the 19th century did this all the time. Yet the statists destroyed our education system, and now its high school diploma is void the worth of the material used.

So the L.S.M. compelling people to turn them off, and look for independent sources is great, feel do I.


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Please, some absurdly rich sapient with service'to'others intent, buy BioWare from E.A. The biblical service’to’self reptiles of E.A. are destroying the owners of a couple beloved franchises…️…  with their material wealth love affair with microtransactions.  It is the real reason for why they closed both Visceral Studios and Bethesda's Montreal Studio.

All anyone who is getting paycheck or wants something from E.A., what they think of their former boss and they all say the same thing as if scripted.  How many massive companies have hundreds of thousands of employees and none of them have cause to say something bad after being fired…?…  The very idea is so lacking in wisdom that even Hollywood has yet to use it as an excuse in one of their shows.

And the employees have the exact same imagination on what they think would have happened…?…  For example, look at BioWare's current and former employees that worked on said beehive franchises Dragon Age: Origin, Mass Effect {regretfully E.A. got it’s fingers into the third game}, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic.  There is something that smells like rotten fish, with this 'information', to me.

Furthermore, there are reviewers {such as Gameranx} still defend and apologize for E.A., literally as if they are still being paid for it.  When does an entire body of professionals all agree on anything…?…  Understandably this is an outrageous claim, but treating 'speculation' on the financial health of BioWare in a world where they avoided selling out to E.A. as not hearsay, is simply ludicrous.  The fact that they worked for the company is irrelevant.  Unless they're referencing specific work from a Remote Viewing artist, which would surprise me.

Even if true, there is a hundred of other v.game companies that they could have sold out to with a much better track record. But no, they choose the one with the biggest check; And seemingly willfully ignored they were handing their baby over to the company with the worst reputation.

A prime example is when ZeniMax bought Bethesda Software. They've made great products and their Creation Club has all the signs of just allowing them to extend Post Production on all of their franchises simultaneously. His many free mods are there for Battlefront 2, made by independent artists…?…

When E.A. learned that Visceral Games' current RPG baby for Star Wars was impossible to turn into another gamer nightmare of a cash'cow…?… E.A. shut the company down.

A more likely story for BioWare's Montreal Studio, is that they refused to implement B2's example of locking P.v.E. story progression behind randomized D.L.C. loot boxes that may, or may not, have what you want.  That infuriated key E.A. bean counters, and they couldn't be having some peon being insubordinate.  Thus, outrageously bad press from key reviewers and YouTube censorship was bought for the game’s launch.

Ever wonder why every reviewer that had something bad to say about Mass Effect: Andromeda repeated the exact same examples?  It's a big game with plenty of material to cover, probability alone says their review might be similar, but never identical. Then it was the fact the reviews were released within the first two weeks of release.  Mar 20th, 2017 for fig’s sake!  Yes they get an advanced copy of the game for review but its far from that advanced.

And who was left behind after the exodus…?… the personnel controlling multiplayer side of the game. The one side of the game that the E.A. demons wanted. And when no one was looking, they quietly fired the P.v.E. centric employees, then covered that buy “merging” BioWare Montreal with E.A. Motive, that has been properly 'cowed' to E.A. authority.

The fact that E.A. is headquartered in Redmond City, California says enough on is own. The Mecca for all who believe in the religious dogma of statism, feel do I.  Given California’s monumental debt that they refuse to pay for, and their erroneous belief they can tax themselves out from under it.  It is understandable that some may want to pad the coffers for when taxes roll around.

However, an even better option is to do what BioWare did before they were bought, move to Austin, Texas.  Sure Texans have herded the supermajority of their minority of statists into the one city of Austin, but at least they don’t have to deal with the 8.84% Corporate taxes of California.  For your information, Texas’s corporate tax rate is 0.00%.


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FallOut 5: San Francisco by Obsidian… 'cause that is where Obsidian said they would take another game if Bethesda asked

It is obvious ZeniMax has a hard on for keeping their franchises in house, but they really should let Obsidian Entertainment run will that. They already proved their audiences as very similar and having two video game studios working on two different games of the same franchise is easy to see happening after FallOut 4's sales numbers.

