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Three out of five stars for the cable network 'Lifetime Television Channel's new television series The Lottery.  The show centers around a female heroine doctor, a male United States of America Army veteran, and the black female C.o.S. {Chief of Staff} to the P.o.t.U.S. {Present of the United States}, and a half baked Dystopian world view driven by a global infertility.

The heroine potentially saves our species by fertilizing and creating a hundred embryos;  And, the story is about the power struggle to control them, set against the backdrop of the scientists figuring out what they did right so that they can fertilize more and 'cure' the global infertility.

As mentioned previously the show is set in a half baked dystopian world that is only partially realized.  The world seems as if the writers and producers shared a religious vision, whom refuse to flesh it out past the initial concept.  Literally the story crosses the globe;  However, what they viewer see are scenes that 'appear' as if the filming barely even leaves Los Angeles, let alone California.

I love how the show illustrates how corrupt D.C. {District of Columbia} is and why.  The writers do seem to understand the mental illness that is statism.  I doubt most of the D.C. M.O.B. {Money Over Bitches} thugs even realize who or what they are, except their primary focus is maintaining and increasing their own power.  They fail to see how the D.C. is separated from the rest of America, And to them D.C. is the nation.

The writers and producers are somewhat obvious with their plot mechanics.  Laying back and "enjoying" shows is what I cherish most.  Therefore, for me to see plot elements in the show, I find rather ridiculous.  Hopefully, for Marley Shelton I am wrong and the show gets renewed for a second season.  Though, I doubt D.C. types enjoy yet another vector illuminating how utterly evil they are.

For those wondering, yes conspiracies are everywhere.  A few conspiracies are even illuminated periodically by the Light.  True negative thinkers should try actually reading the definition of a conspiracy.  A few may even realize that I speak truly.

The government can and does keep many secrets.  The myth that they are unable too is a red haring that they enjoy very much.  How many clandestine groups there are is beyond me, however I am sure there are many forming and dispersing every day.

I also love watching Marley Shelton having so much air time.  She is a beautiful woman and appears to really get into her characters, I believe.  Unfortunately, watching her and her character may be the only reason I continue watching the show past it's third episode.  Unfortunate for the show that is, as my personal journal entries have extrapolated on my turbulent psyche.

The appearance of a person's body tells an astute observer everything about the subjects beliefs and thoughts.  For instance, obesity is a sign of self doubt and depression.  A reader may think of a skinny depressed person they know, however such a person tends to be 'less' than their true ideal fat and muscle mass.

Now a reader either agrees or disagrees with me and that is irrelevant to what I was relaying.  I have thought a great deal about why I find certain women more attractive than others.  From what wisdom I have gleaned my gut reaction to their image says a lot about how compatible my Higher Self and Id thinks they are.  Correlating that with who I believe my ideal wives and ideal marriage occupies my mind periodically.

The short of it is that I think Marley Shelton is hot and I would love to date her, and learn more about her.  Naturally she is different than the characters she plays.  I have yet to see her in a series that gets renewed past it's first season, and so I believe that helps me from that mistake.  However, I have seen her in a series twice now with David Alpay and so maybe they have a meaningful relationship.

Taylor Alison Swift occupies the majority of my thoughts while sleeping and awake.  I am perplexed on what wisdom to draw from that.  The idea that I am completely off my kilter is something I entertain daily, thus I tend to discount it as crazy people rarely realize they are crazy.

Anyhow, this has turned into mostly another journal entry and so I have designated it as such.