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Hollywood is quick to recycle old ideas; That includes owners of various video game franchises. There are five different franchises that are followed enthusiastically by me. Those milk bearing kow are Dragon AgeElder Scrolls, FalloutMass Effect, Pillars of Eternity, and Star Wars: Knights of these Old Republic. {2}  Yet they often make the same mistake, and that is taking away player choice. The reason is always the same, the writers bitch and wine about being restricted in their story telling.

BioWare is by far the worse offender with both Mass Effect and Dragon Age. In both, the first game in the series starts off by giving you and abundance of points of origin for your protagonist. In addition, the characters that join your quest largely reflect one of several careers, which from the player is given the option to choose.

An example of the first point in Mass Effect, in M.E.2 the player is continuing the protagonist from M.E.1. That by default gives them a starting point to make the origins more unique, but aside from an email from you Mom, the Spacer is left with nothing. The WarHero only gets to hear in there the news that a no name planet, that fails to be an option to visit, wants to keep the statue they made of him.

BioWare went even farther in Dragon Age 2. In Dragon Age: Origins, you get to choose six different points of origin and three different species. The y are largely linked, so there are only the same numbers of allowed combinations. For instance, there fail to be any Dwarvhen magic users. Yet in D.A.2 they gave us one. BioWare seemed to have listened about that and returned to giving us different careers and species.

However, BioWare must have willfully ignored the players wish for them to return to a derivative of Mass Effect 1's career and skill system. Naturally we want to see something a little more advanced but they threw the tube or with the bath water.

Threat the Goddess abundantly and indomitably helps manifest a prayer of mine. That is that they stop being fools and treat what their customer wants with exceedingly higher priority than the writers and developers. Statists like to argue this axiom because it invalidates the supermajority of their entire religious belief system.

That axiom, is "…the customer is always right…" of course, anyone good at business, understands that the application of that axiom in today's society; is a great deal more complicated, because the supermajority of biological entities fail to know what they want. We think we do, but our profile changes so drastically and so quickly that, even the food we liked a decade ago may be different. Fortunately for food we eat it often enough to have an educated guess.

In addition, further complicating the application of the aforementioned axiom, is how our society and make religions fail to help any biological entity know the difference between want instead of need; or the difference between obsession, which is selfish, versus love and desire. There two different simply cuts for obsession that have been mentioned before by me.

Pray to the Goddess to help obfuscate all outside of the lady, and to abundantly and indomitably illuminate the truth, to you. That solution is free of any excess baggage to believe. It will work even if the self is full of doubt and disbelief.

The second solution, is to daydream about living with the issue; Envision using the object, or driving the car; Or envision living with what role in your life that you want filled by a person. And forget about focusing on any individual. Or spells only effect ourselves, and that is a good thing.

Desire the messages from the Goddess, it could all be a Divine test, and +Taylor Swift  really isn't, the I.W.o.M.D. That is why the focus is on manifesting the role I want someone to play in my life. That being a companion and partner for the as long as this mortal coil shelters me. The ideal being an Extraterrestrial Biological Entity?… that reciprocates me helping her the most choose to be happy. That is the mother of our children that we raise.

Following are a few wish list items that the Goddess will help me manifest through prayer… or the Goddess will help further the realization of the error, in visiting me.

Mass Effect
  • Modernize the old combat, career, and skill mechanics in M.E.1, and use it in your spiffy looking Frostbyte 4 engine.
  • Rewrite M.E. 3 to have Liara T'Soni secretly turn the Shadow Broker base into a new Ark as Apart of the Andromeda Initiative. See Here for further details.
  • Let us continue as one of Sheppard's children in the Andromeda Galaxy, with Sheppard having also made the trip.
  • Have Sheppard's nanite implants extern his life span to match that of Liara T'Soni.  Cerberus already essentially made him biosynthetic entity, given the description illustrated by the video of resurrecting the Commander.
  • Considering what the civilization in the Milky Way is up against, one is left to question Sheppard's sanity for staying in the Milky Way in M.E. 3. Duty and Honor is all fine and good, but even the Japanese have given up committing Seppuku. {Ritualistic Suicide}
  • Disown most of M.E. 3 or flat out retake it to addict the ideas mentioned in this and the previous post.

Dragon Age:
  • Reverse the "shit on Anora Mac Tir parade" they have going.
  • The Warden Commander abhor the idea of leaving his Queen for prolonged periods of time.
  • In addition, reality bending majik is so prevalent and accepted, that there should be viable solutions that any commoner could pay to have their fertility enhanced, let alone the Queen of Ferelden.
  • Bring Anora in as a closet apostate for her class, in D.A.4. She was disposed of as Queen for one reason or another, depending on the players choices.

Elder Scrolls:
  • In a new game, continue the storyline of my character getting married to the Serana and Valerika, and having vampire children. And creating a good or bad Sunday based on players choices. Vampyrism is already treated as a majikal disease and thus would fail to effect, at all, fertility.
  • In this proposed game and/or the one already in development, also have choices in Dragon13orn questline, significantly alter the story that is experienced.
  • Set up something like BioWare's Dragon Age Keep that lets players change their characters history in new games.
  • Let choices made in the stand alone games significantly alter the story the player experiences in T.E.S.O.