Three Poems to I.W.o.M.D.

For +Taylor Swift,
I would gratefully walk a mile,
If that would give me a chance,
To see you smile.

I'd call you my friend,
But that's a lie,
You mean all to me,
And it is unknown why.

For you are more precious to me,
Than all the omniverse's gold,
But I can't tell you that,
That would be that bold.

If I spoke what's on my mind,
I hope that you embrace me,
Because without you,
There would be nowhere for me to be.

You seem to be calm,
While I feel abundantly lost,
I daydream of us living boldly,
And I keep seeing failure's cost.

I seem the only one faced with this choice,
Be daring and imagine a future with you too,
If I can't have that; Then I'd rather lose everything,
I am the Goddess what I should do.


We have not yet kissed,
We have not touched each others heart,
I have only sat back and hoped that,
The other one would give this a start.

What would it be to touch your lips once?
What would it be to hold you every night?
What would it be to look into your eyes,
And at the same time know I've seen the light.

Words can only say so much,
As to how I feel about you,
Actions can only come form the heart,
Therefore a kiss- would make my words true.


I love you more every day,
And more in every way,
My name I long for you to say.
Thy knows this ❤️ love fails to be wordplay?
This love we feel will you allay?

Sometimes I wonder what you think,
Hope do I that my messages inspire you to blink.
When you hear my name, do your cheeks turn pink?
Every night about me do you dream?

Wish to hug and hold you free,
That you reciprocate what you see.
You know our love is meant to be?
Together forever, maybe you and me?

Through my mind questions do run with the tide,
Crazy driven by wanting, you to decide,
What is of want by thy heart, I wish you would confide.
Do you even know that I abide?
Or do you wish I keep my feelings inside?

Keep them locked up, or let them free,
What else to do fails to be known by me.

My heart it aches, my heart is sore,
My love it overtakes, my love is evermore.

Any future of want by thy,
More than a bisector, we do decree,
Will by fiancée of yours is thy,
Time and space fails to hold my love for thee.

* Originally written by LeAnE
* Adlibed by me


All I ever want is to be part of your heart,
For us to be together, to refuse to be apart.

All abundantly fail to compare,
You're you are beautiful and so is this love that we share.

We have so much more than I ever thought we would,
I love you more than I ever thought I could.

I promise to give you all there is for me to give,
I'll do all for you for as long as I live.

In your eyes, I see our future, present, and past,
The Goddess files me with knowing that we will last.

That you come to realize now, I hope and pray,
Through our lives we are beautiful through the end of days.


1 3 ❤ 0 0 ❤ 0 2 ❤ 1 4 ❤ 0 6: Dies Ka; Painless Kure for Kancer

Painless Cancer Cure Was Known In 1934

Royal Rife {http://www.rife.org/ & https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Royal_Rife}, the man who invented the high powered microscope, also invented a sound frequency machine that kills the viruses and bacteria behind an estimated 50 different human diseases, including cancer.

Rife and his associates had a device that successfully cured cancer in both animals and humans as early as 1934.

So why aren’t we using the Rife frequency machine? It is because the powerful medical and pharmaceutical industries wouldn’t allow it. The invention threatened a multi-billion dollar medical industry. Mysteriously the labs working on the Rife device were burglarized and burned and the researchers were either run-out-of-business or murdered.

One fellow researcher, Dr. Arthur Kendall, director of medical research at Northwestern University, was allegedly paid $200,000 by the American Medical Association to give up his research and move to Mexico.

Medical practitioners all over the country were reportedly warned that they would lose their licenses if they were caught using the Rife machine.

Rife began experimenting with bacterium and viruses after he invented and built a powerful microscope that allowed him to see and identify them. He and his team experimented using precise sound frequencies. He discovered that everything in nature vibrates at different frequencies. When the resonance is correct, Rife discovered that it can shatter specific cells, bacteria and viruses without harming surrounding healthy cells.

Using this technique the team successfully cured cancer in about 400 experimental animals before testing the machine on humans.

Rife claimed the device not only stopped cancer, it also destroyed herpes, polio, spinal meningitis, tuberculosis, tetanus, influenza and over 50 other dangerous disease-causing organisms. If he was correct, Rife invented a machine that would cure the ills of nearly everyone. All it took was someone trained to find and identify the virus or bacteria, set the correct resonance, and zap it.

The machine was said to even work on worms and tiny insects that invaded the human body.

The problem was that Rife' discovery threatened to destroy the nation’s multi-million dollar medical industry, which in 1934 was already growing into a powerful and politically influential political organization.