Then FoxNext Game announces one of their studios is making Mazzer Effekt III, with Drew Karpyshyn back at the helm. It will be based off of script for Alien III by William Gibson.


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Ad-libbed from Fountain Wayne's song here.
---   ---   ---   ---   ---   ---   ---
+Taylor Swift has got it going on,
+Taylor Swift has got it going on,
+Taylor Swift has got it going on,
+Taylor Swift has got it going on...

[Verse 1]
Tay Tay, can I come over after school,?, {After school}
We can hang around by the pool, {Hang by the pool}
Did you happen to get back from your business trip,?, {Business trip}
Are you there, or are you trying to give me the slip.?. {Give me the slip}

[Pre-Chorus 1]
You know, I'm not the little boy that I used to be,
I'm all grown up now, baby, can't you see.?.

Taylor Swift has got it going on,
Tay Tay's all I want and I've waited for so long,
Taylor Swift, can't you see? I'm just the man for you,
I always ask if I might be wrong;  But I'm in love with Taylor Swift,
Taylor Swift has got it going on,
Taylor Swift has got it going on...

[Verse 2]
Taylor Swift, do you remember when I mowed your lawn,?, {Mowed your lawn}
Taylor Swift came out with just a towel on, {Towel on}
I could tell you liked me from the way you stared, {Way you stared}
And the way you said, "You missed a spot over there"... {Spot over there}

[Pre-Chorus 2]
And I know that you think it's just a fantasy,
But since your boyfriend walked out, you could use a guy like me...

Taylor Swift has got it going on,
Tay Tay's all I want and I've waited for so long,
Taylor Swift, can't you see? You're just the lady for me,
I always ask if I might be wrong;  But I'm in love with Taylor Swift...

[Guitar Solo]

Taylor Swift has got it going on,
Tay Tay's all I want and I've waited for so long,
Taylor Swift, can't you see? I'm just the man for you,
I always ask if I might be wrong;  But I'm in love with Taylor Swift...

Taylor Swift, ah-oh-ah-oh, {I'm in love with-}
Taylor Swift, ah-oh-ah-oh, {Wait a minute}
Tay Tay, can't you see? You're just the lady for me,
I always ask if I might be wrong;  But I'm in love with Taylor Swift...


♥ 1 3 ♥ 0 0 ♥ 0 5 ♥ 0 5 ♥ 0 0 ♥ Ka'Daes ♥ Fallout 4's Early History & Minimal Population Size with a Sustainable Gene Pool

In Bethesda's has created a surprisingly compelling 'verse with it's Fallout franchise;  About which players like to think and speculate.  Below is speculation on the events that lead up to what became the second Great War.  I call it the second, because it had very little to do with either phase of the first.

Hypothetically, the main divergence in Fallout's history is from the end of the second phase of the first Great War, feel do I.  The only reason for the U.S. society to be stuck in the 1950s-60s is if around that time U.S.S.R.'s Project Venona was experiencing major success in turning the U.S. into a statist empire.  The factions in America that cherish liberty, would then chose to 'evolve' China into what is their ideal home.

In a world where they were fully successful, they likely would have amended a new Bill of Rights to include prohibiting the government from claiming 'property' from private citizens and enterprises.  They wanted to the first time, but they were afraid it would encourage 'slavery' to last longer in the Americas.

That would leave China in a problematic situation, as their government would be 'changing' much too slowly to allow for a Free Market to solve their energy, or later their war'time economic, crisis.  However, the changes would exacerbate the 'demand' and thus the prices would be artificially, though temporarily, inflated.

This scenario is only true because governments generically abhor 'giving up' power, after they take it.  MoreOver, it would be very ironic if the last president was turned into a ghoul❗️😅

The reason this hypothesis is favored by me, is because it is very ironic to have the U.S. become its own antithesis.

A reason for the U.S. to have start the second Great War is pure arrogance.  The Enclave could have just convinced their P.o.t.U.S. that their technology would 'prevent' any of China's I.C.B.M.'s from landing a nuke on American soil.  Where as, similar to the war with Japan, nuking key areas of China could make the job of taking mainland China a lot less costly in American lives.  The Enclave already convinced P.o.t.U.S. Richardson to sequester himself in their own private "vault" a full year before the nuclear exchange occurred.  {An oil platform in the Pacific off the coast of California.}

Another sign of America being 'changed' is the level of Cronyism of major companies such as Vault'tec and Nuka'Cola, think do I.  Sure our reality has Cronyism too, but to the level of building hundreds of Vaults?  Only a limited portion of the population in a Free Market could afford such an insurance policy.  And consumers would have a lot more control over their 'insurance policy' than the what Bethesda has displayed in their Fallout games and life in the Vaults.

