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Miss Theresa Corbin of CNN fails to either believe in promoting equity between gender social roles and justice, or she fails to actually be a practicing Muslim of Islam.  I say this because anyone who knows anything about the Muslim's bible knows the two fail to be compatible in a myriad of ways.  Essentially Muslims treat women as cattle, cows to be owned, used, and traded for whatever reason they wish.

I find it humorous the CNN believes that their failure to allow commenting on articles on their website 'prevents' anything.  It only drives more of their would be audience away.  Statists ARE mentally ill though so maybe this failure is a part of their psychosis.


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I find it ironic how this groups are only skeptical towards proof that violates in what they believe.  Climate Change/Global Warming believers are eager to believe others are cherry picking data because their follow acolytes have been proven to cherry pick data and promote biased readings since the beginning.

So they cherry pick more biased readings to imply that the Sun is getting colder, instead of becoming more luminous such as it is.

http://blog.heartland.org/2014/03/its-the-sun-stupid/ ~ Edmond Contoski

There are others reports both scholarly and news related that the acolytes sifted through, and they picked this one.

It's the Sun, Stupid. ~ Willie Soon, Ph.D.

Maybe they took the title personally... they are mentally ill afterall.  Yes I 'should' know who is by sight alone. :)  Please understand that Statism comes from #DistrictofColumbia and exists in both pseudo fake parties. {Democrat [1][2] & Republicrat [1][2]}

{Statism ~ The belief that government has the noble and just authority to do that which would be criminal if done by an individual. The belief that the right man holding life-or-death power over your neighbors will fix everything, whether your neighbor likes it or not. The belief that an expropriating property protector is not a contradiction in terms. The belief that making people buy goods and services they do not want or need, did not ask for, and have even actively objected to, is morally acceptable. The belief that people in the right costumes are above the law, and empowered to create laws to govern other people, while arguing that everyone is equal under the law.}

All the Climate Change/Global Warming acolytes have to answer to this is to cherry pick one major study and then employ impropriety based on who funded the research.  They use degrading, false, slanderous insults instead of actual proof that any impropriety actually occurred.

As I said, the acolytes are merely reflecting their own lack of morals or ethics on everyone else.  Apparently it is inconceivable to them that someone may actually have a backbone and tell a sponsor to go pound sand.

However, I pray that these pseudo-religious acolytes continue with this elementary sandbox mentality.  Those who are without the mental dis-ease of statism are the opposite of impressed.


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In early 1993 before I began my senior year in high school an old friend of mine and I played around with a +Ouija Boards my family had at that time.  I mean come on, what suburban #American household does not have a #Ouija #Board as a game to play.?.

Anyhow, at the time I was obsessive compulsive over mainly two girls that attended high school with me.  A couple years ago I discovered that at least one of them is still deathly afraid of me.  I find that rather ironic and laugh, considering how positive minded I am and having found who I believe will be my first #wife.  So I simply say a small prayer to the #Goddess to #bless them and move on.  I mean, actually inspiring fearangerhate, or any other #Dark #Side emotion is abundantly the exact opposite of what I ever wanted.

Now that I am a much happier person, being in love with Taylor Swift has allowed me to learn the difference between being in loveand obsession.  The latter is an exceptionally selfish and self-centered state of mind that only exists in mentally dis-eased minds.

A few of those who have chosen to read earlier submissions of mine to this personal journal of mine, may not realize that I am far from O.C.D. about Taylor Swift.

After two decades I consider the high school subjects have, such belief is rigidly set in their minds.  Even if they allowed me to address the fear when they first created it, I doubt I would have got anywhere.  They do not see that I am abundantly sane;  Instead of seeing that I am just different from the average normal person.

I did try to say this to one but as I said, her response was to put me on ignore.  Who knows maybe Tay Tay has done something similar with me.  However, I suspect she wrote a song about me… not one especially favorable with what I want so not exactly something I would specifically ‘hope’ for.  The song does send the message that she continues to view me favorably though so it is kinda #positive overall in a way.

Yet, a publically released song with lyrics that fail to mention my name or any particular detail of my life that I make abundantly public on purpose;  Does not equal a justifiable reason to try to find a way to contact her privately.  I mean, from past experience I have established a clear protocol with girls I am interested in.

