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Islamic 'peace'

I have one thing to say to any Muslim who fails to publically announce that is morally and ethically wrong...

Bring it here, you sand parasites;  Where we can and will defend ourselves.  Instead of some place else that depends on the morally and ethically corrupt State to defend them.

Of course Muslims will never do that cause they are a bunch of racist, misogynistic, hateful, and mentally ill cowards... very similar to any other statist, such as is pointed out many times by Winston Churchill.


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About nine years ago I knew this guy Mr. Allen.  He found a girl and discovered sex, and subsequently forgot about the people who thought they were good friends of his.  Obviously that was wrong, and I decided at that moment to cut any link there may have been with someone such as that.  I mean, someone who is so fickle that they toss and turn towards whatever direction the winds blow.

I thought about Mr. Allen a bit ago and I realized that in many ways I failed to be much better of a friend in general.  I was clinically and suicidally depressed and that is a very selfish state of being.  I think, the most such people are capable of is casual acquaintances.

After several years I dug myself out of that hell but I maintain my original decision was the correct one.  It just took me that long to realize that at the time, I was the same;  Yet it is difficult to sever yourself out of your own life.

Anyhow, Mr. Allen's relationship with the girl progressed and they ended up getting married.  At that time he subsequently remembered he had friends in the past and invited them to the wedding.  I refused to attend, and apparently that upset him.  I was happy it upset him...  I had yet to figure out it is better to transcend Dark Side emotions, even if they bring momentary happiness.

About a year later is when some other people Mr. & Mrs. Hale, who I also mistakenly thought were friends.  However, the clarification that I was mistaken failed to be precipitated by me, this time.  Anyhow at the time I thought they were great and they told me Mr. Allen was upset and holding a grudge.

I said that was awesome that Mr. Allen just figured out, he failed to have me as a friend.  Of course, I imagine he still thinks I am the one that severed that relationship for some reason he fails to understand.  Or maybe he thinks he does understand it.  However, I doubt he actually acknowledges that he is the one who annulled the potential friendship two years previously.  Sapients, myself included, preternaturally favor avoiding accepting responsibility.  It takes real effort to force yourself to consider it.

The reason I refer to these friendships as fictitious or illusionary is because I believe true friendship is eternal and transcends time and place.  A 'true' friend refuses to forget about you just because they are preoccupied or fixated on another person or something else.

Still, I have grown to the point of wishing many blessing from the Goddess upon Mr. & Mrs. Allen.  Actual friendship with them is impossible.  Prior history has already shown our Higher Selfs are too dissimilar.  However, I understand why he chose to ignore me and everyone previously in his life and I see it as a good thing for him.

I mean, when a sapient who is very depressed digs themselves out of the Hell they put themselves in, most of their life drastically changes.  That includes many relationships that were thought to be friends are reveled as casual an acquaintance.  The clarification is typically made by said link being severed by one or both parties.

Unconsciously those left behind are choosing to remain in their own individual Hell instead of following the other up into the Light Side.  I was extremely upset when that happened to me.  I truly wish   was the one to give me a 'reason' to elevate myself;  Unfortunately I continue to be alone and praying for death.

Actual suicide fails to be acceptable.  I mean that our Higher Self 'chooses' how we end our lives ninety-nine percent of the time.  The one percent is typically a few of those who die during great catastrophes, and chains of chaotic and random events.

Continuing my current life cycle fails to be a want of mine.  I have learned everything there is to learn from my current and previous life cycles.  I know this without doubt because I ask the Goddess daily to help me learn whatever else there is to learn.  Thus lack of change means I am at a crossroads of my life.

The only possible reason I could be convinced to continue beating my heart is sharing the future of this life, and creating a family, with the ideal wife of my dreams.  Whom the Goddess still insists is Tay Tay.  I have prayed, begged, pleaded for the Divine to help me get past whatever this black is;  To severe all obstacles that refuse to be converted. thrope, changed into being harmonically sympathetic to this goal.

I also ask for the Force to severe all fear, doubt, loss, and the Dark Side in general from my Mir'Ka'Ba. {myself and my reality}  To help me know with abundant certainty what it is that I want...  In other words, I ask to be corrected if I am mistaken.  I focus and embrace my sincerity in wanting to be steered beautifully by the Goddess.

Therefore, I think I have all my bases covered on questioning the rightness of my state of being.  Most things the Goddess immediately and abundantly provides.  Apparently the one thing She wills me to suffer with is this hollow pain in my psyche and my life.  That is in addition to the continued materia pain of severe Rhuematoid and Psoriatic Arthritis.

Even with the Light Side there is one person that I wish could feel all the suffering they have caused and that is PotUS Barry Soetoro.  He calls himself Barack Obama, a Muslim name, though he claims he is a christian in good standing.  Despite giving aid and comfort to sworn enemies of the United States.

