♥ 1 3 ♥ 0 0 ♥ 0 6 ♥ 1 3 ♥ 1 5 ♥ Ka'Daes ♥ For Those Who are Confused about What to Do with the Rest of Their Life

It is much better to go into the Military, PeaceCorps, or the Coast Guard for those who are confused about what to do with the rest of their life, think do I.

Sign up via delayed deferment, for a billet to open up for the job training that sounds interesting... such as Nuclear Engineer in the U.S. Navy... they are 'extremely' unlikely to ever be sent to Yaman except as a part of a crew to a nuclear ship.  This is the best way to get some training that may be of benefit to the prospective student, and they get paid for it, so they can start building that Savings account in Navy Federal Credit Union that will carry them through a community college and/or university.

In addition, entering an apprenticeship for a trade profession, such as plumbing or the railroad, can also be a great choice for a young adult.

For those who want to earn a degree to get access for a job that they see themselves in ten years?  Go to a local community college first and study for an Associates degree.  The point is that those who sign up for Financial Aid early in the year, the entire tuition can be paid for by grants, instead of a student loan.  They may still need financial help from a savings account or family, but most of the cost can be mitigated from the students perspective.

Students who know they want a >4 year degree, go to a community college in the same state, or a neighboring state, to the university that is of interest.  That way the Associates from the community college is likely to fully transfer over to the university, thus there is only want for >2 years for their degree that is wanted.


♥ 1 3 ♥ 0 0 ♥ 0 6 ♥ 1 2 ♥ 0 4 ♥ Tiamat'Daes ♥ Marvel: Goddess of Thunder

Bridging the Goddess of Thunder, is best served by the relationship between Thor and Mrs. Jane Foster being rekindled, think do I. It gives a basic way for Thor to stay in the new "Hero's Journey" for Mrs. Foster.

Why 'Mrs.' Foster? Because that keeps the mystical nature of the deity of Thunder in Asgard's royal family tree. There is still an abundance of territory that could be covered by the Hero's Journey of Mrs. Foster. Romance continues for decades after a couple meet.

They should forget the title "Thor" for the movies with Mrs. Jane Foster as the Goddess of Thunder.  Thor is the personal name of the character played by Chris Helmsworth, instead of his title as the God of Thunder, as Odin himself reiterated to his son.


♥ 1 3 ♥ 0 0 ♥ 0 6 ♥ 1 0 ♥ 1 8 ♥ Ba'Daes ♥ Abductions & 9/11 Memorial

Edge of Wonder's video of Ben Chasteen & Mike Bara, from Game of Thrones, hanging out @ 9/11 Memorial is responded with some thoughts that graced the psyche of mine.

City or State paying for it? That is still paid for by the citizens, just through the lobbyists and politicians get their cut. A commercial museum is at least honest about their endeavor.

Maybe for it to be a nonprofit charity but then they would be faced with entrepreneurs who want to use the space {downtown New York City, 1} to make their living for their family, and that means profit.

Most of those abducted are free of any hint of a memory of the abduction, think do I. Perhaps only 13% or less actually remember anything even in hypnosis. Your will already has to be pretty strong and close to a certain distortion to resist their methods of wiping memory.

FurtherMore, is it really a benefit for those who do...?... The memory, itself, seems to bring them only additional trauma. It's like an adult incorrectly questioning a kid, the kid can end up fabricating a complete traumatic experience that will affect them the rest of their life, just for the adult's approval. Yet before, they were beautifully mentally healthy.

However, everything in our life was planned by our higher selves at birth, and every time we reach REM, think do I. The reason is that we have a much better vantage point, to see the events,

The point would be our choice to be of service'to'others, without sacrificing ourself; And to choose to be happy instead of letting our experiences and friends define our identity, feel do I.


♥ 1 3 ♥ 0 0 ♥ 0 6 ♥ 1 0 ♥ 1 3 ♥ Lady'Daes ♥ The Alliance is Fueled by Tears of Statists and Democrats.

All gov ”bills” have their title be the exact opposite of what it does... Such as the Affordable Care Act… should be called unaffordable…

Mr. Corey Goode, Mr. David Wilcock, et cetera have been, are, and will always be attacked by kabal; They are a direct existential threat to the narrative supported by The Swamp; Instead, perhaps we should choose to see this as a positive, such as with Trump, suggest do I. The more the Kabal attacks Mr. Goode, Mr. Wilcock, et cetera the more it will help spread the good word… The Barbara Streisand Effect is real…

Thus maybe, for a change, instead we should be the ones co’opting our own Co’Creative power, think do I. Instead of letting the Ls.M. {Lamestream Media} control it against our own interest, by what news they choose to actually report.

