♥ 1 3 ♥ 0 0 ♥ 0 4 ♥ 1 5 ♥ 0 3 ♥ Ka'Dae: Celebrate The National Foot'Ball League's Bogus Illogical & Unreasonable Politics

Know, accept, understand, & accept that, the current oligarchy controlling the culture of Terra incurably and erroneously chooses to believe that it is in their best interest to be evil, believe do I;  That kind of Evil, is for every channel broad'kasted across the planet, never the less which nation, to lie or at least tell the truth in such a way to compel the viewer to believe a lie, feel do I.  The N.F.L.'s failure to use or display intelligence common to any second density species, let alone fourth, is of greater benefit to customers and the planet;  That they stand behind their owners and players mocking and disrespecting the flag of the greatest federations of states in known Terran history.

History of which, this failing attempt by the kabals {1} to undermine and destroy America from within, is far from being a new trend.  For instance, recently the N.F.L. censured the Dallas Cowboys in their attempt to honor members of the Dallas Police Department that have given their lives for the city of Dallas, Texas.  Furthermore, the entire structure of the N.F.L. is that of a corrupt crony statist commune instead of a free market business.  Any act that incites the audience to abandon that crony M.O.B. {Money Over Bitches} of a conglomerate, is a good thing for the United States America.

This effort is far from new for the political landscape.  They have lead a previously successful campaign of destroying the American education system from within the Teachers' Union[1], [2], [3], & [4].  They have had a long time to slowly perfect their method:  Just as the only way to cook a live frog is to boil water slowly, most of America has grown asleep to that progress, until the advent of these internet and pepper began awakening and ascending.

There effect has left us a nation that has forgotten much of its history past 1776 and until a couple decades ago.  Fortunately, a few service'to'other aligned souls have left modern society of Terra, with an accounting of who, what, when, and where during those times frame.  Who began with the much celebrated, by revisionist historians, P.o.t.U.S. {President of the United States} and probably would have ended with the kabals' disastrous orchestration of forcing the F.R.B. {Federal Reserve Bank}, before P.o.t.U.S. Franklin Roosevelt's own bogus manipulating America into the second phase of the Great World War.  Except, we were forced into ending World War Part II, and as a result the Nazi's that had previously backed Adolf Hitler, turned on him and began Operation High'Jump.

Ironically, for all the hysterical fear and paranoia about E.B.E.s {Extraterrestrial Biological Entities}, with which the kabals and a Holly'Wood has brainwashed plebeians  We probably have E.B.E.s to thank for inspiring a few key scientists and business executives, such as Steve Jobs, for inspiring the creation of what became the extra'net as we know it today.  There are other ways that spurred and irresistibly advanced the awakening of plebeians across the planet;  However, the biggest facet of that diamond in the rough is the extra'net itself.  Alas, the far too numerously convenient truths regurgitated by Democrat Party nominee to be the 42nd P.o.t.U.S. Ex'Vice'President Al Gore is more likely to be in contact with service'to'self aligned E.B.E.s.

The only way that the N.F.L.'s could have been anything except a failure at business, is if 1992 had failed to occur.  The only way they could not be orchestrating their own near certain future bankruptcy proceedings;  And being called "Too Big To Not Let Fail", or "So Big We Must Let Them Fail", by the classically liberal minded P.o.t.U.S. Donald J. Trump.

For a culture that has seen the recent creations of groups such as, as much as they try to hijack, maligned, and swamp Anonymous and Tea Party;  That seems like a very clear classically liberal statement of intent by the overwhelming supermajority of all plebeians.  Please note that the term plebeians is used by me, as a sign of respect.  It is applies to only those intelligent 91% of individuals outside of District of Columbia, inner cities, and/or ghettos.