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A person with a high suspension of disbelief, or a pessimistic outlook on life enjoy's "Person of Interest" the most, I believe.

An Artificial Intelligence {A.I.} orchestrates a clandestine militia of vigilantes with military service background.  The A.I. primarily speaks through numbers to anyone but a reformed technology specialized genius young adult member of the militia.  Last Day of War, this story began it's fourth season as a television series called Person of Interest.

Columbia Broadcasting System {C.B.S.} has been a station that I have avoided primarily due to lack of interest in their shows.  Person of Interest has been an exception in the channel's history of failing to support shows that I favor past a first season despite receiving high ratings.

I have had mixed feelings about the stories Jonathan Nolan writes in various episodes of Person of Interest.  I have questioned myself whether I really wanted to watch the next episode or if I want to do something else.  Nevertheless, I have continued to watch the series from the beginning.  I enjoy the characters and learning more about their continued adventures.

Happy I am with the episode Panopticon as it begins the fourth season of Person of Interest.  I loved the show;  And ironically I feel it begins with the clandestine vigilante militia absolutely abundantly better off now than when season three ended.  Though, they really only had one direction to go as last season ended at rock bottom.

I believe Mr. Reese and Ms. Shaw would do very well to shift their perception to positive thinking as the seminar they visited suggests.  Their negativity may be where a lot of my misgivings for the show comes from.  Jonathan Nolan has a slightly distorted view of how the world manifests itself, I believe.  Perforce, the characters's future leads to death and failure.

Suspension of disbelief is something I value very much.  I favor avoiding letting any show's flaws prevent me from being entertained.  Therefore, I overlook my reservations easily.

Yesterday I woke up around 09:00 in the morning.  I started playing World of Warcraft.

I worked on Ianelle's {Alliance, Human, Hunter} herbalism and alchemy.  I got them almost ready to go into the Northrend continent.  I believe that I will finish the zone I am in the Outlands and then move to Northrend.

I continued quing for specific dungeons' once and completing the quests in that dungeon.  Though my heirloom gear is holding me back from the most recent dungeon that is available at level 78.

I took Ariel Miss Scarlett Ryan out back and played with the Frizbee with her until she was tired.  She loved it as normal.

I watched the shows Marvel Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Forever, and Person of Interest later.