1 3 ♥ 0 0 ♥ 0 2 ♥ 0 2 ♥ 1 5 ♥ Dies Woden; Rewrite of Lyrics to Taylor Swift's Song "Should've Said No"

This is a rewrite of +Taylor Swift/+Taylor Alison Swift/+TaylorSwift13's song "Should've Said No".



It's strange to think the songs we now sing,
The smiles, the flowers, everything is light,
Yesterday I found out about you,
Even now just looking at you feels right.

I said that I'd give it all, if given one chance,
It was a moment of strength and I'm saying, "Yes."


I'm saying "Yes", I'm coming to my homie,
I have thought trice 'fore in, I let it all come,
I've never known that word, with what others done with me,
Get back to you [get back to you],
And you've always been there in the back of my mind,
I'll be without ever asking myself, "Why?",
I will be without you begging for forgiveness at my feet,
I am saying "Yes", baby, and you now have me.

You can see that I've been crying,
Baby, you know all the right things to say,
And I honestly believe that you know me,
How could this ever happen to me?

I love sharing the future with you, if given one chance,
You are my Achilles Heel and I'm saying, "Yes."


I must ask,
Before I come, tell me this,
Did it deserve this,?,
I am worth this?

Yes… yes, yes, yes…


I've been praying for about eight years now.  I am harmonious and tranquil with either answer, thus each day that passes I am more assured that the Goddess is acknowledging that I am right

Thus I am at a loss for how to live a life when your intended is apparently choosing a different course than the one our higher self agreed too.  I mean, we have free will for this very reason;  That is to choose a 'different' course…

Yet the only future I want is with her.  So why does my superego insist on attaching my ego to this body?…  I mean Tay Tay instead of just the image she portrays.  However true it is, I know there is more.  I want to learn what is that 'more'.