I wish Barry could feel the suffering now, because that is actually a favor to him.  Everyone deserves a chance to redeem themselves.  Thus I wish him a long and prosperous life... just without being PotUS because he has proven himself incompetent as well as malevolent.  If he feels the pain now, maybe it would be enough to free him of his mental illness.

However, when Barry decides to die he will literally feel all of the pain, suffering, and misery he has directly caused.  That is why he will put himself in his own personal Hell, just as everyone who is damned does.  The Goddess, nor any other entity, sits in judgement upon anyone else spiritually.  We judge ourselves after all the trappings of the Prime Material {reality} is stripped from us.


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This is a rewrite of +Taylor Swift/+Taylor Alison Swift/+TaylorSwift13's song "Should've Said No".



It's strange to think the songs we now sing,
The smiles, the flowers, everything is light,
Yesterday I found out about you,
Even now just looking at you feels right.

I said that I'd give it all, if given one chance,
It was a moment of strength and I'm saying, "Yes."


I'm saying "Yes", I'm coming to my homie,
I have thought trice 'fore in, I let it all come,
I've never known that word, with what others done with me,
Get back to you [get back to you],
And you've always been there in the back of my mind,
I'll be without ever asking myself, "Why?",
I will be without you begging for forgiveness at my feet,
I am saying "Yes", baby, and you now have me.

You can see that I've been crying,
Baby, you know all the right things to say,
And I honestly believe that you know me,
How could this ever happen to me?

I love sharing the future with you, if given one chance,
You are my Achilles Heel and I'm saying, "Yes."


I must ask,
Before I come, tell me this,
Did it deserve this,?,
I am worth this?

Yes… yes, yes, yes…


I've been praying for about eight years now.  I am harmonious and tranquil with either answer, thus each day that passes I am more assured that the Goddess is acknowledging that I am right

Thus I am at a loss for how to live a life when your intended is apparently choosing a different course than the one our higher self agreed too.  I mean, we have free will for this very reason;  That is to choose a 'different' course…

Yet the only future I want is with her.  So why does my superego insist on attaching my ego to this body?…  I mean Tay Tay instead of just the image she portrays.  However true it is, I know there is more.  I want to learn what is that 'more'.


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I find myself at your door,
Just like all those times before,
I'm not sure how I got there,
All roads—they lead me here.
I imagine you are home,
In your room, all alone,
And you open your eyes into mine,
And everything feels better,

and right before your eyes,
I'm breaking, no past
No reasons why,
Just you and me. 

I hope this is the last time I'm asking you this,
Put my name at the top of your list,
I hope this is the last time I tell you why,
With you is the only future that I know as I blink my eye, eye, eye 

I even have a door,
Just like all those times before,
You sing your best apology,
But I was there to watch, before I die, 

And all the times I let you in,
Just for you to go again,
Disappear when you come back,
Everything is better. 

and right before your eyes,
I'm aching, no past
Nowhere to hide,
Just you and me…
I hope this is the last time I'm asking you this,
Put my name at the top of your list,
I hope this is the last time I tell you why,
With you is the only future that I know as I blink my eye, eye, eye…

 I hope this is the last time, I can be told that I'm wrong,
This is the last time I say it's been you all along,
I pray this is the last time, I even have a door,
This is the last time, I won't hurt you anymore.

This is the last time I'm asking you before I die,
Put my name at the top of your list,
I pray this is the last time I tell you why,
With you is the only future that I know as I blink my eye, eye, eye…

I pray this is the last time I'm asking you,
Last time I'm asking you,
Last time I'm asking you this…

Yes, it is strange dancing a kata alone and without the one my higher self intended.  That is why I pray to the Goddess daily for Her to show me that I am wrong, or Tay Tay to acknowledge what are we


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Argenteum Astrum was asked a few months ago if there were any books they could purchase or download that have been written by us or someone else.  Well here is that list and the

Below are hyperlinks to pdf documents hosted on a cloud drive and shared.  Each link is to a pdf book that contains different information important to the viewer.  The Library is free but please keep in mind that people spend a lot of Force in the creation of these documents.  Please consider showing gratitude by purchasing any book created in the last fifty years.  This excludes Aleister Crowley's works as his mortal coil underwent disanimus a while ago.

