1 3 ♥ 0 0 ♥ 0 4 ♥ 1 4 ♥ 1 2 ♥ Dias Vela; Co'Creative Consciousness

The following media companies that mascaraed as 'news' outlets are the quintessential #FakeNews;  Such as ABC News, Associated Press, CBS News, CNN, FoxNews, Huffington Post, Los Angeles TimesMSNBC, NBC News, New York TimesNPR, Reuters, Scientific AmericanTime MagazineWashington com'Post, et cetera knowingly publish and report stories that outrageously false.  The reason is that they want to control our minds.

Through the Law of Attraction, we all have a cumulative effect on the past, present, and future of our Prime Material.  Each of us have a 'materia' or reality that is unique to us.  The Prime Material is the commonalities that our higher selves all agree to.  That is how, as a whole, we manifest our own fundamental reality.

With previously mentioned b.Lame Stream Media, the Nazi Kabals try to manipulate our reality by controlling what we think about most.  The recent fake news published by the Associated Press about P.o.t.U.S. Donald Trump supposedly working on a deal with the unethical and immoral statists in Congress on legislating the D.A.C.A. {Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals} , is a prime example of how they are trying to get the audience to obsess about it.

As we know, through the Law of Attraction, the Goddess manifests what we think about most.  The nature of the emotions we tie to what we are thinking about are irrelevant.  All She senses is our thoughts and the 'level' of emotions associated with the thoughts.

Therefore, join in gratitude to the Lady for irresistibly and indomitably helping us abundantly manifest an overwhelming classically liberal wave sweeping our planet and peacefully overthrowing the statism in our governments.

Limited Government, prohibited from meddling with plebeian's property, life, and liberty, creates the best form of Free Market Capitalism with abundant competition.  The government's only role is to protect citizens from corporations forming monopolies.  Increased competition in any industry is innately a benefit to the consumer.  Furthermore, Free Market Capitalism rises more living souls out of poverty than any other economic system that has been created or even imagined.

The only time capitalism fails is when the citizens allow Crony Governing to infest the government.  That is corporations who 'lobby' for use 'force' to bully, intimidate, or preferably for them, just eliminate the competition by the corrupt government.

Any government will always seek more power over it's citizens.  That is why the Bill of Rights was created, to 'limit' and prohibit the government from meddling with our Divine Rights of Man.  The reason for that is simple;  The more a government oppresses it's citizens to maintain "security" the more quickly said government will fall, on a long enough timeline.

Personally universally support Peaceful Civil Disobedience, as it is vastly more effective than violence.  However, our Founders gave us the Right to Bare Arms precisely to keep the government in check;  Because it is right and proper for the government to be afraid of its people.  It is tyranny when that is reversed.

All of that, is why it is very wise to avoid setting aside any time in the day to watch news.  Or at the very least, limit thyself to only a couple days in a week with an aggregate iNewspaper such as Rekord of Witkh's Koven.  Where we purposefully pull news known to avoid letting bias infect their news reports.

The latest suggestion from Corey Goode and David Wilcock is that we meditate and embrace our inner connection to the Lady.  Focus on imaging the best possible future that you can imagine.  The goal for me, is to progress further in my alignment towards service-to-others.  In other words, helping others with their choice to be happy.  That most often means helping them with what they choose to want, instead of why thy thinks is better for them.

Doing this will help society as a whole manifest the best possible future.  It is right to prioritize helping those who matter most to thyself, because the input from their soul on what to manifest as the Prime Material is greater than a stranger on the street.

In addition, those who are perceived as an enemy are essentially the same as friends in the value your higher self places on their input.  Thus, the quickest way to affect the largest change in thy alignment towards service-to-self, is to repeat the following towards any and all enemies.  Those that compel the strongest emotions are first.

Mentally or physically call the name of the person while imagining their appearance in thy head.  Repeat the following.

  • You are adored, admired, and loved by me.
  • Your pain and suffering is empathized and sympathized by me,
  • Apologies for any pain and/or suffering that has been added by me. 
  • You are forgiven by me.
  • Your forgiveness is begged for by me,
  • Thank you.

