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A biological entity, such as Jimmy Kimmel (1), that uses their newborn child to meddle in an already divisive national debate, fails to have the moral or ethical gravitas to judge another. Maybe just accept the verity that healthcare is a privilege, instead of right, and move on to some other more worthy debate. That is instead of trying to dictate and use force to coerce other people to do what a bully, wants to do with their money.

The reason the American Constitution is so successful is because our creators wrote in it a Bill of Rights.  Statists choose to think it as a list of negative awards that prohibit the government.  To them the Government is a god and to prohibit it to do anything is hearsay.  They see it backwards though.  The Bill of Rights is recognizing what the Goddess gives us in life, and prohibits the government from meddling with what the Goddess wants.

It does this because the more any government meddles in divine rights, the sooner that government will end.  That is why America's founders went to such lengths as to the government with the Bill of Rights.  All forms of governments' irresistible want for more power, compel their citizens to resist.

By in far, the best form of resistance to any governing body, is P.C.D. {Peaceful Civil Disobedience}.  Others outside, a movement of resistance, are preternaturally drawn to sympathise and empathize with those who perform P.C.D.  That is why governments have been known to react so violently to them, such as China's response to Tiananmen Square, in May 1989.  The death of those students became a plea that was heard around the world.

For those who question my suggestion of the nature in the impact of the event;  Consider if China embraces the principle of a Free Market with robust competition more, or less.  By all accounts, China has moved several fathoms closer towards capitalism than it was three decades ago.  Philosophers rightfully recognize that capitalism is an economic representation of a democratic republic such as America.

Seriously, how this even is still a debate is beyond me. When we are born, there fails to be a majikal healthcare tree that creates something out of nothing. Therefore, any healthcare that exists for us we must provide for ourselves;  Either with insurance or {goddess forbid} being thrifty with our money and increasing our savings as quickly and efficiently as our life allows.  If we are fortunate our family chooses to help each other when times are tough.

Every living entity’s higher self chose every experience in their life. Whether our conscious mind feels an experience is bad or good is irrelevant to the verity that it was chosen. Thus, how does their choices equate to forcibly compelling others to help them pay for what another believes is treatment of injury, illness, or disease?

Yes, this even includes children. They chose who became their parents, as much as their parents’ higher self chose the soul of their children. Moreover, Khaos takes time to factor into anyone’s lifecycle. A child is entirely too new to this Prime Material to avoid having chosen every injury, illness, or disease that visits them.

The essential truth of the healthcare debate is this; Statists want everyone to depend on the government for what they choose to believe is healthcare.  The government is just another mafia and they abhor competition and to them our families are definitely that. Those who value individual liberty, and respect the individual liberty of others, realize that the state/government always fraks every single thing up, that it attempts to do.

The private sector always has, does, and will do everything more efficiently and for less cost than the government.  A Free Market with robust competition, raises more people out of poverty in any given unit of time, than any other economic system.  Crony Capitalism, which is what America has had for over a century, is the diametric opposite of a “Free Market with robust competition”.

On a long enough timeline, the statists will always fail. The only question is if we choose to let them take us with them.  An emphatic "no" is the answer of mine.  Letting statists devolve their souls' frequency back down the ladder to that of a canine, is their own choice and interfering with that is a disservice to both them and ourselves.