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The first playthrough for Mass Effect 2, had Shepard joining/taking over Cerberus, of mine. All subsequent playthroughs for M.E.2 have failed to give that option. Unfortunately that saved file was lost to the past; So what M.E.3 does with that is unknown to me.

Evidently whoever wrote M.E.3, decided to do away with Drew Karpyshyn's offering for us to play either Cerberus or Alliance in M.E.3.  That is why, as has been said in the past, that while the concept of 'vaporware' is well known to me;  Still, on a fundamental level, anything Drew dreamed up for ME3 would have been better than the shit show Mr. Walters put on, think do I.

The only reason that M.E.3 is any good, is only because of the Mass Effect Karpyshyn already created.  In addition, it is as if Mr. Walters knew what would happen while they began development of the game;  Because the entire game is practically reminiscing on our choices in M.E.1-2, even the antagonist was recycled.  Very little was created that was new, except for maybe the Leviathans, even that must have been written in Karpyshyn's onion for the game, somewhere in BioWare Headquarters.

How it took until 2016 for BioWare to get rid of Walters is beyond my understanding.  If anyone could reference a game, dlc, character, et cetera that was worked on by him that had a good effect on the game, while working for BioWare, would be greatly appreciated by me.  My 'dislike' for Walters desperately has a want to be rebalanced.

For this reason believe do I;  The lead writer, who took over from Drew Karpyshyn, basically gutted the Mass Effect Omniverse to try to turn Mr. Walters's own horrible fan fiction into canon. Chris Schlerf may have had the title of Mass Effect: Andromeda's lead writer; However, he must have been channeling, the spirit still living, Drew Karpyshyn for writing ME:A.

The ability of Mr. Schlerf to write quality fiction fails to be in question, by me.  What compels the connection to be made, feel do I.  As Liara T'Soni said once, all the little things in Mass Effect Andromeda that connect the two.

Of course, anything Mr. Walter writes will have a significant handicap to overcome, by me.  His leadership forced an ending despite the supermajority of fans saying "NO".  Moreover, his ending forced my Sheppard to violate his promise to Liara T'Soni in Mass Effect 2: Lair of the Shadow Broker.

M.E.:A could easily fit as a replacement for ME3; With Liara T'Soni spending Shadow Broker wealth to quickly and secretly transform the SW base into another Andromeda's Initiative Ark. It already looks like half of an ark in M.E.2.

Why do this besides a get out of jail free card? In M.E.1 Sheppard is constantly think that the Heretics {annoying that in M.E.2 Sheppard constantly referring to Heretics as Geth, even after informed of the difference by Legion} are following Sarien. While instead, they were following Nazara.

So would fail to be surprising that Sheppard's assumption about the Collectors is also wrong. Maybe they are following a group of A.I. that are in an InterGalactic War.

  • "…you have the attention of beings infinitely greater…" Harbinger 
  • Haelstrum star is being effected by dark energy.
  • Read the description of Pluto in M.E.1.  It was literally encased in ice for untold millenia.  Who did that?  The Protheans? no, they failed to see the Reapers coming until they took the Citadel.  Ilos's Research Station was their only saving grace.  

  • In Mass Effect: Andromeda the biggest threat other than the Kett and Archon is the Scourge, of seemingly living dark energy that is everywhere. 
  • Beings that coincidentally vanished around the same time as the end of M.E.3 'created' a bio-synthetic sapient life-form {2}.

  • Again Rider's, repeat Sheppard's mistake in the assumption that the highly evolved Kett {That are oh so similar to the Prothean created Asari, differing only in biotic ability and method of procreation} are working alone and are just that massive, is based on absolutely nothing.
  • The existing canon on biotics can easily explain how Asari are able to reproduce without consuming their sapient partner.  Moreover, the existing canon on biotics and mass effect lends itself to linking the two species as engineered by opposing different creator species with differing technological methods and goals.
  • Near the end of the fourth game the Jardaan mention that the 'Scourge' is a manifestation of some faction that opposes them and their work.

What this means can be many things. Except as a writer, I wish to point out that coincidences are always designed and manufactured. Especially when there is a deadline involved, such as writing for a game that boasts interactive timelines that react to your choices.

The future from the coincidences that I have seen from, replaying from M.E.1 to M.E.:A is that there is a much bigger intergalactic war that originally began between Andromeda and our Milky Way Leviathans.  Both factions ended up creating A.I. to fight the war for them without loosing their own citizens.  Within the countless millenia that has passed, the only real change is the periodic creation of new factions.

The only alternative logic and reasoning, is that the Leviathans sat around as their creation turned on them and ascended them as the Collectors attempted to do with Humans.  That abundantly fails to make any sense to me.  Leviathans were far to reclusive, behemoth like, and arrogant to allow being usurped to that level.

The Collectors were one such faction, and they, and the Kett, were working for the same faction.  The canon video showing that there may have been a Reaper in control of Harbinger.  That is just largely to confuse the fan with a red herring.  Either not all Reapers were allied with the Citadel, or it was the Reapers laughing at the Collectors.  The reason for this thought is because of what the Collectors were building, which gives a lot more credence than a stray hologram.  They were building a Reaper in the shape of a human.

In addition, Harbinger new its base was blowing up but was convinced Sheppard was still losing... 
Maybe an emotional reaction from Reaper taunting him.  Maybe he was a representative of a faction that had 'hid' Humans on Terra by sealing Sol's Mass Effect Relay in ice.

Naturally, with all theory crafting, it could all be wrong.  However, welcome are all who know of any lore in the Mass Effect games that directly contradicts this hypothesis of mine.  Also welcome are all who agree with me and wish further add to this hypothesis.

Please also recognize that the wikias fail to be absolutely directly form the Mass Effect devs and writers.  Even if they are written and/or controlled by Bioware.  The wikias only reveal what has been revealed ingame.  Thus anything written about the Reapers only includes what Sheppard, The Council, et cetera believe or have experienced and their thoughts.  That still allows for mistakes and being mislead.

Grateful for you sharing your time and Force.  May you ask the Goddess to eternally alight you self-determined path.