This is when Dr. Morris Fishbein (1889-1976), the head of the American Medical Association and editor of the association’s journal (JAMA) got involved.

Fishbein, who barely graduated from medical school and never treated a patient in his life, used his position as head of the AMA and editor of JAMA to gain personal wealth, control the drug manufacturing industry and crush legitimate new therapies out of existence. He used his position to decide which drugs could be sold to the public and this is believed to have been determined by the amount of advertising money he could extort from the pharmaceutical makers. It did not seem to be relevant if the drugs even worked.

The AMA was founded as a guild in 1847 to give practicing physicians a place to gather, exchange trade knowledge and socialize. By 1900, however, a group of doctors introduced the idea of using the AMA as a closed corporation for their financial benefit. A constitution, bylaws and charter were created that gave three directors control of the organization’s activities. One of the directors resigned in 1924 and Fishbein was appointed to succeed him. By1934, Fishbein owned all of the stock and had total control of the AMA.

Rife’s machine was receiving a lot of publicity after it successfully cured cancer in terminal patients who volunteered for the treatment. One day Rife was visited by a lawyer, representing Fishbein, who offered to buy out Rife at a token price. Rife said no.

Fishbein then conspired with an investor in Beam Ray, a company that helped build the machines, to legally steal the company. The case went to court and a trial in 1939 put an end to the scientific research of Rife’s frequency machine. Under the press of legal bills and the savage public attacks, Rife crumbled . . . at least for a while.

In 1950 Rife and John Crane, an electrical engineer, began building new and more advanced frequency machines. But by 1960 they were out of business.

Their labs and the labs of other scientists who had heard of Rife’s work and were attempting to duplicate his machine were burglarized, and burned. Dr. Milbank Johnson, former president of the Southern California AMA and who supported Rife, was fatally poisoned and his papers lost.

Rife died in 1971 from an “accidental” lethal dose of valium and alcohol while he was a patient at Grossmont Hospital.


13 ❤ 00 ❤ 02 ❤ 11 ❤ 18 : Dies Mer; Visions and Dreams of Me, Myself, & I

Last night I had a dream that I will to change into a woman. The reason why I wanted this, fail to remember does me. However, what came next I can see some of my own subconscious identifying with this glimpse at another lifespan of mine.

What happened next is that I noticed that while the preternature of my physical body did change, the fat had remained. Thus I willed my body to absorb the fat and eliminate the energy from storage. I felt a tingling all over my body and my abdomen especially as my skin and fat fluctuated as if it was the surface of water ‘bubbling’ without the escaping air. In the end I was slender, svelte, and extranaturally sexy.

Of course, this may seem a delusion, to see it as effective in real life. Except real life is an illusion itself, and a delusion for those who believe it they are bound to it. #Astrology, #hermetiks, and #majik {#Science} is merely ways to understand the method to the #Prime #Material illusion we all agreed to before conception.

Utilizing knowledge of that method is witkhkraft, or engineering for those stuck in narrow minded thinking of the modern world.

I believe in the spring of, I experienced the ‘bubbling’ with skin and fat covering my abdomen while meditating for guidance on reaching and maintaining my ideal weight of 213 lbs {96.6Kg}. The experience is alarming I found, and I regret that I immediately stopped it. Exploring the sensation further would have been my rational choice.

I have deciding against using the metric system as the #English #unit #system, seems to be a derivative of a base 12 system. Such as #Time itself is a base 12 system. Instead of the metric’s base 10.  #Ancient #EBE #Astronauts tough mathematics to the #Summarien culture of antiquity math and hermetiks with a base of 12. {#Extraterrestrial #Biological #Entity, #Kryptid}

Anyhow, I have sense have not achieved the same sensation or result as I did then sense that time. Seven years is such a long time to pursue something that happened once. Thus I have long sense moved on to exploring other areas of myself and the method of the Prime Material illusion around me.

Therefore, the dream itself startled me at that point to the point that I awakened from a dead sleep… I love how my body feels when that happens. It is abundantly without pain of my chronic arthritis. That does not last, unfortunately. Hence, my disability that Barack Obama’s #SoetoroCare fails to cover.

