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Loving comic books and especially movies based on comic books certainly helps;  However, I believe that those who have wondered what happens after and between events in an epic will find Marvel Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. blissfully entertaining.

The creators of the show and the movies do a wonderstrukk play of consistently weaving the stories from the movies into one world.  The Marvel Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. series goes further with illuminating and illustrating what happens after Iron Man, Captain America, et cetera save the world.  The series has its own stories that have their own part to play in the larger tapestry of the Marvel materia.

Marvel Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s first season's main story arc culminated with a different point of view to the new Captain America: Winter Soldier.  The second season has just started;  Therefore, I believe it will be interesting to see what movie the second season ties into and the part it will play.

The writers do a masterful job of helping the entire Marvel materia to be more believable.  Every character and event has a myriad of levels, and are individualistically unique.  From;  The young orphan technological savant girl, Skye's quest to find her birth parents.  Or;  Discovering T.A.H.I.T.I. and how it relates to Agent Phil Coulson's biblical resurrection.  To;  Handling the materia left after the alien invasion Thor thwarted.

I have been imagining a show such as Marvel Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. for a very long time now.  I never thought it likely until I started learning more about manifesting.  Even now I just connected the dots as I am typing.

In an effort to manifest the next stage, I pray and beg the Goddess to absolutely manifest a story in the Star Wars omniverse of: The Old Republic.  For those who struggle to understand dues machina, Disney deciding to grant my prayer is the Goddess responding 'through' them.  Of course, I could be wrong and just any Star Wars television series would help the most with my choice to be happy.

In the Latin language Dies, translates into American English as: "Day of".  I refer to the moon as Luna or Phaeton, and the later because I believe that is the largest chunk of earth left of the planet that orbited between Mars and Jupiter.  May be the majority of society disagrees with this assessment of mine, but I find that irrelevant.  I refuse to let society dictate to me what I name objects.

When a Statist says "conservative" their intention is to convey that the subject 'resists change' and is 'traditional' in all ways.  This is the true and original definition of the word.  It probably originates from when the Democrat Party was actually a libertarian oriented party, and refers to their opposition.

When a Republican or Tea Party sapien says "conservative" they are referring to a libertarian system of beliefs, such that the President of the United States Ronald Reagan materialized.  It appears those that continue to support this delusional view are actually statists themselves.  The opposition that actually exemplify libertarian views refuse to let this failure in language continue.

Of this language disparity, I absolutely and abundantly beg and pray for the Goddess to absolutely manifest the majority to correct this mistake in language.  The different definitions only helps the Statist's with their propaganda brainwashing campaign, in addition derision being its very nature.

Of course, the lame stream media is reporting "Republican" taking over the Senate as becoming more likely.  This was decided a long time ago, but the Statist have their story to tell as they try, and fail, to retain their power.  As Atlas Shrugged's John Galt says: "join us, or get out of the way".



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Four out of five stars four entertainment value is what I give this 2014 Constantine series.  Anyone who is a fan of Supernatural such as I, will probably enjoy at least this pilot episode.  I enjoy the detail, acting, and open feeling of the scenes.  The story progresses unhindered by the seemingly coherent world the writers have succeeded establishing in the pilot itself.

A young woman, Liv Aberdine, awakens into a preternatural heritage when a demonic entity begins hunting and stalking her.  Recovering from a recent personal tragedy that damned John Constantine's soul to hell alone with a female prepubescent child, a confident and sinful nan preternatural investigator seeks out and saves Miss Aberdine's life.  The later is who the television who narrates, and whom the series is named after.  Though whether his confidence actually crosses the line of arrogance that it straddles, has want for further illumination.

The mythos of Constantine began as a comic book.  There has been a movie starring Keanu Reeves and Rachel Weisz.  Personally I would rather they have continued the story from the movie into a television series.  However, I give this 2014 series four out of five stars for entertainment value.

I keep getting the idea that they are intentionally working off of the style of the iconic television show Supernatural.  With more than nine seasons and one spin-off, it is far from a bad source to draw inspiration from.  Constantine uses a couple of the same fictional materia from Supernatural.

Early evening I took my evening medication.  Among the pills a couple are to help me sleep, but they failed to get me into NeverNeverLand.

Yesterday evening I mowed the lawn with my mother.

This morning I awoke at around 10:00 again against my explicit prayers to be taken.  I feel I am able to share the following more concisely.  Daily I pray for the Goddess to absolutely and abundantly help me die quickly and painlessly before I wake;  Or absolutely, abundantly, eternally, and implicitly help me manifest as the dream ideal husband in the ideal marriage with the ideal wives of our dreams.

