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B.S. = Bull Shit
B.S. = PotUS Barry Soetoro
get it?
Yes I know I am juvenile but at least I admit it, unlike Mr. BS

O.N.A.'s response is legaleze for "I am just a defense attorney kum buck37 for a bunch of Muslim Brotherhood.  You know how they treat women?  I have no fraking clue what you are talking about."

I mean really what is Speaker Boner going to say about it?  AND is that before or after his latest golf 'meeting' {circle jerk} with PotUS Barry Soetoro?

Speaker Boner COULD do something beautiful like stop all funding of the Executive Branch indefinitely;  and then WAAIIITTT for them to fold.  LET the LSM fail to tar and feather him to their already dwindling audience that fails to make up a significant portion of the American voting citizenry.

However, the only people who seem to fail to understand that Speaker Boner is a traitor and a District of Columbia thugish statist is the few hundred thousand that form his constituent base.

"We can't find the reports... hmmm... I wonder where they got that from... probably their fearful leader PotUS Barry Soetoro.

Everyone has a F.O.I.A{Freedom Of Information Act} horror story, though the one told by Vice News investigative reporter Jason Leopold in today’s F.O.I.A. hearing before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee deserves its very own headline.

When asked about why some agencies just refuse to cough up material, Leopold offered this example:

LEOPOLD: The Office of Net Assessment {ONA} is the Pentagon’s in-house think tank. They spend millions and millions of dollars putting together reports — reports that they contract out about perhaps some futuristic warfare, or what the situation in the Middle East is going to look like with regards to oil. I asked for those reports. I filed a F.O.I.A. request; they refused to comply with my F.O.I.Arequest. They said it was too broad. I narrowed it, they still said it was too broad. I sued them. Recently they said that ‘We’ll give you some documents as long as you promise to never file a F.O.I.Arequest again and don’t have anyone else file a F.O.I.Arequest on your behalf.’

Rep. Mark DeSaulnier {D-Calif.}: How is that legal?

LEOPOLD: I don’t know but they put this in writing and I’m really looking forward to the day when I write this story up.

The reports, says Leopold, aren’t classified. As reported by U.S.A. Today:  One O.N.A. study appraised the body language patterns of Russian President Vladimir Putin and other world leaders.

More from Leopold: “Not only will they not give up the reports, they can’t find the reports,” he said, alleging government waste.
Lt. Col. Valerie Henderson {Defense Department}: “As a matter of policy, we don’t comment on legal matters,”

What did Val get her diploma from PotUS George Bush's policy of failing to fight back at slander? She must have missed the part where he admitted the strategy fails.

However, I doubt O.N.A. is as full of rainbows, kittens, and puppy dogs such as George was... before his second term.

Of course, Val is just doing her job.  It's not as if a misogynistic chauvinistic statist such as PotUS Barry Soetoro would let her think for herself.