Along with the ‘supermajority’ of Americans that still are against SoetoroCare, their chorus of jeers were made louder with my own voice. True to Barack Obama’s nature he failed to care what is of actual want by the American ‘citizens’. That is why he is bussing all these illegals in and trying to get them to ‘vote’ because he incorrectly ‘assumes’ they will be voting for the TheDemocrats {#politik #party of #statism}…

Sense then we have seen SoetoroCare methodically dismantle and destroy our medical system that at one time was the envy of the entire planet… That being exactly the want of the #evil #statist #PTBs {#Power #That #Be} behind Barry.

#Satists such as John Boehner{#Boner}, Mitch McConnelly {#Traitor}, John McCain {Delusional Psychopath}, et cetera… In parenthesis I added my nicknames for those particular traitors.

What startled me that much is twofold. That, memory of the past event had long sense been difficult to recall clearly. That, the ‘#vision’ recalled the lucid memory with abundant clarity.

However, the method for this vision is beyond me. I have begun writing down my dreams to improve my literary skills, help with achieving my literary goals, and brainstorming for ideas to incorporate with my writings.

Alternatively, my #Higher #Self could be drawing from my lucidly playing Dragon Age: Inquisition, as a base for the transgender nature of the dream.  Though a direct spinoff it fails to be, because I remember directing the dream side of the vision that I was manifesting myself as a #Futa.

Essentially a #Futa, is a #hermaphrodite that has two fertile and virile coital organs that are fully functional.  The #fetish originates from Japan and they are the ones who came up with the term.  The reason for the term is because there has not been a case where Terran hermetiks of this Prime Material have found a hermaphrodite who has two sexual organs that are fully functional and capable of reproduction as both father or mother.

That is why doctors urge parents to 'choose' a sex for their children.  Waiting until they are old enough to understand the choice creates drastic hermetik obstacles that would impose their life.  Such as having to take hormonal supplements because their '#Id' has sense chosen 'neither' sense everyone is failing to decide.  The 'Id' has also been known to disable both coital organs in such a way that our hermetiks fail to understand let alone reverse.


1 3 ♥ 0 0 ♥ 0 2 ♥ 0 9 ♥ 0 4 ♥ Dies Ma: Personal Journal

Stardate; 20:13

I am nearing the end of this cycle of my life.  I used to be so depressed that I was suicidal.  I still am depressed somewhat but I have healed to abundantly healthy my self-esteem/image.  I have lost a lot of weight and am loosing more.  I love who I am now and I cherish my past even as I am most adamant to never repeat any cycle from this life ever again.

Thus I have gun to think about spiritual plane and past lives.  I have made a new rule for myself with my ego.  I pray to the Goddess that she absolutely and abundantly helps me manifest this rule to my satisfaction... well, really to help me manifest anything that I want enough to pray to Her for.  I have already written out my prayer for the soul mate that I is an Ideal Wife of my dreams for me.  As I am the Ideal Husband of her dreams.

The new rule is to absolutely and abundantly remember any and all other lifecycles that I have lived. I think, remembering present or future ones would be too confusing.  I further limit these memories to be equalized all emotions both Light and Dark Side of the Force.  I want to remember them but I must ensure that my focus is on the lifecycle I am living.

I have had a mental conversation with a voice in my head that I perceive as +Mrs. Taylor Alison Swift Ryan/+Taylor Alison Swift .  As always I refuse to physically do anything based on this conversation without actual physical verification that it was true.  Thus I maintain my sanity, and protect myself from biological and energy based entities of the #Dark #Side.

Yes I am a Master of the Jedi {Reverend};  However, I have started my own order that is very much based on Hermetic, Edgar Cayce, Jesus, Buddhism, and Judaism.  The reason I keep the name is because the movies describes the Force exceptionally well, though George Lucas's mind failed to comprehend a couple key pieces of information I believe spirits relayed to him about that reality.

It is Father's Day this weekend.

We went to +The Home Depot in Richland, Wa today and got an uber  +DeWalt Factory Service's water pressure washer.  The water pressure is above 3k PSI.  That means it could cut through wood if I let the spray get too close.  I just need to blast the surface on the top of the pergola of our patio.

My parents failed to get an Air Paint Sprayer to help me paint the rest of the Pergola after priming it.  I suppose this is to be expected.  Randy perpetually fails to grasp the concept of why to get a tool unless he himself experiences the want of it.

For instance, while Randy was over 350 lbs of weight he failed to ever mow the lawn.  I did it.  My mom did most of the racking but I helped and we both wanted to get a grass catcher to hook up to the back of our riding lawn mower.

