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The 🎥 movie 🎥 has just been started by me.  This account will be updated after it is finished.  However, this bit seems very important to the distortion lens of mine.  A fundamental problem modern writers often have, is with the context of the post'apocalypse.  They often start a story off with "all of humanity did this…";  Unfortunately Mr. Jonathan Helpert falls into that crowd, think do I.

The flaw is thinking that there only exists one viable answer to any given problem.  They assume that because they are ignorant of why oxygen remains, that it is inevitable that it will disappear.  Adoptinga path from a prediction based in ignorance is an insane choice.   Then the author further compounds the error by assuming, that in the event such a great tragedy were to occur, there is only one solution, feel do I.  This is inherent in suggesting that only one group survived… the one that is self'named the 'Exodus' group.

These mistakes are compounded by suggesting that humanity as a whole all built starships to launch on the exact same year, day, hour, minute, and second.  It is ludicrous to even consider, because crowds fail to behave such as that.  Others would have proposed viable solutions that would  have resulted in more communities than the hermit and Io.

Of course, the mere existence of the protagonist inherently contradicts that whole chain of assumptions.  Yet the writer treats the artificially narrow and rigid thinking, as if its noteworthiness is lacking.  Suspension of Disbelief is real and good, but some modern writers seem to choose to use it as a crutch to beat the audience over the head with political dogma.

This could be a strong source as to why a few sapient choose to not realize that Climate Change is  occurring on all planets in our solar system according to N.A.S.A.'s own studies.  This could also be exacerbated by the Deep State owning ninety’one percent of all media companies that pay writers of fiction tries to treat the debunked hypothesis as pseudo'fact.

Of course, this is just unsubstantiated conjecture, but it seems doubtful that many sapients have been using gasoline burning engines on Pluto, Charon, Mercury, Mars, Juptiter, and its moons, Saturn, and its moons, Neptune, and its moons, Uranus, and its moons, Nibiru {Planet IX}, and any moons it may or may not have.  It is precisely because our sun is spewing more radiation that we know that even Pluto has an atmosphere.  Said atmosphere is changing and becoming more energetic.

The choice to write with the context of fiction, tragedies, and/or comedies are big ones because it limits the audience.  The choice to write with the context of Science Fiction, limits it even further.  Therefore, why a lot of modern writers feel compelled based their context of Science Fiction, Fantasy, Post’ Apocalypse on political dogma seems greatly beyond all rational or logical thought.

This is similar to how many artists feel compelled to be political.  The public may follow an actor but that is because of their art.  That choice is free of any relevancy to the actor’s political beliefs.  The plebeian desire is only in so far as to be entertained.  Being insulted. degraded, demeaned, and censored for simply chooseing an opposing perception fails to come even close to entertaining to plebeians, think do I.

Watching or reading novels with a context that is based on horrendously and blatantly flawed context also falls short of being entertaining to plebeians,, feel do I.


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Dr. Bruce Banner is a different type of superhero and Marvel has failed to really do him right; Kind of like the Superman curse, with which certain writers seem afflicted.   That is they have trouble knowing how to write a movie where fighting should only ever be at the end and as the last straw, because he will always win.

That is just an integral part of the character, for the same reason Captain America was able to go toe to toe, in strength, with Thanos wearing an Infinity Gauntlet.  Their strength is literally indomitable, but seemingly a lot of script writers seem to get hit with the stupid stick when writing a Hulk movie.  That is because they seem to think that people want to see a whole 2/3 hour movie of him playing whackamole with Loki.

Conversely, the audience can be easily be mislead by advertising for a Hulk movie, by studio execs who make the mistake of advertising it as a rocky type type superhero movie.  Only for the audience to be shown a romantic comedy/tragedy with a cameo of the Hulk.  NeverTheLess, expecting your entire audience to be ignorant of one of the founding movies of the Marvel Cinemaverse;  Only serves to insult those viewers who do remember.

Ed Norton was an awesome Hulk, think do I.  Sadly and seemingly, his High Self allowing his Ego to get in the way of the Marvel Cinemaverse is a felicitous tragedy, all by itself.  A hypothesis of mine is for Marvel Entertainment to support the best of both worlds.  Continue with Mark Ruffalo's promised minimovie through the Avengers movies, and have Ed Norton continue his T.I.H. series.  The scripts for either movie would come from the same timeline... so what happens in Avengers effects the world depicted in the solo movie arc, and  vice’a’versa.

