Mayan Date: 13♥00♥00♥17♥13
Monday: α, β, θ, δ,

As i wake up, today feels like a θ day;  and I pray that the Goddess and Her angels help me manifest it as a δ.  That will take my Ideal Wife {mb Taylor Alison Swift} and I, eloping and beginning our Ideal Marriage/Family.  This I spell… So mote it be, Amen.

I feel like taking a shower within the next couple hours and having lunch with my Mother, @ SafeWay.

Shower and getting ready takes an hour at most so I have some more time to fill.

I think that I will write some more in my first novel.

Oh! Doctors want me keeping track of my pain on a daily basis so I think I will start doing that now.

There is a semi dull but escalating throbbing pain in my rib cage along my back and hips.  It's letting me know that it is time to wake/get up and take happy pills.

My feet feel great but that's because They have yet to support any weight for ten hours.  They should end up taking over the semi dull but escalating pain duties from my ribs and hips.

Thirty minutes in and I my body is feeling less lethargic.