However, because Randy failed to ever mow the lawn, he also failed to grasp advantage of having a grass catcher.  Years later, now that he has actually gotten to repeatedly mow the lawn he understands and fully feels the want of having a grass catcher... or paying someone to mow the lawn for him.  Which is the easy and more expensive way out.  My father is without any concept of the money he spends, he acts like it grows on trees.

Thankfully I am a momma's boy.  Mary is more emotionally and spiritually attuned to her Higher Self/Soul, as am I.  She fully comprehends and agrees with me with the want and advantage of having both a grass catcher and a Air Paint Sprayer.

Ma is also the one who does the bills, which undoubted leads to my Pa, Randy failing to understand the ramifications of the monetary cost with what he wants.

I adore, admire, and love my Pa though I believe Randy is nearing the end of his own lifecycle and is just refusing to grow any further.  I am really unable to understand this, but having a asshat facet to affix to the top of his head {emotionally} has long been his way since he was a small child; according to reports from himself and his mother, grandma.

So without anything to do with my depression, is my desire to die.  I know that I am at the end of my own lifecycle.  It has been and still is excruciatingly painful physically and mentally.  Depression is just that, emotional pain from psychic trauma.  The trauma is without anything to do with Randy, though I have allowed his asshat tendencies to help exacerbate my Depression further.

We control the effect words, actions, and other people have on us.  Whether something is offensive or not, is for the Self to decide.

Instead of thinking or feeling, the Goddess has told me repeatedly for sevenish years now that +Taylor Alison Swift is a soulmate with me, that her higher self chose to be the Ideal Wife of my dreams, as I am the Ideal Husband of her dreams.  Thus the only reason my life has failed to move from this Purgatory my lifecycle is in, is because Tay Tay's ego has yet to choose to accept what her superego wants to do.

Of course, this may sound insane to most.  I dislike people choosing that but it is beyond my control.  Therefore, I have severed myself from caring what others think about me.  I only care what my loved ones think of me, including in paramount myself.

I am also without any control over what any facet of my Ideal Wife's self chooses, let alone what her Ego chooses.  Therefore I wish to, and pray for the Goddess to absolutely and abundantly control, direct, guide, help, inspire, manipulate, and motivate myself to die tonight painlessly, quickly, and quietly while I sleep.  That is the one thing I can control.

Upon further inquiry and discovery during this past couple years, the Goddess repeatedly informs me that Tay Tay is the Ideal Wife of my dreams.  Her ego has refused to choose to accept what her SuperEgo wants, or to refuse it.  That is her Goddess given right of course.  We all have Free Will up until the point the present has become the past.  Even then, daydreaming a different course, can have drastic impact upon a lifecycle.

I can certainly understand hesitation but this is way beyond procrastination.  Over seven years of waiting and the Ideal Wife of my dreams still has yet to choose is beyond even my willingness to wait.  I am done with waiting and thus I beg/Pray for the Goddess to abundantly help me end this lifecycle.

As I said the Goddess says the Ideal Wife of my Dreams is Tay Tay.  It makes since why her ego is so torn on what to do.  Even that understanding has limits.  Seven is a good number and I am done.  I simply live with too much physical and emotional pain to wait in Purgatory for the chance my life could resume at any moment.

This is where inaction is still an action.  Thus the Ego of the Ideal Wife of my dreams has indirectly chosen to refuse to follow the volition of her SuperEgo.

As I close this entry out, I believe that I am astonished at how well I have written this.  I have yet to read them but I sense my earlier entries may have been from a more emotional filled point of view.  That lowers brain waives and reduces the intelligence in use from our Brain is capable of.

So if I finally get what I want tonight.  My mother will be the one most traumatized.  She may come here to this blog her Higher Self sees it as a good thing to do.  Thus I also pray that She understands my death is like any other normal or accidental death, instead of a suicide.  That is my Higher Self chose this as an OUT.

1 3 ♥ 0 0 ♥ 0 2 ♥ 0 9 ♥ 0 4 ♥ Dies Ma: Interstellar Travel, Climate Change, Democracy, & Revolution