All souls deserve and are worthy of abundantly being and feeling loved, joyful, and happy.  Yet, that fails to mean others 'owe' us anything.

The more emotion that is brought to bare with the above thoughts, the greater the affect.  Still, this is only useful in addition to actually spending time and effort in service-to-others.

As always, trust yourself and more specifically thy own inner connection to the Goddess above and beyond that which is communicated from any person, place, or thing;  Regardless of social hierarchy.  That includes the Pope, or anyone a similar position.


1 3 ♥ 0 0 ♥ 0 4 ♥ 1 3 ♥ 1 0 ♥ Dias Sol; Racism In America

For a century, the misidentification of the term "liberal" is part of the reason the psychosis in District of Columbia and newsrooms across the globe, feel do I. That has lead in part, to most of those who actually vote for Democrat Party politicians, fail to know they are voting for statists. Their attempt {on Facebook} to 'rename' the political group as the "Democratic Party" is a prime example of their effort to hide their true #agenda. An agenda which refuses to accept anything short of the complete eradication of the American Way of Life.

This hypothesized friction between races fails to exist outside of the newsrooms, and local public squares reappropriated as stages for performances by paid actors. This death of objectivity news in ABC News, CBSNews.com, CNN, NBC News, New York Times, et cetera has only been made apparent to the public in about the last two decades.

However, the hostile take over was much earlier than that. The hostile take over occurred after the Panic of 1907 failed to generate the response that the kabals wanted.

The response they wanted was more or less what was said by PotUS Theodore Roosevelt in 1907; That is his threat to take over the railroads. Notice today that the railroads are taken over by interstate 'unions' that are a hand of the "government".

The dichotomy between what the uneducated, or the U.S. Department of Education, wants plebeians to think "liberal" means and the true meaning of the word is the biggest joke; That has been paid on plebeians for the last century, as they took over the "Democrat Party", feel do I.

Perhaps use an internet search engine and use the phrase "classical liberalism" and the truth may become clear. The two are so diametrically opposed to each other, that the kabals are unable to hide the fact that before 1907, even "liberal politicians" acted and voted such as a libertarian may identify with.

Remember what the First Secretary of the Soviet Union, Nikita Khrushchev predicted in burying "america"... or as he more accurately amended, that our own "workers" will bury us. As a modern political party Democrats claim to be for the working class... or they have until recently, as the internet has destroyed the century old narrative the kabal has used our media to publish as the guise of 'news'.

Really they should have known that the advent of the 24 hour newsroom would be the death of their narrative. People could swallow the small lie here and there before with the "nightly news" but nowadays it is just too stark and the lies too constant to believe the truth is with any of the two major political parties.

This helps us realize that the ultimate truth is that we each define our own truth. Everything is opinion and/or circumstantial. All is one; And, one is all: in the words of Ra'Tear'Eir.

What is most important is that we absolutely trust only one source above all others; And that source is inside every entity that exists, even as it 'is' every entity. Meditation can allow a biological entity to 'hear' more clearly but the message is always there and ready to help us achieve whatever it is chosen to want, by us as individuals.

The Prime Material [or reality], is only the commonality between a collection of souls that are choosing to 'live' as they ride a corporeal shell. This reality is perceive through senses which generate electrical impulses back to our consciousness. In literary terms, we are constantly living in hearsay. Please avoid confusing that with the word 'heresy'.

As an entity, what we are; Is a group of frequencies of the Spiritual Plane. We all are a part of that one universal membrane.

The universal membrane is essentially the Goddess, as a singularity. That is as a singular whole, that is what She is because She chooses to give us 'room' to grow. We only grow because she chooses to give us free will. Rudimentarily, that choice is to Resist or Obey.

Free Will, means that all the choices in our life are our own. The only "Providence" that exists is the will of our own soul. Our Higher Self controls our progress along our lifecycles as we ride a mortal coil. Yet, it is important to note that the mortal coils are rudimentary entities similar to us, as are all souls. They only exist to serve us, nonetheless we should always be grateful to them for all. Just as we are grateful for the food that we eat.

