Mayan Date: 13♥00♥00♥17♥08

I awoke around 07:30, looking at a clock failed to be a high priority.

I updated some tasks on Taylor Alison Swift's, and my, GoT: Ascent characters. 

Then I watched last night's s09e09 of Supernatural "Holy Terror".  I think the writers should have kept Kevin, the prophet, alive;  Letting him get assasinated by Godzillel is wrong.

Sam and Dean should begin to build something 'good' with the bunker as home.  The place is supposed to be a small underground city/sanctuary instead of a bachelor pad.

After nine seasons Sam and Dean should have more than a couple groupies.  Especially with 'God' putting their story out on the internet.  Their story is popular in our Prime Material.  Thus their Prime material's publik should love it too.

Now I am taking a mid day nap.  I want to overcome this depressive imbalance I'm currently feeling.

I am leaving my door open to let Ariel Miss Scarlett {mb Tay Tay} sleep in bed with me.

Be well

… 18:50 …
The map was rather poor, woke up two hours later with only this post to show for it.

Leaving the door open was a mistake.  Ariel does not quiet down fast enough.

I watched a couple episodes of Haven's latest season and am caught up now… just in time for their Winter Solstice rerun break.

I think Mr. Stephen King should stay away from Audrey's past unlike he is in this fourth season.  He is explaining too much too quickly.

Better would have William be a different Haven's 'Audrey'.  I mean as in another town somewhere else with a different name but same 'troubles'.  And 'William' did end up killing the woman he loved.  Say it was an accident but…

However such a character does not exist.  It is as if Mr. King is wanting to end the television show and 'wrap up' the story.  I hope that i am wrong.

I think I will be giving the second G.o.T.:A. toon to Tay Tay soon.  I have been feeling different thoughts lately… or its all just a goblin {thoughts of doubt and other Dark Side feelings of the frequency of Light.}

Such energies are Dark/Light based on what frequencies our brain emits when focusing on a feeling;  Therefore, what half of the spectrum of Light they fall means they are light or dark.  As a 'sunspot' on Sol still emits light, just less than the surrounding surface;  Therefore sunspots are 'perceived' as dark.

I wonder what I am getting out of this.  However, is this journal being publik, indirectly or directly helps someone else make the choice to be halpy then that is awesome.

Keeping this journal is just somewhat humbling.  Or maybe it will help a future more experienced version of me with something(s).

I did the dishes today. This is big because my depression related apathy knows no bounds.  However, I someone has to help my mother and my father's chauvanistic attitude about what is 'proper' keeps him paralized.

I pray that the current attitude of my father's:  That the two people with Rheumatoid Arthritis in the family should do all the house work…  comes to a screeching halt and 180 degrees turn around.

I believe that I know what is driving my Dad to act this way;  It ties into how he acts in other ways.  He is entirely too concerned with what is 'proper' or propriety in general.

I wish this is one 'trait' that inheritance fails to pass on to me.  I want to avoid acting this way towards my Ideal Wife {mb Tay Tay} or our thirteen children.

I find it interesting that most of the character traits my father complains about in me, comes from him.  Yet he remains oblivious to where I get it from.

Most of the time I compel myself to change the traits my Father mentions because I have little use for them either.  They fail to help me with the choice to be happy in variety of ways.

Thank you for sharing your time and Force.  Be Well.