Listening to Neil Cavuto about Universities being 98% statist indoctrination propaganda machines spreading their mental illness to the young and ignorant.  I agree completely but I thought of a simple solution for concerned parents.

Simply require your children to attend the local community college for their first two year degree.  This cuts the among of time statist universities have to brainwash anyone.  Moreover, this educates the young to be slightly less ignorant.

By going to a community college, parents retain the ability to counter the indoctrinating propaganda and brainwashing from the intolerant statists.  This further prepares them for what they will face at the university, because lets be honest Statists are about as dull and unoriginal as watching paint dry or grass grow.

Of course, teenagers hate the idea of anyone forcing them to do anything, ironically considering how eager they are to jump into the lion's mouth.  However, this is the point of being a parent the additional years are supposed to be used to guide the children regardless of what they temporarily think they want in the 'now'.

The idea that children could go to 'college' without help is unlikely at best.  Federal Financial Aid fails to cover the outrageous tuition, books, and other fees the much vaunted elite universities choose to demand.  So again, money talks and parents should buck up and play hardball regardless of how horrible they may feel about it.  Later, their children will thank them for it in the end.