Mayan Date: 13♥00♥00♥17♥09
Thursday: α, β, δ, γ,

So I the greek letters help me keep trak of how my days are going emotionally.  Alpha is the worst, and gamma is one of the best day of my life. 

The intent is to help me find what helps me choose to have abundant number of gamma days.  I have found out that eggs and cheese are good as they are almost all protien or fat, with little carbs.  I also discovered a recidpe for a poor man's mocha.

An 'Ideal Protien' coach would say to stay away from diary products.  Yet we live in realville.  If I am hungry, then I am going to eat.  The only choice is what I can manage to swallow and keep down and will still kep my body in that fat burning chemical cycle: Ketosis.

I am over fifty pounds lighter than I was half a year ago, so I have figure a couple things out 'for me'.

Kutting this short as I am going to take a shower and meet my mother for lunch…. Of course daydreaming that my Ideal Wife {mb Taylor Alison Swift} is with me the whole time… shower too. 😇 🌠💫⭐️

… 17:56 …
So taking a shower and going to Safeway in Richland to have lunch with my mother and her co-worker/friends helped me end this as a δ day.

Asking the Goddess and Her angels to help me find my house keys.  Left it unlocked while away at lunch.  I abundantly want to avoid repeating that.  This neighborhood is nice and reasonably safe but anything can happen.

I got some sugar-free munchies to help get past cravings for food.  Worked today and am really proud of how much munchies is left for the future and my parents.  They are on the Ideal Protien diet with me.

I wrote a little more on my first novel today.  I think I have all of the initial main entities named and rudimentary description of them and a short synopsis of a past.

I already wrote a short prologue but its different… I have in mind that it will can be used to 'describe' another event too, and still give enough information for the reader to enjoy it.

I my first novel is in the steampunk science fiction romance genre.

Eyes are getting droopy, so:

Thank you for sharing your Force for a time, and be well.  You deserve and are worthy of being loved, joyful, and happy.