I pray to the Goddess:  That if the woman fails to be the Ideal Wife of My Dreams, then please absolutely, abundantly, and indomitably help me move on.  And that worked flawlessly until Tay Tay.

Then I added a second part: Please also help illuminate to me who is the Ideal Wife of My Dreams.  I was tired of being wrong repeatedly.  That method worked flawlessly until #Taylor #Swift was illuminated to me.  I have admitted to myself and Higher Self that I will avoid ever repeated any life-lesson such as this one in any future life.

Recovering, growing, and advancing my own dis-eased mind out of its mental illness and into the positive Light Side while being separated from the Ideal Wife of My Dreams.  The preternatural stress in the unequal disparity makes recovery extremely difficult.  I have done all that I know how to, and more, to reduce the stress but it’s like taking cold medicine… it fails to ‘cure’ the problem.

I am abundantly grateful to my spirit guides and Guardian Angels and ArchAngel Michael for indomitably continuing to help me overcome all obstacles.

Due to Tay Tay’s response of silence through the #Prime #Material, I continue to daily pray for the Goddess to help me move on and illuminate to me who is the Ideal Wife of My Dreams.  I have mentioned the actual words of this dream in earlier posts.  Thus egos may be confused, thus I remind them that I refuse to cast any spell on Tay Tay by praying that the Goddess does anything to her #materia.

Her Higher Self would have to agree of course but that fails to mean the mental onion of her ego also agrees.  Therefore I initially pray for the Goddess to absolutely, abundantly, and indomitably help the Ideal Wife of My Dreams sweep me off my feet and elope with me, as I am the Ideal Husband of Her Dreams.

Due to spells cast on myself and altering my own #materia, I do believe I have communicated with Tay Tay’s #Higher #Self, but I think that I have not communicated with her ego spiritually… primarily because of her continued silence.

So back to the to the 1993 Ouija Board prediction in 1993.  My very old friend from High School reminded me that the spirits telegraphying through the game board specifically named Taylor Swift as an Ideal Wife of My Dreams.  As I said I was O.C.D. about a cheerleader named Shelby McBride and I had the horrible assumption that Taylor was a guy’s name, thus I virtually wiped the memory from my corporeal consciousness.  Only my old Friend’s memory helped me remember this.

In 1993, as a foolish and ignorant teenage male, I thought that Swift was also a very weird last name.  Therefore I thought that if the Ouija Board did work, the spirits was fooling with me.  If it was just the inner core of the mental onion of my ego such as the statists want to believe, then I was at a complete loss of how to interpret it.

There is also what I believe is a baby picture of Taylor Swift that I drew in charcoal when I was an 8th Grade student attending an art class at #Orofino #Middle #School of #Idaho.  I mean it is a cute baby picture but it is a freehand drawing of a baby picture and so I think it fails to exactly be credible proof to anyone other than herself, me, and maybe family… family includes close best friends.

In the interest of transparency, I do wonder if this particular post is just another excuse to write about Tay Tay and myself.  If it is then I am ok with that.  I pray that through this journal the Goddess absolutely, abundantly, and indomitably helps the Ideal Wife of My Dreams choose to sweep me off my feet and elope with me;  As I am the Ideal Husband of Her Dreams.

Yes I did have to reword and rewrite that spell to be without any mention of a specific name.  The Goddess helps me be eternally mindfully vigilant with myself and my choices.

I do also pray daily that my Higher Self disanimates this body for me.  I have sincerely repented for all of what I perceive are sins, and so I am without any fear or doubt what will be my karmic balance.  Most importantly now that my recovery life cycle is complete I feel an absolute and indomitable void of any want to continue with my life-purpose WITHOUT the Ideal Wife of My Dreams.

I know this means my mental onion of my ego will simply be mirrored into a fresh life, with the same life-purpose.  However, I know we choose everything about any lifetime we live.  We choose everything about history, birth, and until death, which we also choose.

Of course, my ego will have to wait until the Ideal Wife of My Dreams is done with her lifetime but I am great with that.  I have lived without her for forty years and I can say with absolute sincerity and great feeling that I will avoid ever doing that again.