As I have said before I am without focusing on any individual to 'be' my wife.  Even if that proved successful it is wrong to deny someone else their Goddess given right to liberty.

Sadness and depression is without anything to do with this choice.  I am void all desire to live any life other than what I stated.  Thus begins the illumination of my frustration.  The Goddess helps illuminate everything else in my life but this She ignores me.  Why?

I am without risk of committing suicide now because primarily of my mother.  My parents would struggle to survive my death, as I am told most parents do.  Having officials still living on the Prime Material label my death as due to 'natural' causes is the only way my mother would choose to accept.  That has been what has kept me safe in the past.

Recently I am abundantly mindful to be positive in all actions, thoughts, and feelings during my conscious moments.  That positivism has helped me see that 'performing' an act with the intent of self harm is wrong.  Choosing to leave my body, mortal coil, or corporeal shell is abundantly different.

I played World of Warcraft some today.  With my Night Elf Druid Azteria, I ran through the Magister's Terrace on the Isle of Quel'Danas with my mother.  The last boss did not have what we want this time.  Hopefully he will tomorrow.

I helped my mother fold and (un)load some laundry, trash, and dishes.  My father is a giant leech when it comes to house work.  I know he fails to do it intentionally he simply was taught to think this way from birth.  However, that fails to be an acceptable excuse by the aggregate of society.  He is lucky that my mother chooses to buck the norm and accept it.

As an example, father likes to reuse peanut butter jars to hold materia.  However despite being the only one who makes the choice to want this;  He refuses to actually clean the jars himself.  To make the scenario more comical, he already has thirteen unused/empty peanut butter jars.  He will literally dig through the trash to find peanut butter jars that mom or I throw away.

So we have chosen to become quiet adept at hiding them in the trash from father.

Father creates ten times more dishes than I do, and yet he expects mother or 'I' to clean all the dishes by our-self.  I am absolutely and abundantly for helping the family with household choirs.  Afterall I am disabled and I am without material wealth.  What I am against is chosen inequitable relationships.

I find it comical that my current situation that I wish to leave... is who P.o.t.U.S. Barry Soetoro thinks is his primary voter.  However, I would rather die than have the government give me anything.

I have chosen to accept some forms of material assistance only after my parents repeatedly begging.  I find the whole situation humiliating to be compelled to go against my beliefs in this way.  That probably feeds into my desire fueling my daily prayer enumerated above.


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A person with a high suspension of disbelief, or a pessimistic outlook on life enjoy's "Person of Interest" the most, I believe.

An Artificial Intelligence {A.I.} orchestrates a clandestine militia of vigilantes with military service background.  The A.I. primarily speaks through numbers to anyone but a reformed technology specialized genius young adult member of the militia.  Last Day of War, this story began it's fourth season as a television series called Person of Interest.

Columbia Broadcasting System {C.B.S.} has been a station that I have avoided primarily due to lack of interest in their shows.  Person of Interest has been an exception in the channel's history of failing to support shows that I favor past a first season despite receiving high ratings.

I have had mixed feelings about the stories Jonathan Nolan writes in various episodes of Person of Interest.  I have questioned myself whether I really wanted to watch the next episode or if I want to do something else.  Nevertheless, I have continued to watch the series from the beginning.  I enjoy the characters and learning more about their continued adventures.

Happy I am with the episode Panopticon as it begins the fourth season of Person of Interest.  I loved the show;  And ironically I feel it begins with the clandestine vigilante militia absolutely abundantly better off now than when season three ended.  Though, they really only had one direction to go as last season ended at rock bottom.

I believe Mr. Reese and Ms. Shaw would do very well to shift their perception to positive thinking as the seminar they visited suggests.  Their negativity may be where a lot of my misgivings for the show comes from.  Jonathan Nolan has a slightly distorted view of how the world manifests itself, I believe.  Perforce, the characters's future leads to death and failure.

Suspension of disbelief is something I value very much.  I favor avoiding letting any show's flaws prevent me from being entertained.  Therefore, I overlook my reservations easily.

Yesterday I woke up around 09:00 in the morning.  I started playing World of Warcraft.

I worked on Ianelle's {Alliance, Human, Hunter} herbalism and alchemy.  I got them almost ready to go into the Northrend continent.  I believe that I will finish the zone I am in the Outlands and then move to Northrend.

I continued quing for specific dungeons' once and completing the quests in that dungeon.  Though my heirloom gear is holding me back from the most recent dungeon that is available at level 78.

I took Ariel Miss Scarlett Ryan out back and played with the Frizbee with her until she was tired.  She loved it as normal.

I watched the shows Marvel Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Forever, and Person of Interest later.