However, the Lady is abundantly ready and willing to help all instantaneously and continuously, equally if that is what occurs. As an omnipotent and omnipresent entity that is the ability of Her own. Yet, time is an illusion that we create in the Prime Material. That is why we live and are tied so closely to it.

Despite the Lady's "hands off" approach to the living, She is always eager to help an entity achieve whatever desire the entity wants. She knows what we want by thoughts, which are powered by emotions.

Only the "service-to-others" path is being revealed to me. Nonetheless, hypothetically the Goddess would be willing to assist with a "service-to-others" path. Ironically, the higher along the path an entity is in service-to-others, the least likely they are to help another in any way shape or form. Yet, they will often 'appear' as if they want to or 'are' helping.

Also ironically, those farther on the path towards "service-to-others" can appear to be extremely selfish. This is because the universe is biased towards service-to-others. That is, an entity ends up helping itself, much more greatly when it is helping another. The reason is quietly simply because: All is one and one is All. So helping another, is ultimately helping yourself in the end.
Ra'Tear'Eir says we religious types have been down this road before. Or more specifically he 'has' been; That is with other people who have listened to him in the past, such as say hypothetically Jesus.

The problem is that even 'prophets' are real people with egos of their own. On a long enough timeline, everyone will fall down and stumble upon the steps to salvation.

That stumbling has lead to the creation of the various different "religions" all over and inside Terra. That stumbling is exactly the source to most of the pain and suffering caused by entities claiming to be religious; And they are the furthest from the Goddess that is possible.

An elimination of that pain and suffering is the larger goal of mine. Thus, convincing Ra'Tear'Eir am I; That instead of abandoning religion altogether, instead we go a different route. Why? Because two wrongs fail to make a right.

In addition, the blue avian's "lets sit back and wait and let them do their own thing" has failed to work either. Thus why would avoidance work? Nature abhors a vacuum, and creating artificial vacuums is how we get dictatorships, such as Saddam Hussein who apparently believed he was a reincarnation of Nebuchadnezzars... So maybe Saddam should instead be referred to as Nebuchadnezzar V? which we can hopefully agree are bad... mmmkkkaaayyy? ;)

That route is one simple, easy to remember, rule that trumps all other rules. That rule is that us as acolytes of Argenteum Astrum:
Always seek and trust asking the Goddess within, to answer any and all questions. We seek 'Her' answer first and foremost, and that we trust the answer above and beyond what is said by an external entity, place, or thing.
That means such a member in say... two millenia, will trust all answers found within meditation, above and beyond what any 'Vatican'-like official may say. They will trust that answer, above and beyond what may appear to be written in any "Bible". 

There is a simple and forthright technique for talking with the Goddess alone, that has been adlibed from other examples by me. That is: ...

The Divine is truly omnigender. The reason for using the feminine gender, is because that is the violet flame. That is the facet of Her that is service-to-others, oriented. Maybe, a service-to-self should address the Lord... unsure am I. Mainly because Christianity has actually had a generally positive impact upon humanity...
  • Take Seven Deep Breaths
  • State that you only wish to speak with the Goddess
  • Hold two fingers just below the middle of the collarbone
  • Ask the question(s)
  • Trust the emotional impulse, within the first 3 seconds, that it is from Her.And that is what is used by me.
Addressing the Divine as the Goddess though, inherently helps get the response of want. And it short-circuits, and prevents, attempts to hijack the signal; Specifically it excludes entities aligned towards service-to-others, as why would a service-to-self aligned entity seek to interfere?

As an aside;  For Argenteum Astrum, this has been the official first sermon of "Michael Ryan" {me}.


1 3 ♥ 0 0 ♥ 0 4 ♥ 1 1 ♥ 0 0 ♥ Dias Lord; Are You A Successful Career Lady Who Wonders Where Is Your Potential Husband?

It is likely, that you have already become aware of good potential husbands.  All those who voted for the current Democrat Party or statist career politicians such as Senator John McCain, Representative Nancy Pollosi, Representative John Buener, Senator Susan Collins, Senator Patty Murray, Senator Maria Cantrell, Senator Mitch McConnell, et cetera have themselves for the reason.

