I sent this email to Glenn Beck, and I hope that others enjoy reading it too.  My use of Gadsden as a title, is in reference to the good fight that the flag illustrates so poetically.
Well Met Mr. Beck,

Thank you for your time and energy. I hope that you have a wonderful day; Because you deserve to be happy. I think that you might be able to help more Americans if you tried to be a little more positive in general. I feel that you are an awesome individual and your show is fantastic. However, I also think that you attract more bees with honey than vinegar. ;) So maybe, offer the viewer an alternative or two?

I also thought to suggest that, the U.S. Treasury Dept. owning up to 30% of big corporations could be a good thing; Versus, them dismantling and destroying the Federal Reserve Bank and the Internal Revenue System [in exchange for the Fair Tax bill]. If they did that? I think the government owning a small percentage of any particular big corporation may do more good than bad for the American people.

Maybe, our fore-fathers should have just continued on, through Mexico City, until they hit the Border of Guatim in the year of 1848. The I think that the Mexican government has been failing for a while now, and maybe we can forward an alternative of annexing Mexico as our 51+ state. Then we could send in American military forces to exterminate the drug cartels. Maybe D.C. could handle defending the smaller boarder with Belize, and Guatemala.

Thank you for helping raise the national awareness of the good fight; By the good fight, I mean the fight illustrated by the "Gadsden" [Don't Tread On Me] flag; And, have Metallica's "Sandman" be the theme song. Oh! and, maybe we should start sending rattlesnakes to D.C. as Benjamin Franklin suggested in the Pennsylvania Gazette in 1751. Though, while we are at it, maybe we should plan on annexing Canada too. ;)