However, don't feel bad because the M.C.U. Writers {1} too, seem to be writing the Dr. Banner as if T.I.H. is invisible, while officially saying the opposite.  For instance, why is Bruce forgetting about the obsessive compulsive reciprocating love affair he has with Betty Ross, and giving Black Widow gugu eyes…?…

As for letting two, Ed Norton and Mark Ruffalo, actors portraying literally the same character.  James Bond anyone?  As long as it is officially acknowledged and they are both proper movies vaguely following “The Hero’s Journey”, the fans will love it, think do I.  It allows us to have more great superhero movies, if done correctly audiences from different genres will have a taste of the M.C.U., and it meshes better with Marvel Entertainment's already heavy work load with their existing decade long production schedule.  Deadpool, Captain Marvel, Ant’Man, et cetera already have taken them by surprise and made the timeline distorted.


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Admitedly, the producers and directors of the Marvel Cinemaverse, are seemingly big on “redemption” of those very far aligned towards service’to’self. Thus the idea of Thanos reversing the snap has merity. However, seemingly part of Dr. Strange’s plan was for Thanos to slide a facet of the Time Stone from its own ‘future’. That is what caused the destruction of the Infinity Gauntlet in the possession of Thanos.

The Infinity Gauntlet was being compelled to create a future that was directly incompatable with the origin timeline of the Time Stone used in the gauntlet. Didn’t notice how neither Dr. Strange nor Thanos actually touched the Time Stone? Seemingly they held it by it’s aura... or whatever that was around it. Therefore, that was part of Dr. Strange’s plan, to destroy Thanos’s greatest weapon, the gauntlet.

As with the release of the annoucnement trailer for Avengers: Endgame... Mr. Tony Stark is in a bad way... however you are right.  Dr. Strange’s actions lead to Tony staying alive, and realizing his Ironman suit could make Thanos bleed.

The answer that is of want by me is Deadpool uses Cable’s time watch to save Mr. Stark .. cleaning up the timeline. :) However, it is likely the answer seems to be both teamwork and family. Dr. Strange already DID use his greatest weapon free of Thanos even realizing he was being manipulated by some Dues Machina.

Ultimately, we know whatever happens, Mr. Stark will survive because he still has to ensure a future for the Stark family. Mrs. Pepper Potts needs to start popping out kids, the family can obviously afford to be big, and even our own modern knowledge could ensure Mrs. Potts continued in great health during and after the pregnancies. 

In addition, Spiderman: Homecoming II is already in production, thus the kid is brought back. Thus we know whatever happens involves at least his, ressurection. It seem very probable others such as Vision and T’Challa will accompany him. However, it seems also probable that there will be a few such as Gamora who will stay dead... ok the characters involved have just as much motivation to see her return, however the point is they are likely to maintain the theme that this is a war.  One of the Cardinal Pillars to the M.C.U. that attracts so many is it’s contuity and consistency.

In any war, even innocents die and especially soldiers. For the audience, to “feel” this and have the emotional payoff at the end of “The Hero’s Journey” the characters that die have to have a connection with the audience. That means important characters, that drastically change the reality of those with strong relationships with them. Such as Gamora, Star Lord, and her adopted’sister, Nebula... and others obviously. Furthermore, the audience has been reminded that she spent most of her life as Thanos’s right hand of death killing many. It is “recent” that she is redeaming herself.

As for everyone else, God of Lightning Thor Odinson already proved his combat superiority over the army corps of Thanos and himself.  Thor single handedly turned the tide of a battle that appeared to be headed towards another “fawless victory” for the army corps of Thanos.  The annoucnement trailor for Captain Marvel has shown her appearing to be just as powerful as Thor, if not more.  The trailer put her dangerously close to the territory of being a Mary Sue, think do I.   Of course, the movie will still be seen in theaters by me. The trailor for Avengers: Endgame also seems to suggest that Ant’man may also figure into how they achieve victory in the jaws of defeat. …

Vision is a connundrum to be sure, he admitted his psyche was a product of the Mind Gem’s personality just as much as Mr. Stark’s J.A.R.V.I.S. program. It is a hypothesis of mine, that connection has enabled Vision to continue even when without the corporeal bio’synthetioc shell, yet be stuck with the Mind Gem. Whatever happens he may be the one to turn the tide via manipulating Thanos.


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 Typically movies are simply enjoyed by me, instead of psychee analysing them, or nitpicking various scenes.  However, this movie by NetFlix is mischaracterized as simply a science fiction, when it is more aptly is a tragic horror sci-fi story, think do I.