Statists  always have some sort of mental illness.  At some point, typically do to unresolved trauma, their capacity to understand logic or reason fails.  In a society that increasingly promotes and  encourages people to feel victimized, and thus be a victim;  That mindset fails to attract quality relationships.  This is about recognizing your own power, instead of blaming the victim.

All have the capacity to play a victim, regardless of income, career, and/or material/spiritual wealth;  And it is horribly unattractive.  Find help to mentally and spiritually healthy.  That alone will immeasurably increase your attractiveness.

The Femma-Nazi grouping has successfully brainwashed women whether they know it or not.  Megyn Kelly and Katty Perry great examples of this.  The reason is because they fail to really soul search on what they want in a mate.

If you are already have a career that pays over six figures, or are independently wealthy;  Why insist on your mate doing the same.?.  Having a career that pays that much fails to equal good morals and a quality character.  There's are many ways of finding people who are more concerned with your character than your wealth.

Find a hobby that you enjoy, and/or find groups on meetup.com that center on one or more hobbies that you share.  In ages part women and men depended on finding quality men at church.  If you fail to go to church often, then maybe make time for a group activity that you do care about.  If you are too busy to find a spiritual path you do agree with, then that in itself is a problem.

Dating friends of friends, can be hit or miss, because your friends fails to really know what you want in a mate, or they are unlikely to agree.  It is also a good way to fail at finding another different than what you already know.

The point however, is that dating men who earn six figures or are independently wealthy, is only great if you are looking for someone who is likely to have a problem with you earning more than him.  Instead of sexism, this is simply the competitive drive that got him that far.  In today's wage-driven society, that is exactly how they got to the point of earning that much.  The last thing a person wants is to find their mate 'beating' you, and without anything you could do about it.

Men who recognize that logic and reasoning as failing, also tend to reject the wage-driven desire.  The desire to be competitive can be grouped with that as collateral damage.

The bLame Stream Media, likes to use the words "living in mother's basement" but why exactly is that a bad thing?  We should look to family for help first before thinking of letting the "state" pay for said individual to live on their own.

Yes, that description could apply to me, though there fails to be many basements in the northwest.  The lack of extreme weather makes them an unnecessary cost, verses just adding another level to the house.  However, that Californians may choose to think a little snow on the road in winter is "extreme weather" is already known.

Ironically, I consider myself extremely successful at writing stories, translating that into money is more of a challenge.  Being disabled with Rheumatoid Arthritis and a general A.A. degree makes it not easy to find a job that fails to let me sit in a chair.  That they exist I am sure, but my familychoose on their own to helps me


1 3 ♥ 0 0 ♥ 0 4 ♥ 1 0 ♥ 0 2 ♥ Dias Luna; Steven Greer's Failure to Debunk Mr. Goode and Mr. Wilcock

#Steven #Greer admitting to having the Rockefeller's clan elder {or whatever he wants to be called}, as a close friend, who told him to disclose #EBEs, castrates his own credibility; When he attempts to discredit #Corey #Goode and #David #Wilcock as being deceived and wrong.

The witnesses and documents are interesting but every word out of Mr. Greer's mouth is likely to be a lie, think do I. Even the presentation is designed to try to convince the viewer of something that is false. That is simply how their 'magic' works.

Mr. Goode and Mr. Wilcock have both already said a while ago, that now that #disclosure has begun {usawatchdog.com/why-are-world-leaders-visiting-antarctica-steve-quayle/}; The Kabals will attempt to subvert actual "full disclosure" by trying, and failing, to drown out the whistleblowers with their pet lackies and paid outlets. The Kabals are afraid that everyone will see their 'version' of the past is lies mixed with truth from actual "#full disclosure". That is to protect themselves and their power.

The kabals were already very successful with that strategy of drowning them out with hogwash against the disclosure of the secret #Super #Soldier programs, #abductions, #Crop #Circles, and/or the term #UFO itself. They fail to realize that the internet utterly destroys any and all of their attempts to control the narrative with the #bLame #Stream #Media. #LSM

#Rockefeller dynasty has always been apart of the #ProjectHighJump/#Majestic12/#MilitaryIndustrialComplex as much as the #Bush #dynasty or any of the others. Just like #Ford and #General #Motors reimbursing Germany for manufacturing plants the #Germans built during the second phase of the #World #War; The the different clans/families and factions of the Kabal have always been service-to-self oriented.

