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Humorously blatant statist brainwashing propaganda of a third episode to an otherwise wonderstrukk television series: Orville by Fox.  The show as a whole still does circles around the outrageously bogus Star Trek: Discovery produced by C.B.S., as a slap in the face to all Star Trek Fans.  This level of offense is similar to what Electronic Arts & BioWare did to fans of the Mass Effect franchise with how they wrote/produced the ending of Mass Effect III.

Read here for a more detailed accord of how few fucks were given by BioWare/E.A. on what the audience actually wanted from the third game.  The short of it, is that if they did choose to care what their fans wanted;  Then, they would have waited until Drew Karpyshyn was able and willing to spearhead the project.

The third episode in Orville first season, "About a Girl", is when the show's writers and producers made a bogus rip on the transgender debate in contemporary United States of America.  The one monolithic tragedy is how poorly the show relates to the issues that hermaphrodites face and the most successful strategies that parents, of hermaphrodites, have chosen.  The E.T.B.E. {Extra'Terrestrial Biological Entities} "girl" in question is born a girl, and the biological/societal E.T.B.E. parents want to hermetikally change the sex of the child to the same 'mono-gender' of their species.

Who this is coming from is part of the issue;  That is the same statist propagandized faction that are quick to mischaracterize all of the current United States's culture.  They are also eager to be critical of how poorly our ancestors treated the indigenous population of the Americas.  The point of mine, is that they advocating bullying the show's E.T.B.E. characters of this E.T.B.S. {Extra'Terrestrial Biological Species} into complying with the mischaracterized future "modern" culture of Terra.  By the Law of Attraction, the show's writers and producers dreadfully want our past to be horrendously repeated in the future.

What is so stark and thereby, is seen as forced brainwashing propaganda, by me.  Is that a sapient mono'gender species would see itself as free to either dual gender classification of male or female.  The show's writers erroneously expect such an E.T.B.S. as described in the show, to "claim" to be male.  Instead, only ignorant savages would seek to 'conform' to Terra's perception of gender.

Why this is even an issue is because the episode makes a big deal about the E.T.B.E. second tier characters of this E.T.B.S. performing peaceful civil disobedience against the Terran culture dominating this supposedly peaceful "Union" {a.k.a. Federation} ship, U.S.S. Orville.  There are always two sides to any problem, and of course the writers make a show of characterizing the human's insanity as repugnant.  Of course, it would be repugnant;  Except the entire scenario fails to make any logical or reasonable sense.
This is where the red line is drawn by me.  Thirteen minutes of the show is all that could be stomached, before the insanity threatened the harmony, serenity, and tranquility within me.  This is intentionally written to convey humor, because of how serious am I.

A scenario that would be a lot closer to be in'phase with our Prime Material, is the following.  A single gender E.T.B.S. would make it a point to correct any "human" that characterized them as male or female.  In the event that a 'girl' was born of a mono'gender species, they would fail to even suspect the child had a genetic mutation until the child's genetics were discovered.

Furthermore, a private militia that was under contract to represent the interests of a confederation;  That represented multiple different species from multiple different home'worlds...  Such a Navy would have trained its officers to be a great deal more tolerant and accepting of cultures and societies external to the officers' own.

The idea that the genetic deviation, or mutation, can be beneficial is worthy to focus an entire television episode, feel do I.  However, simply ignoring that the vast majority of mutations are in fact, harmful to the subject, is a disservice to the audience and makes the writers, producers, and directors of the show appear as ignorant hillbillies.