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04:07 ~ It is possible to limit the 'manipulation' and still use FaceBook.  Yet, why doing so is a questionable use of time at best, and harmful at worst.  This, and other iNewspapers, is why  it is a questionable use of time.  It is probably more useful to extrovert, instead of introverts such as myself.
  • Create FaceBook Account or strip your existing one of likes or friends.  Then hide it from the web. Then add, or keep, only the friends of which you actually are interested in letting their eventful news interrupt your daily life.
  • That alone limits the FaceBook "news feed" to only them.  Ironically, FaceBook has been pretty good with responding to whatever security concerns that arise, whether it is adding security on their end or security options/tools for the user.
  • At this time also consider limiting any 'likes' to charities and/or organizations, of which you actively are willing to let their news interrupt your daily life.
  • Then install the FaceBook app {on Google'Play} on your phone, but only have this 'cloaked' account logged in.  That way you are automatically 'pinged' when there is news from the friends if which you choose to care.  That is far from necessarily a bad thing.
Time management is a necessary skill in life, as mortals we are unable to help or pay attention to absolutely everyone simultaneously, let alone to still have time for ourselves.  That said, helping charity and/or friends are, as well, an absolutely necessary part of ascending in this life.  Everyday ask yourself whether any particular decision helps others or helps yourself.

How do you think celebrities even have the time to use FaceBook at all...?...  However, if you are a fan of someone please avoid using this as a trigger to go searching for, and hounding their hidden account... privacy is important even for celebrities, regardless of what the courts say.  Just consider, if hiw willingly you are too let pure strangers to interrupt your life...  Then realize that negative attacks or replies, fail to ever end positively.

While using this cloaked F.B. account, avoid 'liking' or visiting anywhere on FaceBook but the 'Home' page and only charities and organizations that are actively welcome to interrupt thy daily life.  That makes a F.B. NewsFeed full of only news that have generically been welcomed previously;  And thus TruthStream Media's friends may find it easier to reach her for the next baby shower. ;)

Choosing to be 'ignorant' of the psychological effect that their product, would have had far worse fall out.   They are designing their product to literally subconsciously help others choose to be happy, how is that a bad thing...?...  "Everything" and even life itself has a "psychological impact" and most of it is subconscious for us mere mortals.  That someone is getting paid to help us use some of that subconscious, to help others choose to be happy seems abundantly far from a criminal act to me.

The producers of TruthStream Media seems very intelligent, wise, and awake to me;  However, there will always be a certain portion of thr public that are less intelligent, wise, and/or awake.  Of course, all are spiritually equal in the eyes of the Divine.  Yet, those people who are 'younger' souls will simply be unable to see what we, or what older souls that have weathered more stress, allow themselves to see.

In addition, TruthStream's description of the manipulation done by Social Media companies, and specifically FaceBook;  Seems as if they think there is this mythical place where people are free of all influences.  Yet even the idea of such a place seems rather horrid to me.

Humans are social creatures, and even intelligence itself is largely a trait only advanced by being an active 'member' of society.  Therefore, to be alive is to accept that others have influence on the thyself.

We humans are social creatures, if such a place did exist...?... we would devolve and die.  There are actually psychological real world examples of that.  For instance, there were some horrible grand parents locked an unwanted child up in the attic for their entire life.  When found... the now teenager was unable to coherently speak.

The point of mine, is that there will always be a segment of the public that have little interest in being consciously aware of their thoughts and emotions.  Such as Morpheus's line in the Matrix.  They will probably literally fight to stay within 'the matrix'.

They may be ready to ascend several lives from now;  But the stress accumulated from additional lifetimes is how they will get there…?...  Member the Buddhist saying there are many ways up the same mountain...?...

Thus, FaceBook and other social media, intentionally helping others subconsciously choose to live a happier life, seems pretty much like a good thing to me. Now if they were doing the opposite? that would be a problem, for me.

When the 'fear mongering' media has targeted someone;  A better question is 'why'.  P.o.t.U.S. Soetoro said himself, in a candid off'mic moment, that social media is his biggest enemy.  It seems that is a view shared by many of Mikie {Military Industrial Complex}, or whatever the reader wants to call it.  So why try to assist the Swamp in conjuring fear of social media...?...

Frankly, as the internet becomes used by more and more people;  Hopefully other start up companies follow FaceBook's example of creating a subconscious positive feed back loop with their users.  It is the same reason as why we eat food that tastes good, and why we throw away food that tastes bad.

The hope, for other startup companies to draw inspiration from FaceBook is because the idea that its current size and command of the market share, is that it has become a negative for any given user, is shared by me.   What they need is for MySpace to come back, along with others to grow in strength or be born and create a healthy Free Market place with abundant competition.

Abundant capitalistic competition in any field is always a benefit for the consumer.  Producers tend to be less enthused about it, but that just means they too are aware.

Having multiple channels in social media, increases the difficulty of the N.S.A., C.I.A., D.H.S., F.B.I. or any other agency in the alphabet soup to try to censor content, for "national security".  And anyone paying attention to Twitter and YouTube know there is far too much of that going around already.  Maybe people will remember why the scariest words in the English language are: "We are from the government, we are here to help." instead of forgetting why we're laughing.

So the suggestion of mine, is to pray for those forces to emerge and become stronger. That way T.S.M., and others have greater security in telling us information that the Mikies think validates their national security.

The government really should be 'afraid' of us citizens. When citizens are afraid of the government, that is tyranny.  Companies such as FaceBook that command an excessive share of the market has made themselves part of the problem.  Please, just remember that peaceful civil disobedience is far more inspiring towards other and less divisive than the violent kind.

However, honestly FaceBook is rarely used by me... that may change in the future, and if it does I will likely follow the above steps.

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