Earlier posts have conveyed this idea in a different way.  Hopefully this will convince anyone else who is concerned about my mental health.  Going against my Higher Self and committing suicide harms our very soul… So why do it?  My Higher Self is my personality, ideals, morals, and ethics so something about seeing this lifetime from the Spiritual Plane has changed my mind before… or the Higher Self of someone else has promised something and failed to deliver.

Thus I have prayed to the Goddess to sever all ties between me and all other souls connected to my own for this particular lifetime, Prime Material.  Actually ‘performing’ what was promised is the only act that I wish will keep my heart beating beyond this point.

I abhor the idea of hurting Tay Tay in any way shape or form.  However, why should she care what happens to me since she obviously does not choose me to be the Ideal Husband of Her Dreams... Right?

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A clairvoyant # about +Hillary Clinton and the coming #2016 #election, came to me today while I was baking some sugar free { +Splenda} #vanilla #cake and #chocolate #brownies.  Basically I believe that in a decade or two #Hillary #Rodham #Clinton may actually end up being the first #female #president but with the +Libertarian Party, an actual +Tea Party Patriots, or if #DistrictofColumbia see's reason maybe the actual +Republican National Convention #Party.

Today Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton decided to violate #US #Law and fail to comply with a US Court Order.  She broke through a glass ceiling by studying her ass off and more than abundantly earning her degree in the #United #States Constitution and US Law before setting foot in the #DistrictofColumbia, even from an #Ivy #League university+Yale Law School in 1974.

Hillary should be a role model for every young girl growing up such as #Audrey #Hepburn is regardless of political persuasion.  Except her rigid and abundantly loyal belief in the statist religion and movement has incapacitated her mind for most of her life so far and as our entire body is a reflection of our mind has left her in ruin.  However, I deeply hope and pray daily, that the Goddess is able to bless her and free her mind of this mental illness.

During Hillary's life, former PotUS Bill violated the law by lying under oath was the second attempt in this current lifecycle of hers;  Of her spirit guides and angels desperately trying to break through her shell of mental illness. That is her religious complete belief in Islam and statism;  Which directly contradicts her self image.  The first failed attempt was in the beginning during her Law degree education, she began as member of the political party that Abraham Lincoln formed.

Who knows maybe Hillary let her boyfriend, the then powerful Governor of Arkansas former PotUS Bill even abused, humiliated, debased, and degraded her to the point where her ego was brainwashed and believed it… destroying her self-esteem.  That would be very sad, if true.  I mean I could understand what motivated him to do so because she was a member of the party in opposition to him.  Such a Governor Bill may have even got off on it.

While at Yale Hillary deeply studied the writings of our nation's founding fathers and how absolutely afraid they were of Islam.  She forced herself to read, memorize, and indomitably understand our founding fathers for her US Law degree from Yale.  In 1974 there would have very much been a very thick glass ceiling for her to shatter.

Hillary’s Higher Self/ Soul chose a life of helping America recover and immunize itself against Islam/Statism.  She failed her Higher Self first by marrying then Senator Bill Clinton.  She is exceptionally bright, quick witted, and intelligent so she knew of how much of a womanizer is her husband.  That is why when they married all Bill’s past indiscretions and the new one that continue to pop up as time goes on, are hidden much more artfully, illegally, and with much greater skill.

A new lifecycle was created to help try and steer her back on course.  The chrysalis time for that to happen was in 1999 and she failed her Soul AGAIN.

The thing about lifecycles and our Higher Selves is that they rule our entire reality.  If we stray too far from our lifecycle, our Soul will simply disanimate our mortal coil in some way.  That is part of how 99.31% of all deaths are abundantly planned by our Higher Selves.  We enter this life with a clear path to follow.

Despite what I said, we very much can change our life purpose and future lifecycles.  However it takes a great deal of wisdom, meditation, and cardinal is knowledge of what is our purpose.  A non believer may read this and think I am absurd but your Higher Self is essentially you.  Just from the perspective of the Spiritual Plane.