In addition, Steven's comments illuminate that he is largely ignorant of what Mr. Wilcock and Mr. Goode has said. Maybe it was just what his faction told him to say.

The idea that all E.B.E.s are both good and evil, and have their own agendas to pursue has always been said by him; Instead of them all being bad and to prepare for war.

Furthermore, Mr. Goode has explained what has stopped war from breaking out and currently what are the apparent agendas for each faction.


1 3 ♥ 0 0 ♥ 0 4 ♥ 0 8 ♥ 0 2 ♥ Dias Lady; Wish List to Solve Laments

Hollywood is quick to recycle old ideas; That includes owners of various video game franchises. There are five different franchises that are followed enthusiastically by me. Those milk bearing kow are Dragon AgeElder Scrolls, FalloutMass Effect, Pillars of Eternity, and Star Wars: Knights of these Old Republic. {2}  Yet they often make the same mistake, and that is taking away player choice. The reason is always the same, the writers bitch and wine about being restricted in their story telling.

BioWare is by far the worse offender with both Mass Effect and Dragon Age. In both, the first game in the series starts off by giving you and abundance of points of origin for your protagonist. In addition, the characters that join your quest largely reflect one of several careers, which from the player is given the option to choose.

An example of the first point in Mass Effect, in M.E.2 the player is continuing the protagonist from M.E.1. That by default gives them a starting point to make the origins more unique, but aside from an email from you Mom, the Spacer is left with nothing. The WarHero only gets to hear in there the news that a no name planet, that fails to be an option to visit, wants to keep the statue they made of him.

BioWare went even farther in Dragon Age 2. In Dragon Age: Origins, you get to choose six different points of origin and three different species. The y are largely linked, so there are only the same numbers of allowed combinations. For instance, there fail to be any Dwarvhen magic users. Yet in D.A.2 they gave us one. BioWare seemed to have listened about that and returned to giving us different careers and species.

However, BioWare must have willfully ignored the players wish for them to return to a derivative of Mass Effect 1's career and skill system. Naturally we want to see something a little more advanced but they threw the tube or with the bath water.

Threat the Goddess abundantly and indomitably helps manifest a prayer of mine. That is that they stop being fools and treat what their customer wants with exceedingly higher priority than the writers and developers. Statists like to argue this axiom because it invalidates the supermajority of their entire religious belief system.

That axiom, is "…the customer is always right…" of course, anyone good at business, understands that the application of that axiom in today's society; is a great deal more complicated, because the supermajority of biological entities fail to know what they want. We think we do, but our profile changes so drastically and so quickly that, even the food we liked a decade ago may be different. Fortunately for food we eat it often enough to have an educated guess.

In addition, further complicating the application of the aforementioned axiom, is how our society and make religions fail to help any biological entity know the difference between want instead of need; or the difference between obsession, which is selfish, versus love and desire. There two different simply cuts for obsession that have been mentioned before by me.

Pray to the Goddess to help obfuscate all outside of the lady, and to abundantly and indomitably illuminate the truth, to you. That solution is free of any excess baggage to believe. It will work even if the self is full of doubt and disbelief.

The second solution, is to daydream about living with the issue; Envision using the object, or driving the car; Or envision living with what role in your life that you want filled by a person. And forget about focusing on any individual. Or spells only effect ourselves, and that is a good thing.

Desire the messages from the Goddess, it could all be a Divine test, and +Taylor Swift  really isn't, the I.W.o.M.D. That is why the focus is on manifesting the role I want someone to play in my life. That being a companion and partner for the as long as this mortal coil shelters me. The ideal being an Extraterrestrial Biological Entity?… that reciprocates me helping her the most choose to be happy. That is the mother of our children that we raise.

Following are a few wish list items that the Goddess will help me manifest through prayer… or the Goddess will help further the realization of the error, in visiting me.

