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Perhaps the disbelief in the author is due to the supermajority of liberals {libertarians} are smart enough to know an opinion, even when the author falsely asserts it is a fact, and a fictitious straw man argument when they read one, propose do I. Again, they insist on incorrectly sermonizing, demeaning, and insulting the loyalists. In addition, may be the divide is because the data points used to support their argument falsely label ‘statists’ of the left wing as “liberals”, which is absolutely false.

The fact that they include the word “libertarian” as the label for liberals does our work for in showing how the opposition is absurd. That is why a liberals may choose to avoid voting; 'Cause they refuse to even acknowledge the existence of District of Columbia's comedy of errors. However, I do agree we should vote because it is a positive affirmation. Far too many allow themselves to be dragged down into negative thinking, which abundantly fails to serve us.

The authors assertion of the label “antiimmigrant” is fictitious, as well as degrading, insulting, and demonizing. Such a belief fails to actually be represented in the mind of any politician, regardless of about what the media bloviates. The loyalists are for ‘forcing all immigration to be LEGAL’. Overhauling the immigration system is a great idea.

Yet we should BE the change we want, instead of using the smear tactics of the authoritarians and kabals. Another issue is actually listening to what the opposition and loyalists actually say, instead of what your chosen flavor of media reports on them. Far to many are still letting themselves be played like a musical instrument.  This article, as normal, definitions and guides have been peppered through this article as links.

We should propose an example of a good streamlined immigration system that is free of Cronyism and horrendous waiting periods. For instance, an iteration of Japan’s Immigration Policy. Where all are able to apply for temporary work visas; After working for three months the immigrant must apply for a three year work visa; Then after working for that time period, an immigrant applies for a permanent work visa. This means immigrants get paid justly for their time and skills. Of course, only after another three years are they able to apply for citizenship.

Then let states hire whatever private company they wish to conduct this new system. A system where the only criteria of whether to grant the visa or not is if they have a job, and then if they have worked for the assigned period of time. Have the F.B.I. randomly audit the contractors in the performance of their contract, to insure everything is working as intended.

Why would a rational and logical mind want foreigners without a clue about actual life in America voting in our elections ‘before’ they are acclimated? Statists only want the illegal immigrants to vote because they think they will replace the African American voting block over which they have been steadily losing control. They are probably abundantly wrong, think do I. Mexicans seem a lot more family and religious oriented in Mexico, than blacks in Nigeria, feel do I. And that is what a lot of the less educated souls who identify as an African American, say that they want… to go back to their “roots”.

Yet, their roots are where their neighboring tribes forced them to heel in slavery and then sold them to whoever wanted them. This slave trade still exists today and it has existed for longer than acknowledged history. So why would a rational and logical mind want to go back to such “roots”?

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