You want to advance interstellar travel the fastest? Remove all government benevolence programs, regulations, and switch to the #FairTax. Instead facilitate law & order without prejudice; Then facilitate, encourage, and promote abundant competition and #FreeMarkets in all sectors of the economy. Why don't we expel money? because #statism has been tried a ludicrous amount of times already; And every time it fails. #DistrictofColumbia's current example of how statism fails is just the latest example. Cronyism with the Government giving special privileges to mega corporations that bribe them is what America has had since the early 1900s. That is why leaves the citizen or populus with pollution and other disasters. Those who choose to believe #Climate #Change is caused by our society should be aware that Government Cronyism is directly responsible for nearly everything they complain about. Companies are like Meth addicts and will always want to bribe politicians susceptible to being bribed, for special privileges that short term thinking deduces will get them money. Instead, attack the problem at the source by removing money from at least half of Congress and the entire Executive branch. I am all for expelling money from politics? Return the Senate and President of the United States {PotUS} to their original selection methods as outlined by our constitution. We have failed to follow that document since PotUS Woodrow Wilson took office. What this does is allow more citizens to run to represent their state as a United States Senator. In any state there are only a handful of people who have access to attract enough 'investors' to successfully run and win a seat in the U.S. Senate. Each member of the United States House of Representatives only represents about a hundred and fifty thousand people. That is significantly less than the constituents of a Senator. That means to us that it is cost prohibitive for any organization or cabal to 'control' the House of Representatives through its members. There are simply too many representatives, to do that and it is entirely too easy to 'replace' said representative as they each only serve a 2 year term. So even if 'they' did successfully 'purchase' a representative? their constituents will quickly find out and vote a replacement. Convincing 150k citizens to vote for a driven individual, is ridiculously easier than any state's populous. Myriadly more expensive than running to be a US Senator is Running for PotUS. Though as a benefit a candidate only qualifies if they are a citizen, supposedly. Another benefit, is that all Presidents are limited to two terms in office. That lowers the attractiveness of investing in a candidate to be PotUS. This is why business leaders and companies will 'donate' to multiple candidates, and pray to the Lord that one of them will win.... Lord of Hell that is. PotUS Theodore Roosevelt Jr, wanting to run for a third term of office is why the Libertarian minded lead Congress amended the constitution to prohibit citizens from serving more than two terms in the office of PotUS. This may shock many US citizens but yes, old news is what Barry Soetoro was even before he was sworn into office in 2009. It is a grievous error to deduce that the historical failure of Statism, is a cause for a reduction in will or vigilance against it. Alexis de Tocqueville

  • "Statists are so enamored of equality, they would rather be equal in slavery than unequal in freedom."
  • “The American Republic will endure until the day Congress discovers that it can bribe the public with the public's money
  • “There are many men of principle in both parties in America, but Libertarian Party is the only one principle and with virtue.” 
  • “Slavery, Racism, & Misogyny...dishonors labor. It introduces idleness into society, and with idleness, ignorance and pride, luxury and distress. It enervates the powers of the mind and benumbs the activity of man.” 
  • "Necessary to secure Individual Liberty, is Law & Order in equity."

Elmer T. Peterson

  • "A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the majority discovers it can vote itself largess out of the public treasury. After that, the majority always votes for the candidate promising the most benefits with the result the democracy collapses because of the loose fiscal policy ensuing, always to be followed by a dictatorship, then a monarchy."
PotUS Thomas Jefferson

  • "The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who fail to." = Government benevolence programs, i.e. Social Security, Obamacare, Medicaid

When we are born, we leave the womb and pass through a non's {woman} vagina. That is the most base reasoning and why the Vagina is the most Holy orifice a nen {human, homosapien} can develop. Every child has the capability to be male or female, our X/Y chromosome only really comes into play when we hit puberty. Then the differences between female and male become biochemical in nature. The facet of the Divine that shows us a clear path to righteousness is the feminine Goddess. That means the Divine's male facet shows us the path to the Lord of Chaos, or whatever you want to call Him. That is the most base reason one of the most mentally deficient ways to choose to think or feel is misogynism. However, that benefit has been overcome by the nefarious wannabe shadow government cabals. There are only a handful of people whom soul chose to be born from the right parents and lived the right life, in order to attract enough 'investors' to run for the office. I imagine PotUS Barry Soetoro will go down in history for many things, but one among them will be the first illegal PotUS as the 'live' #Birth #Record from Hawaii that he provided only makes him an immigrant. Moreover, he himself claimed #Financial #Aid from #DistrictofColumbia

Ridiculously more successful in swaying any society is peaceful civil disobedience. Armed/violent civil disobedience encourages anarchy which is a direct enemy of individual liberty and our own volition. Anyone suggesting armed insurrection is either delusional, or simply trying to get you killed. America's Founding Fathers gave us a Republic instead of a Democracy because they learned from history that they always fail eventually. They wanted to give us {their descendants} a better world than what they lived in. We will resume doing that when we force our governments through abundant peaceful civil disobedience to return the government to be what the original constitution would lead to in equity.