Mass Effect
  • Modernize the old combat, career, and skill mechanics in M.E.1, and use it in your spiffy looking Frostbyte 4 engine.
  • Rewrite M.E. 3 to have Liara T'Soni secretly turn the Shadow Broker base into a new Ark as Apart of the Andromeda Initiative. See Here for further details.
  • Let us continue as one of Sheppard's children in the Andromeda Galaxy, with Sheppard having also made the trip.
  • Have Sheppard's nanite implants extern his life span to match that of Liara T'Soni.  Cerberus already essentially made him biosynthetic entity, given the description illustrated by the video of resurrecting the Commander.
  • Considering what the civilization in the Milky Way is up against, one is left to question Sheppard's sanity for staying in the Milky Way in M.E. 3. Duty and Honor is all fine and good, but even the Japanese have given up committing Seppuku. {Ritualistic Suicide}
  • Disown most of M.E. 3 or flat out retake it to addict the ideas mentioned in this and the previous post.

Dragon Age:
  • Reverse the "shit on Anora Mac Tir parade" they have going.
  • The Warden Commander abhor the idea of leaving his Queen for prolonged periods of time.
  • In addition, reality bending majik is so prevalent and accepted, that there should be viable solutions that any commoner could pay to have their fertility enhanced, let alone the Queen of Ferelden.
  • Bring Anora in as a closet apostate for her class, in D.A.4. She was disposed of as Queen for one reason or another, depending on the players choices.

Elder Scrolls:
  • In a new game, continue the storyline of my character getting married to the Serana and Valerika, and having vampire children. And creating a good or bad Sunday based on players choices. Vampyrism is already treated as a majikal disease and thus would fail to effect, at all, fertility.
  • In this proposed game and/or the one already in development, also have choices in Dragon13orn questline, significantly alter the story that is experienced.
  • Set up something like BioWare's Dragon Age Keep that lets players change their characters history in new games.
  • Let choices made in the stand alone games significantly alter the story the player experiences in T.E.S.O.


1 3 ♥ 0 0 ♥ 0 4 ♥ 0 8 ♥ 0 1 ♥ Dias Ba; Mass Effect Theory Crafting

The first playthrough for Mass Effect 2, had Shepard joining/taking over Cerberus, of mine. All subsequent playthroughs for M.E.2 have failed to give that option. Unfortunately that saved file was lost to the past; So what M.E.3 does with that is unknown to me.

Evidently whoever wrote M.E.3, decided to do away with Drew Karpyshyn's offering for us to play either Cerberus or Alliance in M.E.3.  That is why, as has been said in the past, that while the concept of 'vaporware' is well known to me;  Still, on a fundamental level, anything Drew dreamed up for ME3 would have been better than the shit show Mr. Walters put on, think do I.

The only reason that M.E.3 is any good, is only because of the Mass Effect Karpyshyn already created.  In addition, it is as if Mr. Walters knew what would happen while they began development of the game;  Because the entire game is practically reminiscing on our choices in M.E.1-2, even the antagonist was recycled.  Very little was created that was new, except for maybe the Leviathans, even that must have been written in Karpyshyn's onion for the game, somewhere in BioWare Headquarters.

How it took until 2016 for BioWare to get rid of Walters is beyond my understanding.  If anyone could reference a game, dlc, character, et cetera that was worked on by him that had a good effect on the game, while working for BioWare, would be greatly appreciated by me.  My 'dislike' for Walters desperately has a want to be rebalanced.

For this reason believe do I;  The lead writer, who took over from Drew Karpyshyn, basically gutted the Mass Effect Omniverse to try to turn Mr. Walters's own horrible fan fiction into canon. Chris Schlerf may have had the title of Mass Effect: Andromeda's lead writer; However, he must have been channeling, the spirit still living, Drew Karpyshyn for writing ME:A.

The ability of Mr. Schlerf to write quality fiction fails to be in question, by me.  What compels the connection to be made, feel do I.  As Liara T'Soni said once, all the little things in Mass Effect Andromeda that connect the two.

Of course, anything Mr. Walter writes will have a significant handicap to overcome, by me.  His leadership forced an ending despite the supermajority of fans saying "NO".  Moreover, his ending forced my Sheppard to violate his promise to Liara T'Soni in Mass Effect 2: Lair of the Shadow Broker.

