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All over the media, government, and society about vaping.  Vaping mixes water vapor with nicotine.  So what is exhaled from vaping is Water Vapor.  That is distinctive to smoking in two unique and incredibly important ways.

Vaping emits water vapor which already exists in a soluble state in our atmosphere.  Everyone already breathes it in constantly.  If it was going to kill anyone, the human species would be extinct, especially near the beaches of Terra.

The #humidity is a number that is often reported every day on the Morning and Nightly News broadcasts, by a meteorologist.  That is a measure of the amount of water vapor in the air.  Be thankful for it, because if it was zero we would have want to drink a lot more water.

Smoking emits smoke which are solid particles partially and temporarily suspended in the air.  Smoke always leaves behind tar, which is the "solid particles" ending their suspension in air.  Tar that comes from tobacco is what scientists have suggested is dangerous.

All studies about Nicotine and specifically vaping fail to show any correlation between that and smoking.  The two are absolutely and abundantly different.  Believe me when I say the #statist groups have been desperately 'trying' to find a link between the two because they want to tax it like they tax all other 'sin taxes'.

Praying to the Goddess that PotUS Donald Trump makes passing the FairTax act his first #1 priority, am I.  That will make irrelevant all of the effort performed by the groups aligning with #statism.  Surprising this should never be, to find out that the traditional tobacco plantation slave corporation oligarchy have been behind a lot of the effort to slander vaping.  This may seem counter intuitive until you realize that Cronyism is what they are after, they want the government to eliminate their competition.