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07:13 ~ That sentiment should be expanded upon and taken to heart.  In any good story the world fails to be as black and white as what the 'reader'/'gamer' is lead to believe in the first part of the story.

Sylvanas is one of Azeroth's oldest iconic characters and beloved by many fans.  Does Blizzard or any writer actually think trashing an iconic character such as that is profitable?  I know Kathleen Kennedy experimented with that on Luke Skywalker but given the ratings plummet of her "reimagining" project, hopefully everyone rightfully sees it as a horror story;  Instead of something to emulate.

Krucial's video on Sylvanas's origin story, and it shows a Sylvanas in the current B4A version is ironically more similar to her 'Living' version before Arthas ruined everything.  Turns out that actually going to hell was a bad idea on her part, so that is why she accepted the Valkyrs' deal the second time.

So what is the only good gal reason to want more Valkyr in Legion...?...  Perhaps it is a desire to keep the Valkyr from being corrupted by their connection to Bolvar?  Except who is Bolvar's master?  The Old Gods, he is surrounded with their blood.

We already know that Ashara is the main boss in one of the raise in B4A... thus we know they enter at some point.  So may be Sylvanas is relayed a few "visions" of what puppet Bolvar and his Old God masters are working on.

Why burn done Teldrassil?  Well the lore strictly implies that Teldrassil's continued life is key to the Old Guy's main plan of breaking their jail cell.  Everyone seems eager to forget this part of Teldrassil.  And it also explains why she originally had a plan to attack Stormwind...  Because when it comes to war, a pacifist does make for a weak general.

So why wouldn't Sylvanas say this to even Nathaniel?  The Old Gods are everywhere and in almost everything, most especially when they can literally 'see' the shores of one of the few remaining world trees.

It would be rather ironic if the writers suggest that the Old Gods would have remained in their jail cell firmly resolute, except for the meddling ancients and planting those infernal trees...  Sure the dragons flights "warded" them but every wall eventually falls down, so why would they think their wall to be impenetrable AND eternal?


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Seemingly, the author of that YouTube video fails to understand for what S.J.W. {Social Justice Warrior} stands, think do I.  Did they watch G.o.t.G. I &/ II…?…  Where exactly is the #statist ideology being obscenely propogandized…?…  Necrophilia is wrong elsewhere on the internet, so why is this different…?…

This is very similar to someone making a Great War movie that becomes a blockbuster;  So abruptly, a century after the series of ears, people abruptly choose to want to make Germany to pay reparations.  That is just one example, how about a movie illustrating the plantation owner roots of the Democrat Party, or how they voted against the Republican Party backed Civil Rights of the 1960s/70s…

Speaking of crime…  where is it?  People are choosing to get all bent out of shape because Mr. Gunn chose to repeat/retweet a couple bad jokes?  Certainly the jokes are very bad;   Yet that is a crime now…?…

It is said conservatives are pushing this tragedy:   So they ask statists to calm down on P.o.t.U.S. Trump zinger jokes & his efforts to intentionally 'trigger' the L.S.M.;  Yet they are all for ruining Mr. Gunn's career over a couple words they choose to dislike…?…  apparently more than just statists are a bunch of hypocritical bigots, feel do I..

Personal responsibility is big with me, but so is liberty.   Tuerefore, what is the crime Mr. Gunn committed…?…  Currently, it is still legal to have an acquaintance be a pedofile.

Sure the acquaintance is very bad news, but our society has regressed back into tarring and feathering a deviant's family, friends, and acquaintances…?…  How many generations deep does this go…?…  Sounds very similar to policies governing Cuba, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Russia, Syria, North Korea, & China, to me…

What country is left, that actually respects individual liberty, above and beyond mob and the Swamp, ask do I…?…

So to the entire media and world, "…congradulations on ruining someone's life, just so you can fell better about themself by stepping on someone else."  Thus the idea of ๐ŸญDisney๐Ÿฆ† reversing their incredibly shortsighted and horrid decision of firing Mr. Gunn, is a prayer of mine.

The reason is simple, unlike Ms. Kathleen Kennedy, Mr. Gunn exceeds Disney's expectations.  His ideas create half a billion dollars in profit, instead of her ideas which brings ruin to a multi billion dollar franchise.  The comparison is sadtell do I, because it would be awesome for a female executive to be just as successful, if not moreso;  Yet that is the situation, and thus it is retarded to fire him but keep her.

What makes it even worse is that in stark contrast to Ms {really because who would marry such a toxic pill of poisonif they had a choice} Kennedy,  Mr. Gunn has sincerely apologized numerous times in the past and willingly did so againwithout hesitation or prompting from Disney, while  they deliberated.  It was also an actual apology, instead of the "…sorry, not sorry…" we get from FemiNazies and S.J.W.s.

Thusvirtually, by metaphysically Disney's reactionary decision is monolithically moronically retarded.  It's like we are watching Dumb & Dumber 3, except it's real and so Disney seems oblivious to how they are humiliating themselves, think do I.

