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This is the reasoning by which I rate any movie or television series that is watched and reviewed by me.

  1. Stars ~ is for shows that only the uber fans of the genre in general enjoy.  If finding a decent zombie film or television series is difficult then these shows are for you.
  2. Stars ~ is for shows that are good examples of a genre and most people will probably enjoy it.  This is for people who are able to enjoy most movies and overlook most errors in various parts of the script, acting, emersion, or continuity.
  3. Stars ~ is for shows that are exceptional examples outside of the genre itself.  They are innovative, authentically original, and should be able to compel even most of those who are unable to stop nitpicking movies to death.
Better eye-candy {attractive actors/actresses} is chosen for the characters then that may compel me to stomach through the first few episodes, maybe more.  That is simply honest the reader and myself, being me.

Thank you for sharing your time and Force;  May you ask the Goddess to eternally alight your path.  Please understand that far from perfect am I.  That realization too is far from new to me;  Therefore, with the goal of helping are the critics made by me.