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Three out of five stars for the cable network 'Lifetime Television Channel's new television series The Lottery.  The show centers around a female heroine doctor, a male United States of America Army veteran, and the black female C.o.S. {Chief of Staff} to the P.o.t.U.S. {Present of the United States}, and a half baked Dystopian world view driven by a global infertility.

The heroine potentially saves our species by fertilizing and creating a hundred embryos;  And, the story is about the power struggle to control them, set against the backdrop of the scientists figuring out what they did right so that they can fertilize more and 'cure' the global infertility.

As mentioned previously the show is set in a half baked dystopian world that is only partially realized.  The world seems as if the writers and producers shared a religious vision, whom refuse to flesh it out past the initial concept.  Literally the story crosses the globe;  However, what they viewer see are scenes that 'appear' as if the filming barely even leaves Los Angeles, let alone California.

I love how the show illustrates how corrupt D.C. {District of Columbia} is and why.  The writers do seem to understand the mental illness that is statism.  I doubt most of the D.C. M.O.B. {Money Over Bitches} thugs even realize who or what they are, except their primary focus is maintaining and increasing their own power.  They fail to see how the D.C. is separated from the rest of America, And to them D.C. is the nation.

The writers and producers are somewhat obvious with their plot mechanics.  Laying back and "enjoying" shows is what I cherish most.  Therefore, for me to see plot elements in the show, I find rather ridiculous.  Hopefully, for Marley Shelton I am wrong and the show gets renewed for a second season.  Though, I doubt D.C. types enjoy yet another vector illuminating how utterly evil they are.

For those wondering, yes conspiracies are everywhere.  A few conspiracies are even illuminated periodically by the Light.  True negative thinkers should try actually reading the definition of a conspiracy.  A few may even realize that I speak truly.

The government can and does keep many secrets.  The myth that they are unable too is a red haring that they enjoy very much.  How many clandestine groups there are is beyond me, however I am sure there are many forming and dispersing every day.

I also love watching Marley Shelton having so much air time.  She is a beautiful woman and appears to really get into her characters, I believe.  Unfortunately, watching her and her character may be the only reason I continue watching the show past it's third episode.  Unfortunate for the show that is, as my personal journal entries have extrapolated on my turbulent psyche.

The appearance of a person's body tells an astute observer everything about the subjects beliefs and thoughts.  For instance, obesity is a sign of self doubt and depression.  A reader may think of a skinny depressed person they know, however such a person tends to be 'less' than their true ideal fat and muscle mass.

Now a reader either agrees or disagrees with me and that is irrelevant to what I was relaying.  I have thought a great deal about why I find certain women more attractive than others.  From what wisdom I have gleaned my gut reaction to their image says a lot about how compatible my Higher Self and Id thinks they are.  Correlating that with who I believe my ideal wives and ideal marriage occupies my mind periodically.

The short of it is that I think Marley Shelton is hot and I would love to date her, and learn more about her.  Naturally she is different than the characters she plays.  I have yet to see her in a series that gets renewed past it's first season, and so I believe that helps me from that mistake.  However, I have seen her in a series twice now with David Alpay and so maybe they have a meaningful relationship.

Taylor Alison Swift occupies the majority of my thoughts while sleeping and awake.  I am perplexed on what wisdom to draw from that.  The idea that I am completely off my kilter is something I entertain daily, thus I tend to discount it as crazy people rarely realize they are crazy.

Anyhow, this has turned into mostly another journal entry and so I have designated it as such.


1 3 ♥ 0 0 ♥ 0 1 ♥ 1 3 ♥ 1 3; Dies Materia

Previous posts on this day of Saturn have explained my peculiar choice of words to symbolize the day.  Therefore, I will stop repeating myself on future Days that we honor Saturn.

One interesting convergence is that of all the planet's Saturn is the only one with a super-duper-hurrican at the planet's north pole.  The funnel wall is a sheer cliff face as deep as the Grand Canyon on Terra.  The funnel encircles an area larger than Texas.  The interesting part is that our ancestors chose to honor Saturn, instead of say Jupiter with it's big red eye.

Terra has always been our planet's name.  Just as Sol has been our sun's name.  The word 'earth' is the soil that animals walk on and plants grow in. As such it exists on every planet the Goddess has created.  I refuse to limit myself to society's errors.

My parents went to camp in Idaho on their property this weekend.  I chose to stay home.  Combined they are gone a total of two days.  Two days traveling there and back, and one full day there.

A positive thinking guru recently said to me that I should open myself to receive the ideal wives of my dreams as we form the ideal marriage of 'our' dreams.  She meant that I should put myself in new and maybe uncomfortable situations where I may meet at least my first wife.

My first wife is Taylor Alison Swift, but realizing that before it happens is only for my self eateem and self worth.

