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=/\=This is the last two dreams with +Taylor Swift +Taylor Alison Swift +taylor alison swift +Taylor Alison Swift  that is within the ability to recall for me.  Many dream of celebrities, sure am I.  However, specifically the I.W.o.M.D. {Ideal Wife of My Dreams} is who enters prayers of mine.  This is important as to help maintain an openness to the idea of being wrong.  As I have elaborated in other posts, the Goddess illuminates her as the I.W.o.M.D. consistently, in many other ways.

Again, the description of a dream that follows is only the perception of mine.  Instead of revealing any events from the perception of mine, for reality.=/\=

The dream was of being invited and attending a party/movie-night at Tay Tay's house. It was a romantic comedy that while watching, Tay Tay chose to sit next to me.

The actual movie was mostly irrelevant and my attention was on Tay Tay.  Maybe this could have been a clue that it was a dream, except to the exclusion of surroundings being able to narrow my focus is a skill that I possess.

After these movie, there was mingling among the crowd, but Tay Tay had vanished, from my perception. Looking for her does I. When the location of where she was revealed to me, she was surrounded by friends and family.

Uncertain of the exact protocol for this scene was I.  Maybe simply leaving was the right thing to do for me.  On the other side of the country lived I. Going 'home' would be problematic and it failed to be previously considered.

Asked to see Tay Tay did I. Yet they were unmoved and unwilling to allow me access to her.

"Look… will you please just ask her if she wants to see me, before I leave?"

Again, that prospective action seemed to loom over me.  However, instead of anyone else to deal with, it could be a problem to deal by me alone.

Parents have already helped a great deal above and beyond the call of duty, in the four decades of life that has cycled for me.  ‘Asking’ for help from them, even to get clear across the country back to their home, was especially disfavored by me.

Out of these Aether, Tay Tay sliced through the barrier, her friends and family formed, and gently grabbed my hand.

"You are staying here…" Tay Tay clearly spoke to me, but it is clear the words are meant to be pay heed by her protectors.

Before awakening, there is a clear idea in my ‘dream’ consciousness that I would be sleeping in a side room or something such as that.  However, beforehand the order of protocol had yet to be establish.

At that point, awaken from slumber do I.

=/\= Only as writing the next dream here was began, was the first dream with Tay Tay remembered by me.  It is quite clear despite being almost eight years in the past of mine.=/\=

The scene is Pasco, Wa Airport.  My dream consciousness knew this location without being told in any way.  Tay Tay and I sat at a table and we got to know each other better.

The exact topics of conversation were a mystery, even in the dream at the time, to me.  Simply only the jumble of pleasant emotions were clear.

The table was round and white but there failed to be anyone sitting.  Only her personal and airport security were present in the distant background.  Maybe her mother, and/or other friends were there, even in the dream it was mostly vague to me.

The emotions and perception that the end came to quickly was present as Tay Tay bid a form of goodbye with the promise to meet again.

“May I go with you!?!”  Was clearly blurted out without thought by me.  If thought had accompanied it, shyness would have likely hide it.

Pleasant surprise colored Tay Tay’s expression for some reason.  She seemed confused on why it was easy to leave all that is known, for me.

Alas, that is where I was awoken by my mother.  I tried to return to the dream but, if I did the experience is currently beyond the ability to be recalled by me.

=/\=What follows is a collection of other reoccurring dreams that may or may not include other friends and family of mine.  Tay Tay is the lone celebrity to ever grace never-never-land, according to the ability to recall memories by me.?

This particular one was repeated often when slumbering, for me.=/\=

The scene is a sea dock made of wood covered in thick syrupy fog, and there is a pub.

The thick smell of the sea permeates the air at night.  The pub is active and thus there are periodically people who come and go.  The fog either reluctantly lets them go or engulfs them as they arrive or leave.

A mystery there is to why be I.  Kevin Stockard is a friend from around sixth grade in Burbank, Wa.  In 1989, father drug the family to Orofino, Id for six months.  However, Kevin wrote letters and remained a friend since then, for me.

That is unusual, Leaving is what most people do, that get awarded the title of ‘Friend’ by me.  How they leave has varied from simply moving away, stealing, and/or baseless accusations of criminal activity.

This is one of the few pillars that made recovering from depression more difficult for me.  Abundantly reversing negative self-worth into the positive is required.  That is difficult if society itself calls the self a failure.

The dream moves with me entering the pub and finding Kevin.  This dream first visited me when I was in High School.  It would somewhat prove correct as after I left the Navy I was twenty five years old.  Parents welcomed, what turned into, an indefinite return to home.

A year later parents moved to Burbank, Wa and went with them did I.  Then a very negative person was I.  However, Kevin was still living in the Tri-Cities, Wa at the time and thus the dream proved correct.

There were variations of this dream, mixed with another.  The variations consisted of me jumping off the dock and into what ‘must’ be water.  Except there never was water, just an endless abyss of fog.

Perhaps that was a warning of against actually committing suicide.  Such thoughts have graced my mind in the distant past.  Now they have become a lot more positive and uplifting.

