Statist Psyche

A statist mind is broken so understand when their logic train fails. When this happens they will be reduced to silence if you are very lucky. Statists have been around for longer than recorded history. Most governments have been statist governments and that is why they have failed.

The mind is a very complex thing and it tends to be very resilient to damage both psychological and physical. However, when it breaks fundamental traits that are often taken for granted cease to be. For a statist their mind can be broken because of psychological trauma like an abusive parent, or physical trauma like brain cancer. The effect is that they are unable to see and/or comprehend the same patterns that a healthy brain can. However, do not mistake call people who call themselves a statist or a Democrat to actually be so. Sometimes people have been brainwashed.

Typically the brainwashed are average citizens who maintain careers somewhere other than politics. They can be saved with passive patience and sound logical arguements. "Politics" is the discussion of everything. Even how to fold your socks can be a "political" discussion if the other disagrees. So understand that it is ok to stay well away from topics of discussion about government if it makes them uncomfortable.

For the true statist mind, there is very little hope for them until the 'malfunction' is diagnosed and understood. They will try to engage with facts and science with someone who disagrees. However, humoring them and showing how their facts and science is wrong will unhinge their minds. When their logic fails them and they have lost the argument they will resort to rude and obnoxious behavior.

So when a statist starts slobering at the mouth with rude insults and obnoxious name calling just smile and nod at them. This is simply how they tell you that you won the argument. Their conscious mind may think otherwise of course. That is because the stress of failing to continue the discussion has unhinged their mind. Their psyche is reduced to the mentality of a seven year old child. Thus it is imperative that we believe and have high confidence in ourselves.