Mayan Date: 13♥00♥00♥17♥11
Saturday: α, β, θ, δ,

Today is a θ day.  However I stayed home half the day and even did not take a shower.

With my Mother, I went to the LifeQuest building to get weighed by our Ideal Protein dietary coach.  Afterwards we went to get groceries at Yokes.  My FS paid for almost all of the groceries, that was surprisingly awesome and sucky at the same time.

Sucky because that just means the FRB is mondtizing our debt even more than they did before.  That is sucky for our countries future.  I pray that the FRB is repealed disowned by the fed gov soon.

I spent a couple hours writing more on my first novel.

I tried explaining to my mother how I am praying for the Goddess and Her angels to guide me with my desire to refuse to participate in ObamaFailCare.  Part of the reason I am praying for guidance is that I wish to avoid arguing with my parents over it.

So my mother took this revelation as a sign to argue with me about it.

Both of my parents seem to have a disconnect with understanding what providence means and how it relates to us living our life.

That is weird for especially my Mother who was raised an orthadox Roman Catholic schoolgirl, and still is very religious though more Coptic now, later in her life.

I explained it to my mother but I think she just nodded her head to shut me up.

Some people fail and take the idea that the Goddess provides all that we want, as a sign to do nothing and be nothing, and everthing will be copasetic.  That is wrong.

What it means is to envision the future we want and let the Goddess handle the details of how that happens.  An omnipotent and omnipresent entity is better at it.

The higher-self still calls for us to manifest our will and actions in the present.  In the now, still let morals and ethics guide actions in response to day to day events.

Using Providence as an excuse to expect the Goddess to live our life for us is wrong… and only leads to failure.  Instead it is there to comfort us and give us hope when the night is darkest.

I downloaded the "Kindle for iPhone" app and am discovering the wonderful world of reading for a lot less than I was.  I bought a couple books for kindle on amazon.com and it sent it to my iPhone… that is hella awesome.

Thank you for sharing you Force. Be well…