Mayan Date: 13♥00♥00♥17♥12
Sunday: α, β, θ, δ,

Today started as a θ, but is ending as a β day.  Just am feeling that my parents are confusing themselves from feeling any love my way.  Their worrying about 'my' future if they should die.  Well, that would be a problem and a solution will present itself or it will not.  I see little productive in fretting over what 'might' be.

Better to focus on what I want and let the Goddess handle the disharmony between that and the Prime Material.

My first novel is a Steampunk Romance novel.  So I have been reading books in this genre and am loving them.  They are exactly what I want.  So I look for more.

There seemed to be a lack of any group on goodreads.com that focused on that combined genres or even the broader science fiction romance genre.  They had the categories for books but no groups.

So I created one, and a FaceBook Page to accompany it.  Tomorrow I might create a Google+ Page but will see how well I can integrate the three pages.  Probable will want to fine tune the FB+ page too.

My parents went over to a friends house to eat 'dinner' but I stayed home.  I want to start living Sunday as a holy day of rest again… just holy in a Jedi Witkhkraft way.

Admittedly, the professional stuff with the goodreads.com and FaceBook+ pages creation was more prevelant in my mind but it all contributed to me saying no.

Well… I did give them an option to show they 'actually wanted' me to be there and they refused.

I said I wanted to take a shower.  My Mother after she asked my Father, and she said they would wait if I did it now... Or once I got to a point in Goodreads that I could save and start up again on another computer later.  Which would be a literally a minute or two.

That was enough for my Father to declare it improper behavior and left.  My mom probably thought she did not have a choice but that is false.  She choose to confuse herself with archaic mesogynistic rules, instead of making a choice.  I shrugged and did my thing.

They both obviously confused themselves, failed to act intelligent & wise, and actually want my company.

I have zero control over their choices.  I can only control my own.

I choose to 'expect' them to behave like their sentient sapiens.  Times like today they let me down.

I did mess up and choose to eat a couple slices of a cheese cake;  That, is off the Ideal Protein diet.  I know that I am as flawed as anyone else.

I had a television dinner entree too.  But the ones I got are low carb… still off the diet but a lot closer.

Being on the Ideal Protein Diet is without a switch to turn it on and off.  The focus is keeping your body in "Ketosis".

That is why eggs, cheese, and meat are better because they just give you more fat to burn;  Instead of shifting your liver's chemistry out of "Ketosis".

The people who run the Ideal Protein clinic are looking to hire a new coach.  They had two quit in short succession.  I am thinking of applying.  I ask the Goddess and Her angels to control, direct, help, inspire, and motivate me to be, do, feel, and think whatever will help me manifest what I want… whatever will help me the most to choose to be happy…

What I want, what will help me the most to choose to be happy… is for my Ideal Wife {mb Taylor Alison Swift} and I to meet, get married, and begin/live our Ideal Marriage/Family.

I know that I am without any way of manifesting that besides casting spells {prayers} to the Goddess.  Writing daydremaing, and artistic fun is supposed to help too.

They idea of controlling other than the self, is a dangerous delusion.

There is a very rigid disharmony between my Prime Material and my happiness.

Thank you for sharing your Force and be well.