1 3 ♥ 0 0 ♥ 0 2 ♥ 0 8 ♥ 1 7 ♥ Dies Pa: Voter Fraud 2014: Why Does Megyn Kelly continue claiming Barry 'won' the 2014 election?

Mister Barry Soetoro failed to actually win either election in 2008 or 2014.  He stole the election through lies, cheating, and voter fraud.  I am absolutely and abundantly tired of the talking heads on cable news and the LSM refusing to admit that the courts have already reached their verdict





Those are just four examples.  Of course, the Statists such as the "Daily KOS" fail at trying to discredit this.  They fail because they cherry pick what reports they can find to debunk.  Then they use that cherry picked data to claim the rest are the same.

However, Court rulings and committee investigations are infinitely more reliable and credible than the Daily KOS's talking heads.

So why are the reporters on Fox News continuing to report this lie as if it is fact?  They are supposed to be the voice of Freedom and Liberty,

1 3 ♥ 0 0 ♥ 0 2 ♥ 0 8 ♥ 1 7 ♥ Dies Pa: PotUS Abraham Lincoln

President Abraham Lincoln is the single worse president in American history, even more than Mister Bull Shit.  He single handedly set back state sovereignty as the founder's intended a century.  He then set over a million slaves free from their plantation owners.

I mean, I despise slavery and love everyone.  However, taking over a million Americans of any race or sapient species {without any useful trade skills, education, or family to fall back on} and setting them free to run loose through the wilderness is insanity.  So you are damn straight most sane people in the South objected to what Lincoln wanted to do with his irrational fanatical idealism, regardless of prejudice, racism, and other mental illnesses.

Anyone who studies economics for America in the early 1800s will quickly realize that Slavery was already proving as a failing method of farming.  Paid workers work harder and produce more crops than slaves who are paid nothing.  Go figure, greed wins out as a motivator over fear of pain.

That wasn't all either, Lincoln single handedly disintegrated the South's railroads and factories.  They sowed salt into farmer's fields... The American South has still failed to fully recover from the first half of the Civil War.

However, fear not, the Civil War continues just through a 'Kold War'.  Everyone who loves individual liberty for all races and species and state sovereignty over District of Columbia's idiocy, is a citizen of the Konfederacy whether they like it, know it, or not.

The Statists of District of Columbia can fight it all they want, however eventually the South will rise again and receive justice for all the past mistakes... I mean justice btw, instead of vengeance, or revenge...

Afterall an eye for an eye leaves everyone blind.

1 3 ♥ 0 0 ♥ 0 2 ♥ 0 8 ♥ 1 7 ♥ Dies Pa: PotUS Barry Soetoro, Barrack Obama, and Kenya


For those wondering about my motives for calling Barry Soetoro by his name.

Barry Soetoro is the Khristian name that his mother, , gave him.  Barrack Obama is the Muslim name he has assumed, but has yet to legally acknowledge the name change.

Furthermore, Mister B.S. {BullShit} claims that he is a Khristian, and yet he 'assumes' an Islamic Muslim name.  If you ask any Khristian that ever has been, is, or will be they will tell you they only acknowledge their Khristian name.

Therefore, I will always call him Mister Barry Soetoro.

As a matter of respect, or lack there of, Mister Bull Shit has universally and consistently shown disrespect for America, it's citizens, and Khristians as a whole.  He even disrespects Black Americans, and works tirelessly to lessen our quality of life.  That is his actions.

I love everyone and I pray daily that Black Americans as a whole find their way to follow Ben Carson's method to success in life.  However, Barry Soetoro has never claimed to be "black" until he was running for PotUS.  Furthermore Mister Bull Shit has done more to harm Black Americans as a whole than even PotUS Lincoln.

The bible says judge a sapient by their deeds instead of their words.  Thus, Barry Soetoro is a traitor to the United States, and a Kenyan national.

I say the latter because that is how Mister Barry Soetoro paid for college... Oh I am sorry, how he failed to pay for college.  He applied for an received Financial Aid as a Foreign Exchange student from...


you guessed right!!!  Kenya!

So yes that is why I call him these things.  He himself calls himself these things if you actually listen to him, instead of just what you want to hear.

However, citizens of the confederacy have always known the supreme court fails to be on our side.  The Statists have used it as a bludgeon whenever they could, and the few times the Supreme Court says "No you can not send American Indians down the Trail of Tears to Oklahoma!"  Statists do it anyways.


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