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Four out of five stars four entertainment value is what I give this 2014 Constantine series.  Anyone who is a fan of Supernatural such as I, will probably enjoy at least this pilot episode.  I enjoy the detail, acting, and open feeling of the scenes.  The story progresses unhindered by the seemingly coherent world the writers have succeeded establishing in the pilot itself.

A young woman, Liv Aberdine, awakens into a preternatural heritage when a demonic entity begins hunting and stalking her.  Recovering from a recent personal tragedy that damned John Constantine's soul to hell alone with a female prepubescent child, a confident and sinful nan preternatural investigator seeks out and saves Miss Aberdine's life.  The later is who the television who narrates, and whom the series is named after.  Though whether his confidence actually crosses the line of arrogance that it straddles, has want for further illumination.

The mythos of Constantine began as a comic book.  There has been a movie starring Keanu Reeves and Rachel Weisz.  Personally I would rather they have continued the story from the movie into a television series.  However, I give this 2014 series four out of five stars for entertainment value.

I keep getting the idea that they are intentionally working off of the style of the iconic television show Supernatural.  With more than nine seasons and one spin-off, it is far from a bad source to draw inspiration from.  Constantine uses a couple of the same fictional materia from Supernatural.

Early evening I took my evening medication.  Among the pills a couple are to help me sleep, but they failed to get me into NeverNeverLand.

Yesterday evening I mowed the lawn with my mother.

This morning I awoke at around 10:00 again against my explicit prayers to be taken.  I feel I am able to share the following more concisely.  Daily I pray for the Goddess to absolutely and abundantly help me die quickly and painlessly before I wake;  Or absolutely, abundantly, eternally, and implicitly help me manifest as the dream ideal husband in the ideal marriage with the ideal wives of our dreams.

As I have said before I am without focusing on any individual to 'be' my wife.  Even if that proved successful it is wrong to deny someone else their Goddess given right to liberty.

Sadness and depression is without anything to do with this choice.  I am void all desire to live any life other than what I stated.  Thus begins the illumination of my frustration.  The Goddess helps illuminate everything else in my life but this She ignores me.  Why?

I am without risk of committing suicide now because primarily of my mother.  My parents would struggle to survive my death, as I am told most parents do.  Having officials still living on the Prime Material label my death as due to 'natural' causes is the only way my mother would choose to accept.  That has been what has kept me safe in the past.

Recently I am abundantly mindful to be positive in all actions, thoughts, and feelings during my conscious moments.  That positivism has helped me see that 'performing' an act with the intent of self harm is wrong.  Choosing to leave my body, mortal coil, or corporeal shell is abundantly different.

I played World of Warcraft some today.  With my Night Elf Druid Azteria, I ran through the Magister's Terrace on the Isle of Quel'Danas with my mother.  The last boss did not have what we want this time.  Hopefully he will tomorrow.

I helped my mother fold and (un)load some laundry, trash, and dishes.  My father is a giant leech when it comes to house work.  I know he fails to do it intentionally he simply was taught to think this way from birth.  However, that fails to be an acceptable excuse by the aggregate of society.  He is lucky that my mother chooses to buck the norm and accept it.

As an example, father likes to reuse peanut butter jars to hold materia.  However despite being the only one who makes the choice to want this;  He refuses to actually clean the jars himself.  To make the scenario more comical, he already has thirteen unused/empty peanut butter jars.  He will literally dig through the trash to find peanut butter jars that mom or I throw away.

So we have chosen to become quiet adept at hiding them in the trash from father.

Father creates ten times more dishes than I do, and yet he expects mother or 'I' to clean all the dishes by our-self.  I am absolutely and abundantly for helping the family with household choirs.  Afterall I am disabled and I am without material wealth.  What I am against is chosen inequitable relationships.

I find it comical that my current situation that I wish to leave... is who P.o.t.U.S. Barry Soetoro thinks is his primary voter.  However, I would rather die than have the government give me anything.

I have chosen to accept some forms of material assistance only after my parents repeatedly begging.  I find the whole situation humiliating to be compelled to go against my beliefs in this way.  That probably feeds into my desire fueling my daily prayer enumerated above.