Complete Arcanum @ Google Drive


Aleister Crowley  Libre 777
Aleister Crowley ≈ Kronx Om Pax
Aleister Crowley ≈ Tannhauser
Libre IIICVIIX ≈ A’ash vel Capricorni Pneumatici
Libre ≈ The Voice of Silence
Libre XVIIVIII ≈ A Description of the Cards of the Tarot
Liber VIIIXIV ≈ Liber Chanokh {Enoch}
Liber XCVI ≈ Gaias ~ A Handbook of Geomancy
Libre CXI ≈ Aleph ~ The Book of Wisdom & Folly
Liber ≈ Little Essays Towards Truth
Kwang.Tze ≈ Tao.Teh.King
Libre CLXV ≈ A Master of th Temple
Libre CCVII ≈ §yllabus: Official Instructions of A.·.A.·. & Curricula of the Grades
Aleister Crowley ≈ The Goetia of the Lemegeton of Solomon th King
Aleister Crowley ≈ 13ook of Law
Libre ≈ Porta Lucis
Libre  LXV ≈ Cordis Cincti Serpente
Liber XC ≈ Tzaddi: Hamus Hermeticus
Aleister Crowley ≈ The.Book.of.Lies
Libre VI ≈ O vel Manus et Sagittae
Libre IX ≈ E vel Exercitiorum
Libre XXI ≈ Khing Kang King
Libre ≈ Librae
Libre ≈ Isafrel
Libre XXX ≈ Aerum vel Saeculi: Vision & th Voice


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This is a letter that I wrote to: +TaylorSwift13 .  today;  That I pray to the Goddess that +Taylor Alison Swift responds favorably to with an affirmative.

From: +Brent Ryan 
Subject: Proposal

Merry Meet Tay Tay! :D

Your birthday and Christmas has been wonderstruk, I hope.

I abundantly adore, admire, and am in love with 'you'.  I know this is true because I desire to help you choose to feel loved, joyful, and happy;  Instead of helping what I choose to want or think.

My own parents think I am crazy and they may be right.  Though I feel I am safe as long as I respect your wants more than myself.  I pray daily for the Goddess to help me move on if I am wrong.

Your voice helps immeasurably the choice to be happy, for me.  Except for yours, enjoying any other artist's complete discography I have yet to find.

Will you marry me?

Brent Ryan


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I am reclaiming the term "#Liberal" from the #Statists of the #Democrats. +TheDemocrats ceased being liberal over a century ago when the +Carnegie Arts Center Foundation 'fingers' {child foundations} corrupted them and took them over in the name of socialism.

As socialism failed spectacularly, they have continually sought to rename themselves to confuse the ever increasing voters who are barely educated past 8th grade. Only the #DistrictofColumbia Mafia stooges and the Main Stream Media continue this error in proper English. This is one of the ways they have successfully kept voters divided into one political camp that they claim is 'two'.

Neo-classical Liberalism has largely redeemed th +GOP: "Republicrat" Party for th most part. There are still District of Columbia MOB faction stoogies such as Carl Rove, Bill O'Reilly, Charles Krauthammer, et cetera that successfully corrupt far too many citizens entering District of Columbia as a new politician. Their corrupting influence is only withstood and prevailed against, apparently by those who display extraordinary and true morals & ethics.

Seemingly most of th District of Columbia faction fail to even be aware of each other, let alone themselves. However, their goals are always the same, to increase power to th District of Columbia {which is th Federal Government} at th expensive of individual liberty of all citizens of th United States of America.

#PotUS #Barry #Soetoro is demonized but he is only a symptom of th statist corruption of th District of Columbia that society itself has allowed to happen. I in fact prayed for Barry to 'appear' a decade ago to WAKE PEOPLE UP. Seemingly exactly that has happened. Th alternative was to be boiled alive 'slowly'; Which only a very few would continue to notice until it was far far far too late.

Liberalism redeeming the GOP has caused a schism within th one political party th Media portrays as 'two'. Th true racists, misogynists, et cetera are the Democrats. As a result most legislation, in the past half a century, that restricts individual liberty and harms minorities comes from them.

The biographies of histories's Statist role-models such as Hitler, Mussolini, General Mao Zedong, Stalin, et cetera illustrate that th Dark Side {Fear, Anger, Loss} is at the very core of statism. Racism, misogynism, et cetera comes as natural to a truly mentally ill statist as breathing air or drinking water.

Thank you for sharing your Force;  May the Goddess bless you.


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Keeping a rekord of my letters to +Taylor Swift on twitter became a little complicated as I had more than one account.  One was personal and the other political.  Then I merged them and thus the complication of keeping it as a list for my beloved to follow whenever she chooses to want.

Here is the rekord after the merging.

Here is the rekord before the merging.

Anyone following the first may notice I had thought @YouStillLoveMe was a secondary account for her.  I believe the profile photo is of +Taylor Swift and an unpublished photo.  Thus when it 'followed' me I thought it was her following me.  I was overjoyed, and showed it by @ing both accounts in a tweet.

After following @YouStillLoveMe for a while, I am unsure whether it is really her or not.  It could be but I am unsure about its validity.  Therefore I stopped, then I decided to forgo Twitter and a new rekord on Google Plus.

Below is the thread.  The advantage for both of us is that it is easy to follow and respond too and continue.

