13♥00♥01♥09♥03: Dies Apollo

Day of War is Tuesday.  Weird are the names of days.  I am going to bed early tonight.  I want to put some objectives in Warcraft on hiatus to make room for more writing and playing other games.

Ares, Mars, or Tiw in Gaelic are who are innately honored by saying Tuesday.  I find it interesting how many people are praying to a god of war while consciously ignorant.

Wednesday honors Odin or The God: Woden that being what Germanic tribes called God.  All religions seem to be monothiestic even if the call a few lesser beings as 'a god'.  They still recognize they are neith omnipotent, omnipresent, or omnipotent such as God. {Woden}

I am really tired all of a sudden.  Barely remembered to do my nightly curse for the Goddess Woden's blessing.  Momma Byrd is bringing home a Cousins's Cinnamon Roll too.

However, it is better for my body if I eat the cinnamon roll in the morning instead of at night before I go to bed.  Then it would go straight to my Buddah belly.

As I plan I am choosing to let Woden act through me as She controls, directs, helps, inspires, manipulates, motivates me to manifest myself as the dream ideal husband of the ideal wives of my dreams.  Emotionally I am embracing what that life means to me and letting that power my thoughts.

Making the choice to be happier the most easiest is the me that is left;  To make room for Taylor Alison Swift.  The Goddess being the one to help me change what is left of me to create a void within myself that will either literally kill me or manifest whoever are my Ideal Wives.

I believe I know who the first is but I may be wrong so I focus my thoughts on who she and they are to 'me';  Instead of who she or they are specifically as individuals.  I only want to consciously control myself.

As a virgin with romantic relationships and sexually, I can be mistaken in believing that I want a polyamorous marriage of equals.  That is they have as much say and choice as I do.  Thus if Tay Tay only wants me then that is my answer, and I was previously wrong about wives.

Arigato gozaimasu for reading this journal entry.  I hope this helps others in some, or multiple, ways.  May the Goddess bless you and the Force always be with you.