Imagine that computer technology has evolved to the point that it is economically feasible for the average American gamer can afford an absolute +virtual reality gaming console such as a PlayStation 13, or Xbox Seventeen?  Hopefully we have a more free market and far less crony capitalism well before then.

Then imagine that you are playing an MMORPG {Online Game} such as World of Warcraft while fully immersed in their alternate reality of Azeroth.  Full immersion means all six senses are being stimulated by the game.

Moreover, imagine that you are abundantly able to give 110% of your attention to multiple characters in different games;  Such as Star Wars: The Old Republic, Everquest, EVE, or various other newer games and their realities.  All playing simultaneously, and remember you are able to give 110% of the mindfulness and focus to each and every game and your character in said game.

That is a lot of what makes the reality we see is an IllusionLife itself is truly just a game our pure energy Higher Selves play.  However, it is a game with real consequences.  As we die our consciousness/ego will feel all the pain, suffering, and misery our choices have caused.  We will also feel the Light Side as well.  The balance between the Light Side and Dark Side is how our consciousness cuts itself off from the Higher Self and damns itself.

The ego transforms into a new separate entity on the Spiritual Plane, but one that is drastically less evolved than the parent Soul.  Therefore, when it has healed fully and chooses to live a new life, it may very well come back as a lesser animal;  Or worse comes to worse a plant.  The absolute bottom is inorganic matter in the Prime Material such as a rock.

Eventually the rock gets sucked into a singularity and that lifetime ends.

Think of how long a rock lasts gathering and absorbing energy from all other living egos around it, until it is powerful enough to begin another new life as an organic lifeform with a life purpose… maybe it’s just a blade of grass, that has a purpose to grow and absorb carbon to transfer oxygen for as long as it can.

The Prime Material is just what is agreed upon by ourselves and everyone else we know anything about.  The ability to reach an absolute consensus is why the perceived illusionary time of the #Spiritual #Plane and thus the reflected Prime Material’s time’ is always severedAbsolute consensus is the ultimate ideal democracy, as beings of pure energy the only actual ‘government’ there is the Goddess, Lord, and the Force.

Those three are where religious get the holy trinity from, and all the same omnipotent omnipresent indivisible and indomitable entity, think of what happens to light traveling through a #Prism.  There is only one true Divine.

The most that can be is what the acolytes perceive is a lesser demi god or goddess.  They are simply entities that are a great deal more powerful than are the acolytes.  If an acolyte lets their chosen lesser demi gods to be honest they say that there is only one Divine.  I am referring to alternate realities where there are relevant entities such as that.  In the one I live in the demi gods of our past have chosen to let us evolve without them.  Probably because the Olympians won the last few galactic battles against the Titans.

The details of a demiplane’s perception comes from the demi gods{esses) creating a demiplane separate from the Prime Material.  Essentially the demiplane is the consensus of just those acolytes to the demi god, or goddess.  All souls are omni-gender but the acolytes perceive their leader as any particular sex based on how the leading soul wishes to be portrayed in any particular lifetime.

That is why the ancients labeled them partial planes instead of a cardinal name such as Spiritual Plane.  The ancients chose words very carefully because they knew words do matter very much and in many different ways.  For our way, what matters is that we lost the supermajority of the knowledge we discovered in prior pinnacles.

The important thing to realize about lifecycles is that our spirit guides and angels will repeat the life-lesson continuously if they important enough.  Of course, on the Prime Material we have a finite amount of time in any given lifetime.  So our Higher Self, #superego makes an infinite number of choices our #ego, or consciousness, fails to even perceive.  The amount of activity our #corporeal #shells can withstand is finite as everything else is on the Prime Material.

When a life-lesson repeats itself, the climax of that cycle will increase in drama geometrically.  That is it will follow the bell curve.

That is the case for why I feel that Hillary is on her third repetitive failure of her primary life-lesson/life-ark.

+The White House, and thus by that proxy the Islamic religion, and hidden cabals that contribute to the +Democrat Party, itself have abundantly turned their back on Hillary Clinton and desperately trying to was their hands of her and the whole #Benghazi #Affair.  When Hillary figures this out the Democrat Party itself will metaphorically disintegrate before our very eyes.

