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Eight Year Old Drag Queen
According to the claims of LGBTQ groups, it is literally impossible for an "8 year old" to know anything about their sexuality  That is because the preference is generic right?  The Goddess forbid a soul taking responsibility;  And as a result taking back part off their own power.   For some mysterious reason Hollywood would much rather make it easier for some to fall into the victim mentality.   

Until puberty, boys and girls are biological the same, despite having different parts in their groin.  Therefore, as a derivative of their logic, puberty must begin before the biology of their bodies can catch up to their minds.  

The point being that this kid is being allowed to get confused about sex and sexuality by his parents.

Because this is on the internet, his high school peers will find it and will probably ridicule him for it.  It's the same as trying to be original and name your kid "Arsehat".  It is literally asking his/her peers to pick on them.

If you think "no one could be that stupid", then maybe you have some internet searches to do {or click on the hyperlink} before you realize who many parents name their kids some stupid 'original' name;  Such as, 4real.