I am worthy and deserve to be the dream ideal husband of the marriage and ideal wives of my dreams, as I am.
I deserve and am worthy to receive Tay Tay's reciprocating adoration, admiration, and being in love with me.

Empowering those thoughts with emotions of intent, love, joy, happiness, and gratitude is a cardinal element of ghe process of manifestation.

So all week long I severed all beliefs, thoughts, and emotions regarding me attending the camping trip.  I prayed and asked the Goddess to control, direct, help, inspire, manipulate, and/or motivate me towards whatever option will help me the most with manifesting my marriage or just the choice to be happy.  In addition I coupled that request with what will help my mother the most with her choice to be happy.

Obviously, the Goddess led me to stay.  I am abundantly without any regret ot doubt over the decision.  However, I do pray that my mother chose to be happy.

I have een using a new technique with writing… well until I get a tablet and can do it digitally.  I use a vat board and color dry erase markers.  Then I take a picture with my iPhone of my outline before I erase it and brainstorm about another part of my novel.  I believe this has helped me immeasurably with consistency and knowing what to write.

I absolutely feel as if I am on the verge of a great cliff.  In front of me is my path and it has a lot if changes.

Of course I refuse to flap my wings and will die unless the Goddess helps me manifest myself as the dream ideal husband of the marriage of our dreams.

This may seem melodramatic but I assure you that I am void any desire of any future that sees me alone in either the beginning, middle, or end.

Suicide is an action and requires emotion.  Rather I am abundantly apathetic outside of being the dream ideal husband of the ideal marrage and ideal wives of my dreams.  Sucide fails to be an option; rather my heart will simply stop beating.

Or maybe some other illness or disease will kill me quickly, quietly, and painlessly while I sleep.  This I do pray daily for.

I know that death is a lie.  Instead it is a change of state.  Disanimus overcomes my mortal coil after my Force leaves my corporeal shell.

I have lived many lifetimes and I will live many more;  As all spirits are eternal everlasting as the Goddess wills.

So instead of actual death, I am asking for this life cycle to renew and begin anew.

Thank you for sharing your Force.  May the Goddess bless you.


1 3 ♥ 0 0 ♥ 0 1 ♥ 1 3 ♥ 0 1; Dies Woden

Wednesday honors Odin or The God: Woden that being what Germanic tribes called God.  All religions seem to be monothiestic even if the call a few lesser beings as 'a god'.  They still recognize they are neith omnipotent, omnipresent, or omnipotent such as God. {Woden}

I hage thought amostly about my life I share with Tay Tay and Mindfullness. For others the answer is always different if they are on the right and true path that is for them.  We each have a diffferent and unique path that we chose to follow before even conception.

The Super Ego, or Higher Self of even abortions, stillborns, miscarriages, et cetera chose their path.  Any reason or logic behind that is beyond me but it also should be beyond my Ego while I am alive.  Our free-will lets us choose a different branch if we choose to have want of it.

I use Freudian psychological terms because it fits wyat I feel and know is true.  Which is admittedly little, so maybe there is a better analogical metaphor out there that I have not found.

Choosing a different branch requires a varying degree of will.  The amount of will if want is relatable to how drastic the change is.  The sign that there is enough will present, is the feeling of certainty of manifesting the change of want.

We can build and strengthen our will as any muscle with purposeful mindfullness.  Mindfullness is concentrating on every detail while living an event or situation.  For instance brushing teeth, eating a bowl of cereal, taking a shower, et cetera.  

The feeling if cetainty comes while envisioning the life of want.  For instance, I invision going to bed and sleeping in the same bed as Tay Tay, eating breakfast with her, cooking food for her, playing World of Warcraft with her, et cetera.  The point is to imagine or daydream multiple details while living the event or situation;  Increasing amounts of detail is of want.

What is imagined as 'is';  is irrelevant,  what is relevant is imagining solutions to whatever problems or obstacles that are perceived.  Instead of complaining about how television or computers have ruined something, imagine how to change.

Most people seem to operate on autopilot.  The older they get the more rigid their conditioning becomes.  However, there is always hope for anyone regardless if how difficult they choose to be.  Simply pray for the Goddess to help illuminate their path.

Attempting to control others is wrong and a sign of mental illness.  It always fails regardless of number of attempts and who is attempting to exert control.

This is the primary reason statism/communism fails.  It is also why it is an entire political catagory full of people with verying degrees of mental illness. The disease is very much contagious.  It prays on the ignorant, young, and weak of mind.

This is why statiist politicians destroy education systems, seek to 'euthanize' the elderly, extensively use propoganda to brainwash/condition their supporters.

However now I have gotten off topic.