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Romans named it the Day of Saturn, that eventually became 'Saturday' that we know today. I prefer the original Middle English name of Sunnanafen. That is their words for 'Sun' & 'Eve' put together.  I seem to favor earlier definitions because they seem truly authentic.

Dissimilar is my desire for authenticity, than that of the P.o.t.U.S. Barry Soetoro's statist ideology.  For them authenticity as the ultimate verity for any relation.  Of this, I forcibly reject the very preposition.  I favor literary authenticity for the sake of other timelines visiting us.

I have an innate gift for extreme apathy in most any given situation.  To help play against that, I have thought a lot on what I really 'want' and the affect on the Prime Material I wish to have.  Words and language are a tool that we use so that other people can more easily understand us.

Sine qua no, maintaining myriad languages and a multitude of dialects for those each language is inefficacious. I am sure the ArabicCastilian, FarsiFrench, Japanese, Mandarin, Peruvian, Sanskrit et cetera native speakers wish their cultural language was the one most spoken throughout the world but that fails to be a reality.

Even English fails to really be 'American', as the language is a cameleon.  Sine qua no, it's primary characteristic is how easily it absorbs useful or popular words from other languages.

As an example, Mexicans may think their language is becoming dominant, however veritably their language is disintegrating before their very eyes as English dissects and absorbs it piece by piece.  Neither language ends as it was when this process began.  However, this is how Gaelic 'became' the progenitor to the 'English' language, it absorbs other ancient languages that were spoken at the time like Latin, Roman, Greek, French, and Teuton.

This is part of why English is considered the most difficult language to learn to speak fluently.  The preposition is that English words easily have different pronunciations;  The spellings only serve as a loose guide to how to pronounce the word.  This is why English dictionaries often list the Kenyon-Knott spelling for that word to help users pronounce the word accurately.

I use the term Kenyon-Knott instead of 'IPA' for the same reason I refuse to call any planet a 'dwarf' planet just because a few mentally ill statist perverted ancient egg farts decided to try to force everyone to agree with them.  I.P.A. stands for International Phonetic Alphabet.

However, my point is that I feel there is paramount importance in using the language most people know, and using words as accurately as possible.  Everyone makes mistakes and I am far from advocating spelling and grammar flame wars over the internet.  However, I do think the goal should be to use correct spelling and grammar so that others will understand what you are saying.

For those who refuse to care what others think?  Then why bother speaking at all?  It is a waste of breath, energy, and time.

I rewrote a few of Taylor Alison Swift's first songs she wrote here.  The song's tune is the same but the lyrics are slightly switched from my perspective and what I feel for her;  Who I feel the Goddess is telling me is the dream ideal wife for me, that I have been cursing for.

"Hey Tay Tay"

  • Hey Tay Tay,
    I know looks are deceiving,
    But I know I see the light in you,
    And as we walk,
    We are talking ~
    I without half half the things I want to say.
  • Of all the men tossing rocks at your window,
    I'll be the one waiting there even when it's cold,
  • Hey Taylor,
    Babe, you may have me believing,
    There may have always been waiting,
    To end this loneliness,
    The lie is that I have to be alone.

  • 'Cause I am wickedly shameless, if you look like an angel,
    I am nefariously shameless, if I wanna kiss you in the rain,
    I advance to feel this magik, I have innately felt since I met you,
    I am soullessly shameless, if there is only you,
    Mmm, I villainously help myself.
  • Hey Taylor,
    I keep back from you this feeling,
    So I've got some things to say to you, ha,
    I seen it all ~
    Or so I thought ~
    To shine the way you do, sui generis are you
  • The way you walk, way you talk, way you say my name ~
    You are lucky enough to be deviant, beautiful, wonderful ~
    So perpetually refuse to change
  • Hey Ryanswift,
    People are never really leaving,
    I think you and I are among the few to know ourself.
  • They're dimming the sky lights,
    Together we are absolute and felicitous,
    Be my knight and sweep me off my feet tonight?
  • I'm waiting alone now, so come on and come out,
    And pull me near to shine, shine, shine.
  • Hey Tay Tay,
    There are more than fifty two reasons,
    Why I am the one you choose,
    All those other men ~
    Well, they're beautiful,
    Have you wrote an incidental song from them?

  • 'Cause I am rapturously shameless, if you look like an angel,
    I am exuberantly shameless, if I wanna kiss you in the rain,
    I recover to feel this magik, I have innately felt since I met you,
    I am contently shameless, if there is only you,
    Mmm, I jovially help myself.
  • ...if you look like an angel,
    Jovially shameless, if I wanna kiss you in the rain,
    I advance to feel this magik, I have innately felt since I met you,
    Blissfully shameless, if there is only you,
    Mmm, with delight I help myself.
  • Myself,
    Rapturously help myself,
    Happiness, I choose for myself.