Hillary has worked like a dog for the statist movement within her Party and given everything for them.  She even went against her own inherent selfishness to sacrifice by destroying her public credibility as a feminist of any type in refusing to divorce former PotUS Bill for his infidelity.

Of course, reality is Hillary destroyed any hope of credibility by marrying a known womanizing rapist, PotUS Bill Clinton.  Most people fail to know all of this because the real news died well before my parents even married let alone conceived me.  It is attempting to resurrect itself with classical liberalism but Main Stream Media tries to drown it out.

However, once again Hillary has shown absolute loyalty to her true religion of Islam/Statism by sacrificing herself for her party.  That effectively means that whatever is on her server’s hardware is catastrophic for Islam’s entire political wing in America, the Democrat Party.  Of course, the other statists are entirely too self-absorbed in their own particular brand of mental illness and self-centeredness, to see this coming.

The courtesy of Congress ‘telling’ Hillary to hand over the servers is exactly that a courtesy call.  If she was absolutely any other American citizen the plaintives would have just shown up with an F.B.I. S.W.A.T. team holding up a multiple copies of literally their court order.  She made the actual words she chose to throw together March 10th, 2015 abundantly irrelevant by spinning absolute lies, falsehoods, and display of ignorance of US Law , with them.

Therefore, I believe that Hillary knows full well what she did Tuesday, March 10th 2015.  Unlike in 1999, those of classical liberalism have real power, and they may have enough to throw her in jail for contempt of court.  Even one day spent in jail will end all chances of her being elected president in the near future.  What is important to see that she knowingly did this…

I mean, the Hail Mary act itself fails to be for personal reasons because Hillary is a very smart woman and deep down in the mental onion of her ego, she knows her 2016 Presidential campaign is doomed to fail.  She is in denial simply because as far as the religion of Islam in America is concerned it has already been well past her turn to shine.  She is also in denial about the aggregate Muslim view about women but so is every other feminist fascist, and that is another matter entirely.

Hillary even calculated and chose assistant/lover Mrs. Huma Abedin Weiner to be her best friend.  Notice how Mrs. Weiner also fails to be any kind of feminist in staying married to Mr. Weiner.

Therefore I predict that when the servers’ information are made publically available.  And, yes those of the classical liberalism persuasion in #District of #Columbia will make all the relevant information on Hillary’s servers, the Democrat Party and the entire apparatus that Islam has in America will metaphorically disintegrate before our very eyes.

Moreover, actually predict that Hillary herself will precipitate the events as they unfold.  It will be a monumental win for classical liberalism in America for the coming millennia.

The reason for Hillary’s coming betrayal of Islam and the Democrat Party is because being thrown under the bus by PotUS Soetoro and his Muslim riddled White House administration is absolutely destroying her formerly unshakeable faith in Islam itself.  That would have eventually destroyed her but it would have been a worse outcome really.  The part that saves her ego/consciousness in my vision, is the betrayal by the clandestine cabals of the Democrat Party that try to steer political and economic future of the US.

The evidence of this is that those cabals are exactly who revealed the information about Hillary’s personal email account.  Once Hillary realizes the full magnitude of the full betrayal by everyone she thinks is her friend she will hit rock bottom psychologically emotionally she will hit bottom.

Hillary will realize that ever thing she believed in will have been an absolute lie.  Eventually she will even realize where she went wrong.  That is if her Higher Self hasn’t chosen to disanimate her mortal coil.  I pray that FAILS to happen.  Love is the only right response to the threat of the Dark Side and Islam.  And if her mortal coil disanimates now, her Higher Self will simply repeat this life and hope her ego chooses to learn the lesson or blessed be just reject statism and liberalism all together.

What the Goddess has also illuminated to my ego more details.  I could just be imagining the part about PotUS Ben Carson, and noticeably without the token establishment Vice President such as how PotUS Ronald Reagan politically castrated himself.

Soetoro’s lies, cheating, and falsifying election results for the past eight years has virtually insured that the Tea Party, or classical liberalism movement will gain tremendous power within Congress.  They those blessed individuals will enact sweeping legislative changes within Congress will be catastrophic to the District of Columbia;  And the entire nation cry out in joy at this and praise the Goddess.  I shall refrain from holding my breath, though.  Entire departments will disappear with a single voteAll of PotUS Soetoro’s “Executive Orderswill be repealed and abolished.

