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Garden of Thorns: {House of Royals, Book 6}
Garden of Thorns: {House of Royals, Book 6}
The "House of Royals" series is adored by me. However, this book breaks the cardinal rule of all romance novels and fails to deliver a H.E.A. {Happily Every After} ending. That in and of itself would have gotten it 3/5 stars by me. Therefore, what makes it lose an additional star is that it ends with a cliffhanger.

First off, both Book 6 and Book 7 should be their own series in the same world as 1-5 House of Royals. A continuation of the original story fails to describe either book. I bought the book expecting to read about Alivia and was shocked by the change. However, the original series was abundantly loved enough by me, to give this story a chance. It was like going to the movies to see a new movie you already enjoy, but instead find a sneak preview of a new show similar to what you were expecting.

The cliffhanger fails to even be that, because the resolution of the 'situation' only has one possible direction to anyone who is 'trying' to right an 'edgy' romance novel. And if Ms. Taylor was trying to do something else? The books would have never been listed as one. It is as if she thought introducing a cliffhanger would be an effective substitute for the lack of any real teen angst.

Maybe Ms. Taylor succeeded at that though, because the abundant lack of 'teen angst' in the entire chain of books was greatly enjoyed by me. As with the previous books of the chain, the necessary drama for a romance fill a book is thought out, logical, and reasonable. The resolution to the drama is satisfying enough to forget the drama. And so, please understand that the novel still follows the general flow of a romance novel, until the very end when Ms. Taylor jumps the shark with novel.

Both Book 6 and Book 7 was purchased by me, and so the 'want' for a resolution is far from why the rating of 2/5 is given by me. Romance books are read precisely read because they are 'supposed' to have a H.E.A. ending, at least read by me. Other genres are great but life can be negative enough without negativity corrupting my entertainment.

Only the Goddess knows, whether "Garden of Snakes" will ever be read by me. A grudge fails to be the reasoning, instead I am unsure whether she has yet another "cliffhanger" with that book, in store for readers such as me. As it was said, the delight of stories with H.E.A., are why subgenres of romance novels are of great interest of mine.

Ms. Taylor, novels in other genres have "romance" in them as well. For instance, the Fellowship of the Ring, has Arwen and Aragorn. The novels fails to be Fantasy-Romance though because the romance fails to have a H.E.A. ending. Mr. Tolkien could have easily made a few changes if he wanted that and changed everyone's lives in the process. However, he did not and the novels and story are still great as a "Fantasy" story. Hopefully if he released it into the current modern realm, he would have released it as a Fantasy story instead of trying to mislead and confuse people by labeling the series as "Fantasy Romance", feel do I.

All the problems with this novel has been thoroughly described without spoiling the actual story for anyone. Therefore, those who have read this far and disagree are encouraged by me, to enjoy the novel. That is that their enjoyment is hoped by me.

Grateful for you sharing your time and Force. May you ask the Goddess to eternally alight your self-determined path.