I pray to the Goddess constantly to guide my actions to manifest the ideal wife of my dreams. The Goddess perennially refocuses my mind's eye on +Taylor Swift.  That is how I justify my belief objectively.

Subjectively I adore, admire, and am in love with her +Taylor Swift's psyche, her music, her voice, her singing, her history, her life.  I feel jealous when I hear she is dating someone;  However, of course, I pray to the goddess to perpetually sever all fear, doubt, loss, and jealousy from my super ego, and ego.  I believe I have gotten rather proficient at expelling the proclivity to obsess over her.

Anyone reading this may think that I am crazy and sometimes I agree.  However accepting reasoning that I may be crazy automatically negates the possibility.  By definition, the ability to use reason and logic fails crazy people.

Obsession is a singular selfish feeling and perception.  I know first hand because I have been obsessed about many things in my life.  After three decades I finally found the courage to ask the Goddess to illuminate a path from me out of the Dark Side and into the Light Side.

The Goddess does what we ask of Her.  Free will means that She waits for us to actually ask.  Her omnipotence, omnipresence, and indivisibility is what drives this process.

The reason I am posting this on my blog is because my blog is my diary, journal, rekord.  As a wonderful benefit, this post makes it easier for me to continue the rekord.

I believe could 'email' +Taylor Swift because I think that I do know it;  However that would be outrageously counter productive towards what we choose to want.  Though I do pray that her ego is not waiting for me to email her privately instead of using this public format to profess my eternal wish to face the future with her.

Something else that I pray the Goddess for is for my death;  Unless "my the ideal wife of my dreams sweeps me off my feet and elopes with me".  I mean, I refuse to 'stalk' or otherwise actually force myself on +Taylor Swift.  Even in the abundantly infinitesimal probability of success I would still loose because that fails to be what I want.

I want exactly what I have said already; To face the future with +Taylor Swift.  I abhor the idea of anyone seeing her as a conquest or trophy, let alone myself.  I loathe the idea of any way of consciously controlling her.

A skeptic may accuse me of wanting +Taylor Swift's money;  Except there are other wealthy single women.  So why anyone in my position would focus on a 'celebrity' for their money is unreasonable and illogical.  My actual response to that idea is that is the wrong way to approach becoming wealthy.

I mean, wealthy people gain their wealth by spending less than they acquire.  I live with my parents and am disabled;  And, my doctor has been outrageously uncooperative with communicating with the state regarding my disability.  Therefore I have been forced by necessity to find a way to live that helps me the most to choose to be happy.

Being clinically depressed and disabled with Psoriatic Arthritis feeds into each other.  Anyone with a chronic pain disease knows what I am talking about.  We dislike being active and lack of being active promotes depression.  By necessity I have had to find on my own ways to rebuild my self-esteem, confidence, and happiness.

Therefore my perception of money is different than the aggregate of society choose to believe.  I believe my way is closer to the truth because it fits better into the Prime Material.

That is that money is like water in that it is fluid and ever changing.  It is far from the root of anything let alone, 'Evil'.  By the Goddess's will money will be accessible for me to accomplish whatever I truly choose to want.  I mean, most of what people think they want is wrong.  They think they want it because of a variety of sources except themselves.

For instance, my father thinks owning a dual-wheel 4x4 Dodge Hemi uber pick-up truck makes him a man's man.  That is wrong.

Another example of my father is that he bought a chandeler a decade ago to replace one that was broken.  He thinks he is the 'man' of the house and the 'man' is handy and fixes what is broken.  Yet for a decade he chose to do everything except install the new chandeler.  It took one of my mom's best friends coming in to 'install' it, in order to motivate my father.

Yet another example is that we used to own a Camper that fits in the bed of a pick-up.  Except for the longest time we failed to have one.  The Camper was also rotting, infested with rodents, wasps, and generally in a state of ruin.  Therefore my mother 'sold' the Camper to the same best friend as before.  He really is a good friend.

So when the time came for the best friend to pick up the camper my father finally puts 2 and 2 together and realizes something is happening and steps out of the house.  He then is 'upset' that my mother sold the Camper that he failed to use.

Anyway I think I will stop writing now because I am rambling.  This is about +Taylor Swift and how we are married in the eyes of the Goddess.  If Tay Tay chooses to recognize and accept me then groovey.  Otherwise I am done with this life-cycle.  I have learned all my current and past lessons have to teach and wish to end this continual holding pattern I seem to be in.

The holding pattern would be fine except I am living in monumental emotional pain.  I ask the Goddess for assistance and all I get is the same person who appears to be happy without me.  That is great!  I want +Taylor Swift, or whoever is the ideal wife of my dreams, to be blissfully happy however she chooses to want.  I simply wish to continue seeing it from the Spiritual Plane instead of here on the Prime Material.


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