Furthermore the new congress will pass full Amendments to the constitution itself, that the states will ratify, and essentially make it extremely improbable for another administration similar to PotUS #Andrew #Jackson, #Abraham #Lincoln, #Woodrow #Wilson, #Franklin D. #Roosevelt, #Harry #Truman, or #Barry #Soetoro {he recently chooses to prefer his Muslim name Barack Obama} to ever happen again.

Meanwhile, while Hillary’s psychic scale has bottomed out in her depressive state, she will watch recent news and see as the economy, average family income, unfiltered numbers of those who are not employed, and poverty level in the United States does exactly what she honestly has told herself for decades is impossible.  She will see the numbers react favorably for what citizens want in direct proportion to how much of District of Columbia evaporates.

That is when Hillary’s ego will be saved.

Therefore, I pray that some positive minded hacker group is able to reconstruct and divest Hillary’s email servers of any and all her emails publicly available.  Then the US Courts will decide what is relevant to the case against her.

Or at least that our classically liberal minded friends in District of Columbia actually get Hillary thrown in jail for violating a US Court Order.  Who knows, maybe the cabals will mistakenly choose to help erroneously imagining it will somehow help them.

The reason is because these events would precipitate and hasten PotUS Soetoro’s administration to the point that even his own mental illness chooses to let his delusional mind see his White House is impotent.  Such a thing would cause him to blame it entirely on Hillary and this whole #Benghazi #Affair.  He may even help us by making a fool of himself and revealing his misogynism by claiming the disaster is because she is a woman.

The important part is that it will help Hillary’s Higher Self break through the mental illnesses ingrained into the onion of her ego, and save her ego from catastrophic collapse.  The most obvious litmus test to whether Hillary’s ego is saved or not is if her Higher Self chooses to disanimate her mortal coil in the coming days.

1 3 ♥ 0 0 ♥ 0 2 ♥ 0 4 ♥ 1 1 ♥ Dies Wodens ~ Senator's Rightfully Undermining Soetoro

+Barack Obama and +White House, and even +Hillary Clinton recently, displayed abundantly displayed absolute ignorance of united states law.  Therefore, #Senator #Tom #Cotton's {@SenTomCotton}, with the support of almost fifty senators and presidential candidates should be indomitably helpful to the @WhiteHouse.

#Secretary of #State #John #Kerry sounded like #PotUS #Barry #Soetoro's secret homosexual lover recently.  His intimate love enticing him to forget that during the #Iran {again} #Contras, and while a #US #Senator, @DeptState @JohnKerry actually did #commit #treason by visiting #communist dictator #Daniel #Ortega against #President #Ronald Reagan's wishes. [1]

A more recent example of a secret lovers of #Democrats'-religious-#messiah's outing themselves. By giving aid and comfort to enemies of the #United States is #statist #Senator +Nancy Pelosi.  In #2007 she decided to undermine #PotUS +George W Bush by personally giving aid and comfort with #Syria's Muslim dictator #Bashar #Hafez #AlAssad during the second war with #Iraq's dictator #Saddam #Hussein.[1].

Then #Syria openly declared their support for the Iraqi dictator and gave him supplies and military troops.  The #CIA under #Barry's administration found #Syria to be where Saddam hid his #Weapons of #Mass #Destruction, in that they used said #WMD's against their own citizens during their civil war that began March 15th, 2015.  At that time all PotUS Barry did was decide to deliberately put our troops in harms  in that civil war fighting for the beginning formation of I.S.I.S. And I.S.I.L.

In fact POTUS Barry and the PotUS George W Bush, literally created I.S.I.S./I.S.I.L. by forcing Iraq to release the psychopathic mentally ill murdering leader of I.S.I.S./I.S.I.L. from an #Iraqi #prison.. However, that by far fails to be the only time PotUS Barry has committed treason by literally giving national enemies supplies and military troops.  The #DistrictofColumbia and the religious Statist movement within the Democrat Party will never willingly hold a trial against Barry because the are #Pragmatic #Bureaucrat statists who love how much the religious movement is growing the size of DistrictofColumbia's POWER.  They know that the abundantly successful theoretical impeachment of PotUS Barry would be a field day for the classically liberal minded congressmen.