Once a source chooses to lie to their audience, for instance all of the cable news channels, then it is foolish for us to trust anything said by them. As the audience, it is impossible to discern fact from lie. FoxNews may be the best channel for only omitting news that they are instructed to disfavor, but lying by omission is still lying.

A good example of that is, trusting anything accusatory said by Dr. Steven M. Greer when he himself has admitted to being BFFs with the Rockefeller dynasty. Best yet is to choose to disbelieve any accusation that is without empirical evidence to support it, feel do I. Someone commenting that another is ”wrong” fails to be empirical.  Neither is it particularly effective in elevating discourse for the benefit of anyone. 😅
Dr. Greer can be found talking about himself here:


♥ 1 3 ♥ 0 0 ♥ 0 6 ♥ 1 0 ♥ 0 3 ♥ Sylilo'Daes ♥ Democratic Socialism kills more people than the Nazies ever dreamed of…

Democratic Socialism kills more people than the Nazies ever dream of…  Here are two articles to concisely support the following axioms...

Democratic Socialism is designed to create a "soft revolution" into Communism by the theological creators of communism.

Every iteration of communism systemically commits a Red Holocausts against hundreds of millions of people, and actually increases the percentage of the population who experience poverty.  Venezuela has proven the elaborate lie from The Swamp, is continually attractive to the young and ignorant.  Education truly the only way to inoculate ourselves to this homicidal lunacy.  In addition, why it is safe to say that all statists are literally mentally ill.

Helping others is great, and thus it is essential to give at most 20% of our annual income to charity. Abandon this foolish notion of government benevolence, suggest to do I.  Services performed by charities are infinitely more efficient and effective than any government has been, is, or ever will be...


♥ 1 3 ♥ 0 0 ♥ 0 6 ♥ 0 5 ♥ 1 0 ♥ Bhaal'Daes ♥ Captain Marvel Review

 As a fan of the Marvel Cinemaverse from its inception, it is easy say this is a good movie, feel do I.  It follows the basic formula of the Hero’s Journey that makes for a good movie.  The character is supposed to initially be as stoic as Spock, thus that complaint about Ms. Larson is bereft of merit. Overall, the character would be better off with a couple more movies to define her audience and character herself, think do I.

It is amazing how far all pundits have over reacted to Ms. Larson’s comments.  Of course, what she said was still retarded because most of the audience for comic book movies are male, so it stands to reason most critics are male.  Of course there are gal fans and that is applauded by me.  However, a standard rule of success in business is to reach for a wider audience ’without’ alienating the existing fans.

Captain Marvel gets a ⭐️⭐️⭐️✨ from me.  It is a fun comic book origin story, however the lack of a romance subplot retards the appeal towards a wider audience. However, the movie was already very busy with plot threads, so it would have taken a major overhaul of the basic outline to make room, think do I.

That is to suggest the movie is far better than the reviews on Youtube have suggested, feel do I.  All of the S.J.W. {Social Justice Warriors} issues that triggered certain people, failed to exist in the movie itself.  It was simply Ms. Larson running her mouth off about which subjects she is abundantly ignorant.  


♥ 1 3 ♥ 0 0 ♥ 0 6 ♥ 0 5 ♥ 0 8 ♥ Ka'Daes ♥ NetFlix Re: The Order

The Order {2019} show falls far short of its massive potential.  The primary problem is that in the first three episodes the directors, producers, writers, and actors all collectively fail to even hint at the answer to four of the five cardinal questions of why, where, what, and who.  Writing a good story is understandably more difficult than may be taken for granted;  However, the existing relationships seem very stereotypical to me.  If you fear spoilers, you may want to avoid this review.

[Why] The most basic ‘why’ is why is the protagonist Mr. Jack Morton, the underdog, special enough for the Ms. Vera Stone to choose an action, that significantly risks her own neck…?…  Why does the Police Homicide Detective Hayashi immediately zero in on Mr. Morton as the killer…?…  Why does Mr. Edward Covington fail to recognize a kid that should look very close to himself and his long lost beau…?…  ‘Cause the first episode in and it is obvious that Mr. Peter Morton is the bad guy, with his obsessive compulsive disorder and complete lack of regard for the situation his grandson.