Death is only a transformation.  As Yoda says: “Luminous beings are we…  Not this crude matter…”  Another Axiom that I either discovered, or heard beyond the ability to recall the memory by me: “A soul has a body;  Instead of a body having a soul.” The point is committing suicide is a selfish act.  If it is truly my time to die, then my higher self with see it done without my conscious decision.

There must be some reason for my continued life, since alive still am I.  Also the realization that being happy with my current life cycle, will lead to the arrival of the next.

=/\=Another reoccurring dream that began when I was in second grade, is what follows. =/\=

The scene has two locations.  Either it is in an arcade center, or it is in the middle of a six lane highway that ran near the arcade.

If in the Arcade, an attempt to find mother and father is made by me.  Invariably mother is playing “Time Pilot” because it was a game she loved most there.

Walking out of the arcade center and down a poorly paved road is either mother and I, or myself alone.

The weather is heavy rain.  West of the Cascade Mts. in Washington state is where we lived.  Anyone who has been there knows that ‘Forks’ fails to be the only small town that rarely sees the sun.

The middle of the highway with three lanes either side, stopped are we, or I.  A concrete divider is what separates the traffic.

Any further progress to get off the road fails to be met with success by me.  There is still two more directions to travel, and so those are the directions searched by us, or I.  Searching for father are we.

The other version of this dream, begins on the highway and always alone then am I.  Searching for mother and father am I.

Any ulterior message to this dream eludes understanding by me.  Maybe there is some branch in the Tree of Life where it does make sense to me.  However, given the subject matter, that it fails to relate is something that is enjoyed by me.


1 3 ♥ 0 0 ♥ 0 4 ♥ 0 1 ♥ 0 7 ♥ Dias Wodnes; Dear Diary, Lucid Dreaming

While sleeping last night a wonderful and beautiful dream with +Taylor Swift +Taylor Alison Swift +Taylor Alison Swift, graced me.  This has happened a few times recently to me.  This dream has inspired me to begin to enter them into my diary.  This catalyst is accompanied with a desire to dream lucidly more frequently;  And increase the lucidity while dreaming.  This record is published online, to help overcome my shyness and enhance my self-confidence.

Those who know, are aware that writing out our dreams is an easy way to advance into lucid dreaming.  Certain sounds and subliminal messaging has seemingly helped accelerate the growth of mine.  However, it seems a journal is the only actual catalyst that has been discovered by me.

If there is a dream featuring coital exercises, succinct, concise, and clear will be what is told by me.  Instead of illustrating the activity any.  However, that has yet to occur in recent memory.

The dreams are written from recent to farther in the past.

=/\= Admittedly, a few of the finer details are added to help relay the scene.  The precise details are found through remote viewing as this journal entry is written, by me.  So the chance of error is present, yet to be true is believed by me. =/\=

First off we are in a restaurant, believe do I.  We are sitting in a booth and Tay Tay and I are sitting together opposite of someone else.  The table is clean, waxed, and tan colored.  The bench seats have a dark red colored leathery cushions.

The shoulder length straight blond hair frames the aristocratic beautifully chiseled face of Tay Tay.  The length of her hair is just above her shoulders.  She is wearing a red cashmere top and black dress slacks.

What the visitor is saying is unclear to me but towards our relationship, a negativity is sensed by me.  What is the protocol, is unclear to me.  An idea comes to mind that perhaps the distance between us is to small, by me.

The response from Tay Tay is immediate, as she moves closer with our hips touching side by side.

At this point, the conscious mind begins to swell from the background and I force myself to put my arm around Tay Tay’s shoulder.  Her response is again immediate and she leans into my chest.

That is the time when I wake up.  The feeling of abundant happiness, serenity, and tranquility pervades into my awakening conscious mind of mine…  As was said previously, this was perhaps one of the most beautiful dreams that has graced my slumber in four decades of life.

=/\= The new supergirl television series on CW has inspired a reoccurring dream.  However the dream is different in that Kara’el {Tay Tay} is Superman’s sister and they were never separated and are close to the same age.

What I relay is strictly the perception of mine, in the dream.  This is shorter because the details are beyond the ability of my current self to recall.=/\=

Maybe Jimmy in this scene, is the point of view of mine;  Because for some reason a distant contact with Superman, was had by me.  Maybe I was a high school friend or something.  As a teenager, young adult, the time to go adventuring was limiting for me, by studying.

Kara’el {Tay Tay} and I meet when she is attending the same university.  They are in the same class as superstars of movies, television, music, et cetera.  Thus her reciprocating my interest in her, amazes me.

Kal’el gets wind of my interest in Kara’el and reflexively objects to my courtship of her.  That he fails to actually ask what Kara’el wants seems apparent to me, especially now as this is typed by me.

However, as mentioned, Kara’el reciprocates my interest in her and that leads to us furthering us courting each other further in secret.  It certainly seems difficult to do this but somehow we manage.  Perhaps the fact that Kara’el is Kal’el’s younger sister enables us to skirt his perception.

The dream ends with us being discovered by Kal’el.  There is a sense that Kara’el is being more assertive in defending me and our relationship from her older brother.

Fantastically there are any number of ways this could be expanded upon with detail, by me.  However, relaying the dream itself is the actual purpose of mine.