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I am reclaiming the term "#Liberal" from the #Statists of the #Democrats. +TheDemocrats ceased being liberal over a century ago when the +Carnegie Arts Center Foundation 'fingers' {child foundations} corrupted them and took them over in the name of socialism.

As socialism failed spectacularly, they have continually sought to rename themselves to confuse the ever increasing voters who are barely educated past 8th grade. Only the #DistrictofColumbia Mafia stooges and the Main Stream Media continue this error in proper English. This is one of the ways they have successfully kept voters divided into one political camp that they claim is 'two'.

Neo-classical Liberalism has largely redeemed th +GOP: "Republicrat" Party for th most part. There are still District of Columbia MOB faction stoogies such as Carl Rove, Bill O'Reilly, Charles Krauthammer, et cetera that successfully corrupt far too many citizens entering District of Columbia as a new politician. Their corrupting influence is only withstood and prevailed against, apparently by those who display extraordinary and true morals & ethics.

Seemingly most of th District of Columbia faction fail to even be aware of each other, let alone themselves. However, their goals are always the same, to increase power to th District of Columbia {which is th Federal Government} at th expensive of individual liberty of all citizens of th United States of America.

#PotUS #Barry #Soetoro is demonized but he is only a symptom of th statist corruption of th District of Columbia that society itself has allowed to happen. I in fact prayed for Barry to 'appear' a decade ago to WAKE PEOPLE UP. Seemingly exactly that has happened. Th alternative was to be boiled alive 'slowly'; Which only a very few would continue to notice until it was far far far too late.

Liberalism redeeming the GOP has caused a schism within th one political party th Media portrays as 'two'. Th true racists, misogynists, et cetera are the Democrats. As a result most legislation, in the past half a century, that restricts individual liberty and harms minorities comes from them.

The biographies of histories's Statist role-models such as Hitler, Mussolini, General Mao Zedong, Stalin, et cetera illustrate that th Dark Side {Fear, Anger, Loss} is at the very core of statism. Racism, misogynism, et cetera comes as natural to a truly mentally ill statist as breathing air or drinking water.

Thank you for sharing your Force;  May the Goddess bless you.