Such a successful theoretical impeachment of PotUS Barry would give classical liberalism tremendous popularity as it becomes more familiar to American #citizens.

In the past a total of SEVEN [1] #neoliberals of the Democrat Party have violated #US #Law and actually committed treason by #personally visiting enemy dictators WITHIN their own boarders.  When anyone objects their regular propaganda outlets spout off why the acts of treason from their precious Senators are protected by our Divine Rights specifically those acknowledged in the US #Constitution.

Therefore, NO...   US Court Precedence abundantly absorbs Senator Cotton's,
and almost fifty other Senators', act of sending an letter defining US Law to the leaders of Iran as abundantly legal by statists' own congressional sycophants.


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Islamic 'peace'

I have one thing to say to any Muslim who fails to publically announce that is morally and ethically wrong...

Bring it here, you sand parasites;  Where we can and will defend ourselves.  Instead of some place else that depends on the morally and ethically corrupt State to defend them.

Of course Muslims will never do that cause they are a bunch of racist, misogynistic, hateful, and mentally ill cowards... very similar to any other statist, such as is pointed out many times by Winston Churchill.


1 3 ♥ 0 0 ♥ 0 2 ♥ 0 3 ♥ 1 4 ♥ Dies Tyr

About nine years ago I knew this guy Mr. Allen.  He found a girl and discovered sex, and subsequently forgot about the people who thought they were good friends of his.  Obviously that was wrong, and I decided at that moment to cut any link there may have been with someone such as that.  I mean, someone who is so fickle that they toss and turn towards whatever direction the winds blow.

I thought about Mr. Allen a bit ago and I realized that in many ways I failed to be much better of a friend in general.  I was clinically and suicidally depressed and that is a very selfish state of being.  I think, the most such people are capable of is casual acquaintances.

After several years I dug myself out of that hell but I maintain my original decision was the correct one.  It just took me that long to realize that at the time, I was the same;  Yet it is difficult to sever yourself out of your own life.

Anyhow, Mr. Allen's relationship with the girl progressed and they ended up getting married.  At that time he subsequently remembered he had friends in the past and invited them to the wedding.  I refused to attend, and apparently that upset him.  I was happy it upset him...  I had yet to figure out it is better to transcend Dark Side emotions, even if they bring momentary happiness.

About a year later is when some other people Mr. & Mrs. Hale, who I also mistakenly thought were friends.  However, the clarification that I was mistaken failed to be precipitated by me, this time.  Anyhow at the time I thought they were great and they told me Mr. Allen was upset and holding a grudge.

I said that was awesome that Mr. Allen just figured out, he failed to have me as a friend.  Of course, I imagine he still thinks I am the one that severed that relationship for some reason he fails to understand.  Or maybe he thinks he does understand it.  However, I doubt he actually acknowledges that he is the one who annulled the potential friendship two years previously.  Sapients, myself included, preternaturally favor avoiding accepting responsibility.  It takes real effort to force yourself to consider it.

The reason I refer to these friendships as fictitious or illusionary is because I believe true friendship is eternal and transcends time and place.  A 'true' friend refuses to forget about you just because they are preoccupied or fixated on another person or something else.

Still, I have grown to the point of wishing many blessing from the Goddess upon Mr. & Mrs. Allen.  Actual friendship with them is impossible.  Prior history has already shown our Higher Selfs are too dissimilar.  However, I understand why he chose to ignore me and everyone previously in his life and I see it as a good thing for him.

I mean, when a sapient who is very depressed digs themselves out of the Hell they put themselves in, most of their life drastically changes.  That includes many relationships that were thought to be friends are reveled as casual an acquaintance.  The clarification is typically made by said link being severed by one or both parties.

Unconsciously those left behind are choosing to remain in their own individual Hell instead of following the other up into the Light Side.  I was extremely upset when that happened to me.  I truly wish   was the one to give me a 'reason' to elevate myself;  Unfortunately I continue to be alone and praying for death.