A basic rule of thumb, is it would take 13k-39k humans to maintain a gene pool of sufficient size to insure a future for the species. Any less introduces a risk to systemic failure of the end populations' gene pool, and that is far from pretty.  Far from a world you want to leave for your great grand children to inherit.  Predictably, Hollywood is unable to accept approaching the question with the scientific method, and thus the latest number they like to throw around is 160.  Which is outrageously funny because it is horrendously and comically erroneous, think do I.


♥ 1 3 ♥ 0 0 ♥ 0 5 ♥ 0 1 ♥ 0 6 ♥ Ka'Daes ♥ An Open Letter to Ms. Taylor Alison Swift

Well Met +TaylorSwiftVEVO! Happy Birthday & Merry Winter Solstice 2017; & Will You Marry Me?

Will you, +Taylor Swift marry me? That could seem outrageous to some, though very thought out reasons for my feelings are held by me. Your Mer'Ka'Ba {Body, Mind, & Soul} is the most beautiful that has {and likely will} ever been seen or heard by me.

Mesmerizing is the way you choose to move and of course the shape of it, the timbre of your voice, and the character in your artistry. Frankly, our world is absent any specific individual that can compel the feeling of irresistible, indomitable, and eternal romantic love from me, as you.

Of course, your 'public' persona is part of your career. Much of that is looked past by me. That is to say that I mostly avoid consuming tabloids and other news articles about you.

For instance, my mother and I were at the grocery store last weekend. A tabloid paper had your name splashed on the page. Subconsciously gravitating towards your name, your songs on the radio, interviews, and images of you, are the senses of mine. It said that you had gained thirty-seven pounds and accused you of being fat. I've experienced being fat and that fails it be it.

Regardless of what it is called and the change to your body. Your being the most beautiful Mer'Ka'Ba in all of existence has failed to change for me.

Previous letters have explained how input from the Divine is gained by me. That does seem ludicrous to some, as they have said so to me. Yet, always there is the check for a response from you via email, phone, et cetera. Refusing to act upon solely on a voice in the head of mine, is the persistent choice of mine.

That is why who you are to me, is known to me. In addition, it is why there is a bi-daily prayer for you to respond {favorably or not} to me. If you told me to not email you again or contact you, that would be honored by me. Naturally a favorable response is what is of want by me.

Christmas as a holiday is loved by me. However, the original intent was Winter Solstice, think do I. Therefore, the holiday is on the original dates 20-22, as celebrated by me. Yet, that is far from excluding friends and family from celebrating whenever they choose.

Eternally, indomitably, and abundantly I am in love with the real you
 Ms. Taylor Alison Swift. That is the you without the makeup and photos with special lighting and expert photographers.

How you use your fame to support other artists from being trampled on by Apple and other companies, how extranet {internet} savvy are you, your love for Britain and Japan is shared by me, how you adore and admire your mother and father, how you prefer to spend time with your parents, family, and friends; And is loved by me.

On FaceBook there is a page that was created by me. As you respond please describe your response to the metaphysical ideas I have been penning down. The effort is to encourage others to look inside their heart for answers to their questions; Instead of creating another religion that looks to priests, buildings, and Popes for answers.

Grateful for the time and
Force that has been shared by you, am I. That the Goddess to eternally alights a way to happiness in your self-determined path.

Sincerely, Your Beloved,

Brent Michael Ryan

368 Merry ln


♥ 1 3 ♥ 0 0 ♥ 0 4 ♥ 1 7 ♥ 1 4 ♥ Sylilo'Daes ♥ Discrimination

Very few know what the word racism or misogyny means, seems to me.  Instead, often people unconsciously choose to use those, words because they are more inflammatory than if they were accurate.  Typically what is meant is the subject matter is 'discrimination'.