What is scary is that anyone would think giving control of any project over to an unknown machine intelligence is a good idea.  Furthermore, the writer and NetFlix erroneously choose to think the ending is anything, but the most horrid tragic ending imaginable.

Seriously, it is presented in the same lot as {2001: A Space Odyssey}.  Except even Kubrick understood machine intelligences are far from our friends.


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A drastic reduction of libertarian minded news aficionados appeasing statists by incorrectly calling them "liberal" would benefit all.  Calling them statists [1] is far more accurate than Liberal [2];  Appeasing their infatuated pearl clutching thin skinned trauma inducing mind over the nickname "Liberal" [3] only ever emboldens them, think do I.  Calling them what they are, statists, is the only way to truly help them... whenever their higher self lets the information trickle.  The name was coined by Aristotle [0] and brought back to humanity's conscious mind by Ronald Reagan [4];  And that is far from an innate insult upon them.

Those who vote for statist [1] politicians are mentally ill.  The initial error in their logic, statists [1] choosing to believe their feelings supersede empirical information when justifying actions.  That vengeance and revenge is superior to actual Justice.  Notice how our current criminal courts and prisons are more concerned with "punishing" convicts than rehabilitating them...?...

Give convicts a three strike law for all violent acts;  Where on the third strike it is determined the state is unable to rehabilitate them into patriotic citizens.  Upon that determination, the convict is sent to death'row to be executed.  Why does 'society' be punished by being forcibly compelled to pay for everything in the life of convicts'.

In addition, statists  choose to believe that in society;  There are the 'Haves' versus the Have'Nots. [5]  The Haves are 'always' right;  And the Have'Nots are the only ones who can sometimes be wrong.  This is why they insist on choosing to react like rabid dogs when your logical and reasonable information begins to sink in past their mental defenses.  Doing so threatens to shatter their entire self identity.

At a variety of points along a continuum of Ration and Logic, the psyche of theirs fails the statists [1].  Their mind is like a scratch on a vinyl record[6]  When playing the reading head will skip and jump to some other random point on the record. [7]  Often there is more than scratch on the vinyl record of their psyche.

This is why the only rational actions in response [E] is to pray [F, G] for the Goddess to help statists [1] see the light and align towards service'to'others, [8] if to do so is right for them.  Help them break free and awaken from the slumber the L.S.M. [LameStream Media, 9, they chose to stop being 'news' over a century ago] is desperate to maintain.  Responding negatively only ever hurts you;  Instead of remotely impacting the target.  Instead pray and wait...

...wait for instances where they ask for help, when any unique action is of compatible morals and ethics. [NM]

For sharing your Prana, [B] grateful am I. That the Goddess [K] may eternally alight a path towards love, joy, and happiness along your self'determined life'cycle, [D] pray do I.


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If a living soul tries talk about climate change as if it is an issue where upon humans have any measurable effect, ignore them please.  They are mentally ill, and it's a zoo, avoid feeding the animals.  They refuse to research any debates, articles, and empirical studies that were done before they were born let alone entered High School, and that leads everyone into having circular arguments such as the one with Tucker Carlson on FoxNews.

N.A.S.A. has already released studies showing that the atmospheric and inner make climates of every planet in our solar system, Vela, has been drastically increasing.  Even Mercury has been developing an actual E.M.F.  Therefore, yes of course there is probably a lot more energy in the material of Terra.

Jupiter's eye is splitting up, and it's interior has more lightning strikes on a month, than it has had in all of recorded history.  The normally tranquil and serene atmospheres of Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune are having major storms that are laying for years.  The sun itself has shifted from the trademark yellow that was illustrated in all of Hollywood's old movies into pure white.

Their mentally illness is shown in how their psyche fails at logic and reason at points of one, or more.  Given any generic chain of logical and trainable thinking based on empirical evidence, they will be utterly lost.  Instead, they base everything on "feeling" as if the a Dark Side emotions they feel as ever led anyone towards anything good.

National teachers' unions have them brainwashed into feeling ashamed for being white, male, have any appreciable wealth, and/or from European ancestry.  They are convinced into thinking themselves as being worthy of punishment for having the audacity to be alive.

It is silly to choose to debate anything with such people.  They will simply resort to attempting to insult, demean, and/or degrade you.  However, if you are a masochist and simply just try to convert those who reject you;  Then, there are some key points to establish before hand.