At this point, Mr. Jack Morton should be questioning the verity of everything he was told about Mr. Covington, since he learned they mess with people’s memory/reality.  So why is Mr. Covington assumed to be the killer of Mr. Morton's mother…?… The mere existence of a murder board fails to equal proof, let alone overwhelming proof.

Despite what some may claim, the answer to this question simply must be hinted at within the first three episodes, think do I.  That is only if the writer, et cetera, want the audience to continue watching their show.

[Where] Where are they that a college bar serves alcohol to under'age freshman…?… Where are Mr. Morton’s friends from High School…?…  Where is his frat house, if he is pledged to a co’ed fraternity that fails to exist…?…  Where are the blatant consequences that should be rebounded back to Mr. Morton stealing thousands of dollars…?…  He may have fooled the casher to let him walk out the door, but then that casher should be fired and thrown behind bars for "stealing".

[How] How can an Honor Roll student even 'want' to do nothing but drink and hang out with friends thirteen hours a day…?…  The first class is Ethics, and they want me to believe that a 4.0 student is willing to cheat with majik…?… No.

Regardless of the common sense of avoiding cheating with majik, at miskatonik university.  In addition, he romantically likes his “tutor”, but is willing to endanger Ms. Alyssa Drake's own academic record, as his tutor, with his use of unsanctioned majik…?…  Again, no thank you…

[What] What does Ms. Drake have against dating a Freshman…?…  a remark that seems to come out of left field, and she basically ignores her own rule because…?… is she perpetually horny…?…  What actual evidence is there that Covington is guilty of what Mr. Peter Morton claims?

Perhaps Mr. Morton's O.C.D. behavior was what killed his daughter.  Then Covington comes up with his plan to take a blender to everyone's recollection of history.  Instead of Mr. Morton blaming himself, that leaves just enough memories for him to blame Mr. Covington


♥ 1 3 ♥ 0 0 ♥ 0 6 ♥ 0 4 ♥ 0 8 ♥ Lady'Daes ♥ Re: Trump Accused Of HYPOCRISY Over National Emergency

[HYPOCRISY] Again statists in both political pseudo'parties fall far short of understanding what "National Emergency" means.  P.o.t.U.S. Donald John Trump already made the case for the Legislatures' failure to solve the boarder crises, and more than a super'majority of citizens agree with the idea that it is a "National Emergency" as he defines it. Therefore, the courts will be throwing out all litigation addressing it; That is what they do when, lame duck sore losers, force them to face 'governing policy', instead of actual law.

[LAWSUIT] The statists' response of trying to 'litigate' their policies was expected, and it will end in failure. That is why it took three years to happen, P.o.t.U.S. Trump was moving the chess pieces on the board. This is all just the endgame of a game, that they have already lost... and, they will fail to get any medal for it.

[LAMEDUCK SORE LOOSERS] The only chance the statists had was the recent midterm election. The Deep State needed to win both houses of the legislative branch, for the Supreme Court to consider it the 'will of our society'. Yet they fell far short, and they let P.o.t.U.S. Trump paint them, with neon pastel colors, as the Bad Guy with the recent government shutdown.

As has been said many times, plebeians know whether they have a job, and if their paychecks are bigger; Regardless of what the Ls.M. says. That is why Reagan did, and why P.o.t.U.S. Trump will, win re'election. In addition, there may be one or two good reporters, but at the end of the day even Sean Hannity was overruled in showing his "Clinton'Gate" special of Dec'18.

In the modern times, what many people seem to be missing is that the only people who watch the Ls.M. for news, are the mentally ill. [1]  By mental illness, it means that at one or more points, the psyche in question fails. They simply fail to follow the tracks of logic and reason; One, or two, of the steps simply escape their perceived reality. {12, 3, & 4}  Such as the Psychology 101 video of the basketball playing Gorilla.

Mr. Tim Pool {1, 2, & 3}, seemingly the previous description fails to describe you as far as what can be seen by me. You use empirical evidence, logic, and reasoning, think do I. Why you insist on calling yourself a Democrat is beyond the understanding of mine. The statists and theologians of your party kicked all liberals out, before either of us were born. {1, 2, & 3}  Goldwater's Republicans are the ones who pushed forward the Civil Rights Acts starting in 1964.