M.E.:A could easily fit as a replacement for ME3; With Liara T'Soni spending Shadow Broker wealth to quickly and secretly transform the SW base into another Andromeda's Initiative Ark. It already looks like half of an ark in M.E.2.

Why do this besides a get out of jail free card? In M.E.1 Sheppard is constantly think that the Heretics {annoying that in M.E.2 Sheppard constantly referring to Heretics as Geth, even after informed of the difference by Legion} are following Sarien. While instead, they were following Nazara.

So would fail to be surprising that Sheppard's assumption about the Collectors is also wrong. Maybe they are following a group of A.I. that are in an InterGalactic War.

  • "…you have the attention of beings infinitely greater…" Harbinger 
  • Haelstrum star is being effected by dark energy.
  • Read the description of Pluto in M.E.1.  It was literally encased in ice for untold millenia.  Who did that?  The Protheans? no, they failed to see the Reapers coming until they took the Citadel.  Ilos's Research Station was their only saving grace.  

  • In Mass Effect: Andromeda the biggest threat other than the Kett and Archon is the Scourge, of seemingly living dark energy that is everywhere. 
  • Beings that coincidentally vanished around the same time as the end of M.E.3 'created' a bio-synthetic sapient life-form {2}.

  • Again Rider's, repeat Sheppard's mistake in the assumption that the highly evolved Kett {That are oh so similar to the Prothean created Asari, differing only in biotic ability and method of procreation} are working alone and are just that massive, is based on absolutely nothing.
  • The existing canon on biotics can easily explain how Asari are able to reproduce without consuming their sapient partner.  Moreover, the existing canon on biotics and mass effect lends itself to linking the two species as engineered by opposing different creator species with differing technological methods and goals.
  • Near the end of the fourth game the Jardaan mention that the 'Scourge' is a manifestation of some faction that opposes them and their work.

What this means can be many things. Except as a writer, I wish to point out that coincidences are always designed and manufactured. Especially when there is a deadline involved, such as writing for a game that boasts interactive timelines that react to your choices.

The future from the coincidences that I have seen from, replaying from M.E.1 to M.E.:A is that there is a much bigger intergalactic war that originally began between Andromeda and our Milky Way Leviathans.  Both factions ended up creating A.I. to fight the war for them without loosing their own citizens.  Within the countless millenia that has passed, the only real change is the periodic creation of new factions.

The only alternative logic and reasoning, is that the Leviathans sat around as their creation turned on them and ascended them as the Collectors attempted to do with Humans.  That abundantly fails to make any sense to me.  Leviathans were far to reclusive, behemoth like, and arrogant to allow being usurped to that level.

The Collectors were one such faction, and they, and the Kett, were working for the same faction.  The canon video showing that there may have been a Reaper in control of Harbinger.  That is just largely to confuse the fan with a red herring.  Either not all Reapers were allied with the Citadel, or it was the Reapers laughing at the Collectors.  The reason for this thought is because of what the Collectors were building, which gives a lot more credence than a stray hologram.  They were building a Reaper in the shape of a human.

In addition, Harbinger new its base was blowing up but was convinced Sheppard was still losing... 
Maybe an emotional reaction from Reaper taunting him.  Maybe he was a representative of a faction that had 'hid' Humans on Terra by sealing Sol's Mass Effect Relay in ice.

Naturally, with all theory crafting, it could all be wrong.  However, welcome are all who know of any lore in the Mass Effect games that directly contradicts this hypothesis of mine.  Also welcome are all who agree with me and wish further add to this hypothesis.

Please also recognize that the wikias fail to be absolutely directly form the Mass Effect devs and writers.  Even if they are written and/or controlled by Bioware.  The wikias only reveal what has been revealed ingame.  Thus anything written about the Reapers only includes what Sheppard, The Council, et cetera believe or have experienced and their thoughts.  That still allows for mistakes and being mislead.

Grateful for you sharing your time and Force.  May you ask the Goddess to eternally alight you self-determined path.