Part of the reason they resort to degradation, demeaning, and/or insulting behavior towards their opposition, is because the distortion of their lens refuses to accept they could ever be wrong.  In addition, they refuse to accept any responsibility for anything.  That means they often subconsciously and randomly choose to be offended at even humor.  Further appeasement as the Nazis have proven that fails by default, they simply will find something else, with which to accuse you off offending them.

Whether it be debating the economy, religion, and/or clinate change (really the same thing, but the mentally ill refuse to allow themselves to see that.) remember to have a list of books, videos, and/or articles that they have previously agreed to comprehend.  Of course, encourage them to have their own sources to share with you.

Yet accept that you may have to explain to them why the source such as the N.A.A.C.P.'s inheret and long standing bias invalidates them as a source.  Explain the definition of 'bias', according to some academic dictionary such as Merriam'Webster.  They are far from immune to his in modern society but the are better than N.A.A.C.P.  Them meticulously go from there.

If for some reason, you have something better to do with your time than to follow this course of action;  Then, perhaps you probably should all together ignore their blathering, think do I.  Nonetheless, service'to'others is a good cardinal moral and so the advise of mine is to spend the extra time, feel do I.

This is why everyone who has awakened should ignore all cable fake news media masquerading as news.  Recognize that we are all flawed beings, and as such we are just as susceptible to the siren's lure.  That is the real reason to generally ignore them.  Fox executives overriding Hannity's exclusive on the Clinton Crash on December 3rd, 2018;  That shows exactly why it is wise to ignite even personalities you may enjoy.


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The movie seems lost on how technology still exists in a ravaged dystopian world, think do I.  It also seems confused on the appearance of certain events.  A massive cloud of killer dust eating up land is just nutty.  That is jumping the shark kind of nutty.

All of the issues explained below, is ultimately the reasoning for the rating of one out of three stars by me.  The most liberal {libertarian} of viewers would get enjoyment out of the movie.  There are just too many humiliating and embarrassing elements in the movie for even me to take seriously.  Generally speaking, nitpicking a series or movie is avoided by me.  Maybe if it was made as a humorous comedy it would have been better, suggest do I.

It is commendable the script has pretty much everyone confused on what exactly happened. The true danger in the movie is the unknown and they do a great job of presenting that fear.  Yet even if the psycho at the end was right, known science surest the effects would be completely different.

For instance, an earthquake of great enough magnitude would sink Seattle into the sand of which it is built. the nuclear the ground erupting would have irradiated the entire Columbia Basin.  The source would be Hanford and many other nuclear power plants.  Yet, Nuclear Power Plants 'meltdown' instead of explode, that of which is a concept recent writers of recent shows on the big and silver screen, seem to be ignorant to me.

However, the movie does convey the idea, that is agreeable to me;  That there would be multiple sources for all the crazy, and seeing that acceptance of the unknown was awesome to me.  Such as the protagonist seeing Aurora Borealis.

The movie was enjoyable for me, though most of the actual attacks by crazies was skipped by me.  The reasoning was because it was almost painful to watch the protagonist act as if he was a Darwin Award nominee.

In every battle, it starts off where protagonist did something monumentally stupid that endangered himself and anyone with him.  Such as stopping to help someone that was clearly an ambush, as they blocked the road…  or taking his eyes off the road while driving without lights.  A sapient of moderate intelligence would have avoided that unsafe act in that dangerous situation.

The, not one but two, two times the protagonist crashed the car is another example.  Then the movie downplays the miracle, where the stereotypical Native American mechanic is able to 'quickly fix' the damage.  The father should have at least one or two others dying from the injuries with him.

Then the jealous suitor guy at the end is too much for me.  The show devolves to just a story about the two of them, when it was completely  irrelevant to the story and went against the mindset of rebuilding society after the crazy.

What would have helped would be having a another young woman save Sam, maybe her gynecologist as that would be a useful skillset.  Instead of having the male neighbor, with delusions of grandeur, helping her.  Thus they are faced with the reality that women only really need one man.  Stories of the Amazon women in ancient Greece suggested they had traditions that utilized that reality and still maintain at least their own sovereignty.

The point is that this concept would have been a better ending, feel do I.  As the description in the show was pretty effectively sending all known sapient on Tera, back to the bronze age.  Thus a group of women banding together and having several children, using prenatal vitamins and other methods to insure the women's health and wellbeing, leaves the audience with a great deal more hope for the future of the characters.  As they would be ensuring chauvinism would be left in the past.