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It's funny Blizzard has asked α testers to give the G.C.D. cataclysm a chance, to play with it on α for a bit before during an opinion. They should know that this will get a very negative reaction from most of even casual players. If it is something they are dead set on implementing, then they just need to accept the whining from players and ignore it… unless a specific issue was raised.

Given such communities such as Gnome Sequencer, Blizzard should just accept macros as a thing. It really is similar to the War on Drugs by DistrictofColumbia, meddling with the users is a waste of energy so long as they have so many buffs which exacerbates the desire for macros. 

They only last a short amount of time and some classes have so many the first but might be wearing off by the time you get to the end. Or, a gamer is suck missing whatever the signal is that some unique buff, or debuff, just prokked thus or damage is lower.

They solved this with fancy graphics for the talent buffs but the little ones, such as ones tied to our artifact weapons, or now armor, cab be missed. And Debbie are a whole separate can of worms. It has always been in the game, but they should avoid trying to directly melee with his gamers choose to cope… so long as they're not hacking/cheating.

If they really want to reduce macros then they should consolidate and eliminate most of the macros that exist. That would effectively negate the fundamental desire for macros. Then Overhaul what is left into an A.D.&D.ish system where they counters are simple and universal. By that I mean there would fail to be any of this world that are immune to interrupts.

Their current approaching of meddling with the G.C.D. is foolish if that is their main reason for it being implemented. Foolish because even the current Gnome Sequencer

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