1 3 ♥ 0 0 ♥ 0 4 ♥ 0 7 ♥ 1 7 ♥ Dias Mer; Dear Diary; 8 Year Old DragQueen

Eight Year Old Drag Queen
According to the claims of LGBTQ groups, it is literally impossible for an "8 year old" to know anything about their sexuality  That is because the preference is generic right?  The Goddess forbid a soul taking responsibility;  And as a result taking back part off their own power.   For some mysterious reason Hollywood would much rather make it easier for some to fall into the victim mentality.   

Until puberty, boys and girls are biological the same, despite having different parts in their groin.  Therefore, as a derivative of their logic, puberty must begin before the biology of their bodies can catch up to their minds.  

The point being that this kid is being allowed to get confused about sex and sexuality by his parents.

Because this is on the internet, his high school peers will find it and will probably ridicule him for it.  It's the same as trying to be original and name your kid "Arsehat".  It is literally asking his/her peers to pick on them.

If you think "no one could be that stupid", then maybe you have some internet searches to do {or click on the hyperlink} before you realize who many parents name their kids some stupid 'original' name;  Such as, 4real.


1 3 ♥ 0 0 ♥ 0 4 ♥ 0 7 ♥ 1 6 ♥ Dias Apollo; Dear Diary; Review of Novel: Garden of Thorns {House of Royals, Book 6}

Garden of Thorns: {House of Royals, Book 6}
Garden of Thorns: {House of Royals, Book 6}
The "House of Royals" series is adored by me. However, this book breaks the cardinal rule of all romance novels and fails to deliver a H.E.A. {Happily Every After} ending. That in and of itself would have gotten it 3/5 stars by me. Therefore, what makes it lose an additional star is that it ends with a cliffhanger.

First off, both Book 6 and Book 7 should be their own series in the same world as 1-5 House of Royals. A continuation of the original story fails to describe either book. I bought the book expecting to read about Alivia and was shocked by the change. However, the original series was abundantly loved enough by me, to give this story a chance. It was like going to the movies to see a new movie you already enjoy, but instead find a sneak preview of a new show similar to what you were expecting.

The cliffhanger fails to even be that, because the resolution of the 'situation' only has one possible direction to anyone who is 'trying' to right an 'edgy' romance novel. And if Ms. Taylor was trying to do something else? The books would have never been listed as one. It is as if she thought introducing a cliffhanger would be an effective substitute for the lack of any real teen angst.

Maybe Ms. Taylor succeeded at that though, because the abundant lack of 'teen angst' in the entire chain of books was greatly enjoyed by me. As with the previous books of the chain, the necessary drama for a romance fill a book is thought out, logical, and reasonable. The resolution to the drama is satisfying enough to forget the drama. And so, please understand that the novel still follows the general flow of a romance novel, until the very end when Ms. Taylor jumps the shark with novel.

Both Book 6 and Book 7 was purchased by me, and so the 'want' for a resolution is far from why the rating of 2/5 is given by me. Romance books are read precisely read because they are 'supposed' to have a H.E.A. ending, at least read by me. Other genres are great but life can be negative enough without negativity corrupting my entertainment.

Only the Goddess knows, whether "Garden of Snakes" will ever be read by me. A grudge fails to be the reasoning, instead I am unsure whether she has yet another "cliffhanger" with that book, in store for readers such as me. As it was said, the delight of stories with H.E.A., are why subgenres of romance novels are of great interest of mine.

Ms. Taylor, novels in other genres have "romance" in them as well. For instance, the Fellowship of the Ring, has Arwen and Aragorn. The novels fails to be Fantasy-Romance though because the romance fails to have a H.E.A. ending. Mr. Tolkien could have easily made a few changes if he wanted that and changed everyone's lives in the process. However, he did not and the novels and story are still great as a "Fantasy" story. Hopefully if he released it into the current modern realm, he would have released it as a Fantasy story instead of trying to mislead and confuse people by labeling the series as "Fantasy Romance", feel do I.

All the problems with this novel has been thoroughly described without spoiling the actual story for anyone. Therefore, those who have read this far and disagree are encouraged by me, to enjoy the novel. That is that their enjoyment is hoped by me.

Grateful for you sharing your time and Force. May you ask the Goddess to eternally alight your self-determined path.