Monday, 13♥00♥00♥17♥06

Tomorrow my mother says she will go with me to Spokane for my quarterly trail drug check in @ Arthritis Northwest.

I'm a poor starving artist & I refuse to take POTUS Soetoro's universal misery monopoly money for my severe Rheumatoid Arthritis.  Pain and I, are on the outs this life-cycle.  Thus I volunteer to be a guinee pig for testing the latest and greatest drugs they are inventing.

Of course, I'd be long dead without what charity my parents are willing to give.  That is also the better alternative to government benevolence programs.  Family, and if you notice Hollywood and District of Columbia have been attacking and discouraging families from helping each other.

The pain is why I am limited from drudgery paying work.  They inveribly want me to stand for long periods of time and/or walk places.  My body is incapable of such sustained effort… short periods of time I manage well enough.

Then there are my psyche mental illness that I have been healing lately.  As a by-product I see past self as a very impulsive, chaotic, and inconsistent sapient.  I trick myself into 'feeling' what I want, if necessary… otherwise it is as if I am verbally arguing with my hand to move a certain way.

Lately, I have learned the wonderful world of spell casting, or prayer, as Christians call it.  The Goddess has helps my continued existence to be possible.

@ 11:13 I am hoing to get some more food in my stomach and maybe take a nap.  I let the Goddess and her angels guide me through the details.  So I might end up writing more on my first novel becore or after.

I created a spreadsheet on Google Drive that auto-publishes to a web url for my mother to see to help her balance her checkbook and keep track of money I save and spending.  Took me a couple hours to figure out how to do 'spreadsheet' math… crazy.

… 21:52 …
I drank a couple Ideal Protien shakes earlier.

Though I also ate some turkey mom cooked tonight after she got home from work.

Moreover, I just had a couple handfuls of the chocolate covered almonds that Grandma Ryan brought for thanksgiving, but left for us to have last weekend.

I watched and hour or so of another episode of Haven… Countdown I think the episode was called.  Instead of writing more on my first novel.

I'll bring the old laptop to write more during the trip to the Doctors.  It's great for writing but I look forward to using one of the new 128GB white iPads.

I have little idea how I will get one but i leave the details for the Goddess.  She is smarter, more wise, and has a much better perception of my Qabbalah for planing and strategy.

I am enjoying writing this journal.  The actual benefit for me is a bit foggy to me;  Yet I do know that it helps me make the choice to feel happy more.

One of my Mom's awesome friends at work found he has a benign brain tumor.  So Mom and I cast a spell tonight for the Goddess to help Criag and his family to choose to be happy through this crucible.

Apparently Craig's two daughters are spoiled princesses, who've been brainwashed to be one of the District of Columbia's "useful idiots" by public schools and the lame stream media.  Hopefully they realize what is important and start supporting the Tea Party and liberalism {libertarian} before their father is taken from them to increase the gravity of the lesson their higher selves wish to learn.