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Unfortunately FVIIXVI will probably end up being one of those predictable situations where, robot/recordings were only great in FIV because they were 'included' in many more quests with N.P.C. interactions that had multiple endings, think do I. Therefore, the recordings added depth to the world and the lack of interaction was easily forgiven, for those who consciously noticed the difference.

The primary problem as percieved by me, is that games from Bethesda Game Studios are renown for being interactive player'driven with multiple endings experiences. That is what their fans want when they play games from B.G.S..  How exactly can our choices effect the 'story' told when your just listening to a robot or 25 year old recordings {in'game story}, inquire do I…?…

For this game to be successful, a comprehensive & massive advertising campaign that attracts an abundantly new and different players of w completely different playstyle is necessary for ZeniMax and Bethesda Game Studios. In addition, Mr. Todd Howard, Mr. Pete Hines, and others need to ✋stop✋, spending so much time trying to placate their existing fan base.

At best, they will likely end up only playing it for one to three months, before returning to Skyrim and FallOut III, New Vegas, and/or FIV; think do I. At worse, B.G.S. & ZeniMax week be seen as 'lying' to their fans. {similar to Electronic Arts' self manifested problems}

Instead, start doing interviews and advertise on platforms frequented by gamers that like games that are closer to Minecraft, than FallOut IV. Their existing most of their current fans may, or may not, take a chance on this experimental game…

As a side tangent, "Holotapes" mean there is at least a holographic recording of the speaker, or even better a recording that replayed a recording in Virtual Reality for the played character. The gamer's experience can be just observing the V.R. recording as in FIII.

At best, they all will be similar in size to T.E.S.O. where the choices are limited in scope and endings, at worse they will be closer to reading diary entries that are without any impact on the world, think do I. However, being wrong would be wonderful, feel do I.

Star Wars: The Old Republic has shown that "storybook M.M.O.R.P.G." games with interacts player'driven quests, can be successful economically, think do I. It would have been 💯full of awe💯 if B.G.S. had chosen to venture into a game that is similar in mechanics to that; Yet uniquely different in genre and feel {As it works be FallOut}, believe do I.

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