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The following media companies that mascaraed as 'news' outlets are the quintessential #FakeNews;  Such as ABC News, Associated Press, CBS News, CNN, FoxNews, Huffington Post, Los Angeles TimesMSNBC, NBC News, New York TimesNPR, Reuters, Scientific AmericanTime MagazineWashington com'Post, et cetera knowingly publish and report stories that outrageously false.  The reason is that they want to control our minds.

Through the Law of Attraction, we all have a cumulative effect on the past, present, and future of our Prime Material.  Each of us have a 'materia' or reality that is unique to us.  The Prime Material is the commonalities that our higher selves all agree to.  That is how, as a whole, we manifest our own fundamental reality.

With previously mentioned b.Lame Stream Media, the Nazi Kabals try to manipulate our reality by controlling what we think about most.  The recent fake news published by the Associated Press about P.o.t.U.S. Donald Trump supposedly working on a deal with the unethical and immoral statists in Congress on legislating the D.A.C.A. {Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals} , is a prime example of how they are trying to get the audience to obsess about it.

As we know, through the Law of Attraction, the Goddess manifests what we think about most.  The nature of the emotions we tie to what we are thinking about are irrelevant.  All She senses is our thoughts and the 'level' of emotions associated with the thoughts.

Therefore, join in gratitude to the Lady for irresistibly and indomitably helping us abundantly manifest an overwhelming classically liberal wave sweeping our planet and peacefully overthrowing the statism in our governments.

Limited Government, prohibited from meddling with plebeian's property, life, and liberty, creates the best form of Free Market Capitalism with abundant competition.  The government's only role is to protect citizens from corporations forming monopolies.  Increased competition in any industry is innately a benefit to the consumer.  Furthermore, Free Market Capitalism rises more living souls out of poverty than any other economic system that has been created or even imagined.

The only time capitalism fails is when the citizens allow Crony Governing to infest the government.  That is corporations who 'lobby' for use 'force' to bully, intimidate, or preferably for them, just eliminate the competition by the corrupt government.

Any government will always seek more power over it's citizens.  That is why the Bill of Rights was created, to 'limit' and prohibit the government from meddling with our Divine Rights of Man.  The reason for that is simple;  The more a government oppresses it's citizens to maintain "security" the more quickly said government will fall, on a long enough timeline.

Personally universally support Peaceful Civil Disobedience, as it is vastly more effective than violence.  However, our Founders gave us the Right to Bare Arms precisely to keep the government in check;  Because it is right and proper for the government to be afraid of its people.  It is tyranny when that is reversed.

All of that, is why it is very wise to avoid setting aside any time in the day to watch news.  Or at the very least, limit thyself to only a couple days in a week with an aggregate iNewspaper such as Rekord of Witkh's Koven.  Where we purposefully pull news known to avoid letting bias infect their news reports.

The latest suggestion from Corey Goode and David Wilcock is that we meditate and embrace our inner connection to the Lady.  Focus on imaging the best possible future that you can imagine.  The goal for me, is to progress further in my alignment towards service-to-others.  In other words, helping others with their choice to be happy.  That most often means helping them with what they choose to want, instead of why thy thinks is better for them.

Doing this will help society as a whole manifest the best possible future.  It is right to prioritize helping those who matter most to thyself, because the input from their soul on what to manifest as the Prime Material is greater than a stranger on the street.

In addition, those who are perceived as an enemy are essentially the same as friends in the value your higher self places on their input.  Thus, the quickest way to affect the largest change in thy alignment towards service-to-self, is to repeat the following towards any and all enemies.  Those that compel the strongest emotions are first.

Mentally or physically call the name of the person while imagining their appearance in thy head.  Repeat the following.

  • You are adored, admired, and loved by me.
  • Your pain and suffering is empathized and sympathized by me,
  • Apologies for any pain and/or suffering that has been added by me. 
  • You are forgiven by me.
  • Your forgiveness is begged for by me,
  • Thank you.

All souls deserve and are worthy of abundantly being and feeling loved, joyful, and happy.  Yet, that fails to mean others 'owe' us anything.

The more emotion that is brought to bare with the above thoughts, the greater the affect.  Still, this is only useful in addition to actually spending time and effort in service-to-others.

As always, trust yourself and more specifically thy own inner connection to the Goddess above and beyond that which is communicated from any person, place, or thing;  Regardless of social hierarchy.  That includes the Pope, or anyone a similar position.