Discrimination itself is good.  We use it every day of our lives from discriminating on what we would 'like' to eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  We discriminate on what television show or movie we want to watch.  More accurately we rarely go a few moments without discriminating about some choice we face during the day.

The super'majority of plebeians know this though, and so that sparks the unconscious desire to make it sound worse because it inspires anger within them.  When confronted the typical response is to either accuse their skeptic with being racist/sexist or to try and 'redefine' the words.  Ironically the latter is a greater problem than the former.

However, using labels to try and censor someone because you dislike their opinion is fundamentally dangerous and wrong.  It increases divisiveness, as we have seen as a result of eight years with P.o.t.U.S. Barry Soetoro.  Increasing divisiveness leads to the Dark'Side {Loss, Anger, Sorrow} and increases the pain and suffering experienced by others.  Thus censorship is a service'to'self act, feel do I.

Redefining words is a greater problem because it undermines the whole point of language.  Language is used to help others understand what you have to say.  If we use our own private definitions to words, then we are basically speaking to ourselves.  Unless we have a preference to hearing ourselves bloviate, then it is best to stick to definitions we find in Merriam'Webster.


♥ 1 3 ♥ 0 0 ♥ 0 4 ♥ 1 7 ♥ 1 3 ♥ Mar'Duk'Daes ♥ Thrive: What Will It Take…?…

A revolutionary paradigm changing old movie was posted on You'Tube ♥12♥19♥19♥05♥00♥ in the last epoch.  As with all knowledge shared by others we must ask the Goddess through our own heart about they verity of the message.  Yet the movie is Thrive ~ What On Earth Will It Take…?…  Its message carries a very strong sympathetic resonance with my own corner of the Prime Material.

The only cost to watching the movie is a little over two hours of thy time.  For that investment, myriad number of brilliant studies performed using the hermetik method all supporting a series of interconnected points that elucidate the Prime Material, in which we all live.  It is all information that the kabals would much rather keep hidden, because it helps us understand how to break free of their control.

The movie painstakingly and absolutely illustrates who the kabals are and how exactly the control our minds.  It helps us mentally draw the image of the metaphorical matrix they built over a century ago to enslave all plebeians.  Then it shows us the steps to take to free ourselves of that matrix.

Just as in the movie, we must accept that the are those among us who will resist this knowledge.  They are unwilling to follow us and that is right for them.  We are all on our own spiritual journey.  There are an infinite number of paths up the mountain of ascension.

However, for those who are willing to listen and comprehend what is being said, this movie will help people understand our world much more thoroughly;  Than what the mainstream lies they teach in our schools even pretend to answer.

The evidence is abundantly compelling, however we must show ourselves to think critically and always question any and all information that we encounter.  As previously suggested, the ultimate test is to ask Jesus, through the Force, the verity of the information we encounter.  Spiritually protect yourself with the lavender flame of the Goddess filling your aura.

All those who suggestion that the debate is over or that they have a monopoly on the truth are trying to deceive you. They may honestly believe what they say, but then the source they are parroting is lying to them.  Therefore, always be surprising of any and all information and only listen to actual empirical evidence, when it is information you find questionable.

Ignore those who suggest that you are crazy, for accepting the empirical evidence of a conspiracy theory.  'Normal' is  one of the lies perpetuated by the kabals to maintain their control.  Another lie is convincing the majority of plebeians to fight each other over political parties.  They want you “fighting” against the Republicans and Democrats, because that keeps you distracted and from realizing the truth.

Both parties are run by the same kabals that run everything else in our world.  Pay attention to the record of politicians that are supposed to represent you.  Disregard whatever their hierarchy is in Congress;  Because they are evil {selfish and not representing you} if they vote to increase the size and power of the government, except during “election years”.  Resist their clever attempts to obfuscate their treason with their own special reasoning on why they 'had' to do it.

However, keep in mind that Martin Luther King and Mahatma Gandhi were right in insisting on limiting themselves to Peaceful Civil Disobedience.  In this way, violence fails to ever be acceptable and the net result will grossly harm our cause.
Instead of eloquence, reason, or logic Government is a Force.  Like fire it is useful and partially necessary, but a dangerous & deadly servant;  And a fearsome master when without limits. ~ P.o.t.U.S. George Washington