Others of like mind, please join the ๐Ÿ™prayer๐Ÿ™ of mine… 


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Rush Limbaugh is right yet again, and after three decades he is only showing signs of a want for more.  NetFlix quarter earnings reports fell way below expectations, and they seem to fail at possessing a clue as to why.  Two months ago, they announced signing a contract with Mr. & Mrs. Soetoro and their two adopted children.

Boycotts is the economic equivalent of "an eye for an eye" and as the saying goes, it only leaves everyone blind.  Liberty minded people should work on being better than the statists, the ignorant plebeians, and District of Columbia [1].  Responding to a negative issue with more negativity only breeds more negativity, and a worse situation over all;  In contrast, by making the choice to be positive we have the chance of making the situation better.

That is why my Netflix subscription is still active.  However, by the Lady, they should listen to this.  Fire Susan Rice, and terminate whatever the contract is with the Soetoro family.  Wall Street may have liked it, but your audience has already shown you that a significant portion of your subscribers reject it.

This is another great example why 'people and companies in entertainment should avoid favoring any major political' icon.  In general they should avoid getting into any of District of Columbia's Comedy of Errors.  The Dixie Chicks, and the all too common compulsion to talk about politics, is another great example of why all souls who make a living in entertainment and customer service in general should avoid even the hint of politics.

Netflix may can claim that the shows made by the Soetoro's are not politics all it wants.  The reality is that everything is politics, it relates to how they choose to live their life.  Does Joe and Jane claim more than two social identities?  When face with a problem does Joe and Jane call for help, and wait for someone to "save them"? [1]  Does Joe and Jane give to charity?

The second question is making the presumption that Joe and Jane have skills that can solve said problem.  The third question is something statists try to hide, but they rarely if ever give to charity.  If one was being honest with themselves and you, it would be because they view the Government as a giant charity and that is the purpose of tax revenue.

What is worse the way Netflix describes the Soetoro Family coming this November, screams of politics.  The American Citizens have grow weary and tired of Soetoro's eight years of double talk and vague promises such as "Hope and Change". [1]  He already taught us to ask "Hope for what...?... and changing to what...?..."

So Netflix, please listen to us and cut them out before the cancerous tumor, that you have let grow into you, before it is able to cause any further damage your company.


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Perhaps the disbelief in the author is due to the supermajority of liberals {libertarians} are smart enough to know an opinion, even when the author falsely asserts it is a fact, and a fictitious straw man argument when they read one, propose do I. Again, they insist on incorrectly sermonizing, demeaning, and insulting the loyalists. In addition, may be the divide is because the data points used to support their argument falsely label ‘statists’ of the left wing as “liberals”, which is absolutely false.

The fact that they include the word “libertarian” as the label for liberals does our work for in showing how the opposition is absurd. That is why a liberals may choose to avoid voting; 'Cause they refuse to even acknowledge the existence of District of Columbia's comedy of errors. However, I do agree we should vote because it is a positive affirmation. Far too many allow themselves to be dragged down into negative thinking, which abundantly fails to serve us.

The authors assertion of the label “antiimmigrant” is fictitious, as well as degrading, insulting, and demonizing. Such a belief fails to actually be represented in the mind of any politician, regardless of about what the media bloviates. The loyalists are for ‘forcing all immigration to be LEGAL’. Overhauling the immigration system is a great idea.

Yet we should BE the change we want, instead of using the smear tactics of the authoritarians and kabals. Another issue is actually listening to what the opposition and loyalists actually say, instead of what your chosen flavor of media reports on them. Far to many are still letting themselves be played like a musical instrument.  This article, as normal, definitions and guides have been peppered through this article as links.

We should propose an example of a good streamlined immigration system that is free of Cronyism and horrendous waiting periods. For instance, an iteration of Japan’s Immigration Policy. Where all are able to apply for temporary work visas; After working for three months the immigrant must apply for a three year work visa; Then after working for that time period, an immigrant applies for a permanent work visa. This means immigrants get paid justly for their time and skills. Of course, only after another three years are they able to apply for citizenship.

Then let states hire whatever private company they wish to conduct this new system. A system where the only criteria of whether to grant the visa or not is if they have a job, and then if they have worked for the assigned period of time. Have the F.B.I. randomly audit the contractors in the performance of their contract, to insure everything is working as intended.

Why would a rational and logical mind want foreigners without a clue about actual life in America voting in our elections ‘before’ they are acclimated? Statists only want the illegal immigrants to vote because they think they will replace the African American voting block over which they have been steadily losing control. They are probably abundantly wrong, think do I. Mexicans seem a lot more family and religious oriented in Mexico, than blacks in Nigeria, feel do I. And that is what a lot of the less educated souls who identify as an African American, say that they want… to go back to their “roots”.

Yet, their roots are where their neighboring tribes forced them to heel in slavery and then sold them to whoever wanted them. This slave trade still exists today and it has existed for longer than acknowledged history. So why would a rational and logical mind want to go back to such “roots”?