Actual suicide fails to be acceptable.  I mean that our Higher Self 'chooses' how we end our lives ninety-nine percent of the time.  The one percent is typically a few of those who die during great catastrophes, and chains of chaotic and random events.

Continuing my current life cycle fails to be a want of mine.  I have learned everything there is to learn from my current and previous life cycles.  I know this without doubt because I ask the Goddess daily to help me learn whatever else there is to learn.  Thus lack of change means I am at a crossroads of my life.

The only possible reason I could be convinced to continue beating my heart is sharing the future of this life, and creating a family, with the ideal wife of my dreams.  Whom the Goddess still insists is Tay Tay.  I have prayed, begged, pleaded for the Divine to help me get past whatever this black is;  To severe all obstacles that refuse to be converted. thrope, changed into being harmonically sympathetic to this goal.

I also ask for the Force to severe all fear, doubt, loss, and the Dark Side in general from my Mir'Ka'Ba. {myself and my reality}  To help me know with abundant certainty what it is that I want...  In other words, I ask to be corrected if I am mistaken.  I focus and embrace my sincerity in wanting to be steered beautifully by the Goddess.

Therefore, I think I have all my bases covered on questioning the rightness of my state of being.  Most things the Goddess immediately and abundantly provides.  Apparently the one thing She wills me to suffer with is this hollow pain in my psyche and my life.  That is in addition to the continued materia pain of severe Rhuematoid and Psoriatic Arthritis.

Even with the Light Side there is one person that I wish could feel all the suffering they have caused and that is PotUS Barry Soetoro.  He calls himself Barack Obama, a Muslim name, though he claims he is a christian in good standing.  Despite giving aid and comfort to sworn enemies of the United States.

I wish Barry could feel the suffering now, because that is actually a favor to him.  Everyone deserves a chance to redeem themselves.  Thus I wish him a long and prosperous life... just without being PotUS because he has proven himself incompetent as well as malevolent.  If he feels the pain now, maybe it would be enough to free him of his mental illness.

However, when Barry decides to die he will literally feel all of the pain, suffering, and misery he has directly caused.  That is why he will put himself in his own personal Hell, just as everyone who is damned does.  The Goddess, nor any other entity, sits in judgement upon anyone else spiritually.  We judge ourselves after all the trappings of the Prime Material {reality} is stripped from us.


1 3 ♥ 0 0 ♥ 0 2 ♥ 0 2 ♥ 1 5 ♥ Dies Woden; Rewrite of Lyrics to Taylor Swift's Song "Should've Said No"

This is a rewrite of +Taylor Swift/+Taylor Alison Swift/+TaylorSwift13's song "Should've Said No".



It's strange to think the songs we now sing,
The smiles, the flowers, everything is light,
Yesterday I found out about you,
Even now just looking at you feels right.

I said that I'd give it all, if given one chance,
It was a moment of strength and I'm saying, "Yes."


I'm saying "Yes", I'm coming to my homie,
I have thought trice 'fore in, I let it all come,
I've never known that word, with what others done with me,
Get back to you [get back to you],
And you've always been there in the back of my mind,
I'll be without ever asking myself, "Why?",
I will be without you begging for forgiveness at my feet,
I am saying "Yes", baby, and you now have me.

You can see that I've been crying,
Baby, you know all the right things to say,
And I honestly believe that you know me,
How could this ever happen to me?

I love sharing the future with you, if given one chance,
You are my Achilles Heel and I'm saying, "Yes."


I must ask,
Before I come, tell me this,
Did it deserve this,?,
I am worth this?

Yes… yes, yes, yes…


I've been praying for about eight years now.  I am harmonious and tranquil with either answer, thus each day that passes I am more assured that the Goddess is acknowledging that I am right

Thus I am at a loss for how to live a life when your intended is apparently choosing a different course than the one our higher self agreed too.  I mean, we have free will for this very reason;  That is to choose a 'different' course…

Yet the only future I want is with her.  So why does my superego insist on attaching my ego to this body?…  I mean Tay Tay instead of just the image she portrays.  However true it is, I know there is more.  I want to learn what is that 'more'.


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