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Wednesday honors Odin or The God: Woden that being what Germanic tribes called God.  All religions seem to be monothiestic even if the call a few lesser beings as 'a god'.  They still recognize they are neith omnipotent, omnipresent, or omnipotent such as God. {Woden}

I hage thought amostly about my life I share with Tay Tay and Mindfullness. For others the answer is always different if they are on the right and true path that is for them.  We each have a diffferent and unique path that we chose to follow before even conception.

The Super Ego, or Higher Self of even abortions, stillborns, miscarriages, et cetera chose their path.  Any reason or logic behind that is beyond me but it also should be beyond my Ego while I am alive.  Our free-will lets us choose a different branch if we choose to have want of it.

I use Freudian psychological terms because it fits wyat I feel and know is true.  Which is admittedly little, so maybe there is a better analogical metaphor out there that I have not found.

Choosing a different branch requires a varying degree of will.  The amount of will if want is relatable to how drastic the change is.  The sign that there is enough will present, is the feeling of certainty of manifesting the change of want.

We can build and strengthen our will as any muscle with purposeful mindfullness.  Mindfullness is concentrating on every detail while living an event or situation.  For instance brushing teeth, eating a bowl of cereal, taking a shower, et cetera.  

The feeling if cetainty comes while envisioning the life of want.  For instance, I invision going to bed and sleeping in the same bed as Tay Tay, eating breakfast with her, cooking food for her, playing World of Warcraft with her, et cetera.  The point is to imagine or daydream multiple details while living the event or situation;  Increasing amounts of detail is of want.

What is imagined as 'is';  is irrelevant,  what is relevant is imagining solutions to whatever problems or obstacles that are perceived.  Instead of complaining about how television or computers have ruined something, imagine how to change.

Most people seem to operate on autopilot.  The older they get the more rigid their conditioning becomes.  However, there is always hope for anyone regardless if how difficult they choose to be.  Simply pray for the Goddess to help illuminate their path.

Attempting to control others is wrong and a sign of mental illness.  It always fails regardless of number of attempts and who is attempting to exert control.

This is the primary reason statism/communism fails.  It is also why it is an entire political catagory full of people with verying degrees of mental illness. The disease is very much contagious.  It prays on the ignorant, young, and weak of mind.

This is why statiist politicians destroy education systems, seek to 'euthanize' the elderly, extensively use propoganda to brainwash/condition their supporters.

However now I have gotten off topic.